Chapter 5

The man then whispered in Meredith's ear, "If the Xavier Family see us, do you think they will throw you back in prison, or will they just kill you in secret as you commit adultery after the marriage?"

Meredith's body suddenly cooled down. No. She could neither go to prison nor die!

When the man saw that Meredith was no longer struggling, he became so reckless that he even kissed her trembling lips frantically!

Meredith regained her senses and bit the man's tongue hard. The smell of blood spread through their mouths at once.

Even if she could not alarm the Xavier Family, she would not lose her virginity to this man!

"Tsk! You!"

The man let go of her in pain. Meredith took the opportunity to struggle and knocked off the bedside lamp in a panic.

Less than half a minute later, someone came knocking on the door, "Miss Mason, what happened inside? May I come in?"

In the dark, Meredith widened her eyes and looked at the dark figure of the man in front of her. She wanted to see what he looked like, but she could not see anything except a pair of cold eyes.

Meredith opened her mouth. She wanted to let the person in, but she didn't dare. The cold look in the man's eyes made her very scared.

Finally, after staring at her for a long time, the man rolled out of bed, quickly jumped out of the balcony and disappeared into the night.

Meredith slowly regained her senses and moved her lips, "N-Nothing. I accidentally knock over the lamp. I can clean it myself. Don't come in."

When the footsteps outside the door disappeared, she wrapped herself in the quilt and ran barefoot to the balcony. After making sure that there was no man around, she went back to the room and locked the balcony door closely. She drew the curtains to let the moonlight in to break the suffocating darkness inside. Only then did she relax a little and lie back on the bed.

Derek was lying quietly on the other side of the bed and his body was warm. Meredith was still in a panic, but she slowly moved to his side and carefully hugged his arm.

In the moonlight, the outline of Derek's face softened. Thinking of the man's chilling eyes, Meredith realized that Derek was the only one who could reassure her at the moment.

The next morning, Meredith woke up. The fright of last night made her unable to sleep well. She got up with dark circles and went to have breakfast.

Suddenly, from Derek's bedroom came the cry of a servant, "Help! Young master is injured!"

The first person to run out of the room was the old man, followed by Derek's mother. A group of people rushed to Derek's bedroom, all paniced.

Meredith's porridge spoon dropped on the table. How could Derek get hurt?

Meredith got up in a hurry and went back to the bedroom. Before she could see what was going on, she was slapped across the face.

With a snap, Meredith's head tilted to one side and her face was burning with pain.

"How on earth do you take care of Derek!" Violet slapped Meredith with all her strength. When she saw Meredith, it was as if she saw an enemy. Hatred and murderous anger surged in her almond eyes like a tsunami.

Meredith turned around and saw three bloody cuts in Derek's arm through the crowd. She squeezed forward in surprise to check, "It's impossible. He was fine yesterday. Why does he suddenly get cuts today?"

"You're in charge of taking care of Derek, and now you're the one who knows nothing! I think you're harboring resentment and trying to kill my son!"

"No, I'm not..." Meredith thought over and over again about how he got these three cuts. Could it be that Derek got up and scratched himself? That didn't make sense!

Could it because of last night...

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