Chapter 7

The man wiped the corner of his mouth. "If I hadn't come, you would have died in the basement." As he spoke, he moved closer, "I have saved you, and don't you want to thank me?"

"Get out of here! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been like this!"

Originally, she was doing well in the Xaviers, and Mr. Xavier was getting more and more satisfied with her. She even felt that she would soon be able to earn an opportunity to see her mother, but this man ruined it!

Because of him, Meredith not only almost died, but also lost the chance to get out!

Meredith couldn't wait to tear him apart, but she also knew that she was no match for this man and could only deal with him carefully.

Meredith's hand groped under the quilt and touched Derek's arm. Meredith subconsciously tried to make sure there were no wounds on his body. If Derek was injured again, the Xaviers would never let Meredith live well. Today, even if she had to risk her life, she would fight to the end with this man!

"Don't worry, I didn't hit your vegetable husband today." The man saw through her intention and explained with amusement.

Meredith's eyes widened, "Sure enough, you caused the wounds on his body! Why did you do that! What the hell do you want to do?"

"This has nothing to do with you. Why don't we talk about how you will repay me for saving you?"

"Was it you who brought me out of the basement?"

"It was persons from the Xaviers who brought you out, but they left you here. If I hadn't fed you water, you would have died of dehydration by now." The man wiped the corner of his mouth after he finished speaking, still being immersed in the aftertaste of feeding her water with his mouth.

"You!" Only then did Meredith realize that this man had just fed her water with his mouth! She wiped her mouth with her sleeves violently time and time again, wishing she could wipe his dirty smell off her mouth, but soon she realized a problem: "How do you know so much about the Xaviers?"

Not only did he know that she was locked up in the basement, but he also knew that the Xaviers's servants had left her here and never cared about her. Meredith could be sure that this person was not from the Xaviers, but how did he know all these?

"There's nothing I don't know about the Xaviers."

"Who the hell are you?!" Meredith only felt as if someone had installed a camera on her body. Could it be that this man knew what she was doing and what she was saying in daily life? But this man had never appeared by her side during the day. Who was he?

"You talk too much today." The man's voice sank and he pounced on Meredith, pressing her down, "Now that you're awake, let's do something interesting!"


The man was caught off guard and his arm ached. Blood was pouring out. The wound was deep. The man covered his arm and stood up. The coldness in his eyes increased as if it could freeze Meredith directly.

Meredith's hands trembled as she held onto a piece of broken glass. The sharp corners of the glass were now slowly dripping with blood.

"Meredith, do you think you can escape by doing so?"

The man said these words in a vicious tone. Just as Meredith thought she was saved, her body was once again pressed down by the man. More and more blood flowed from the man's wounds, but he didn't seem to feel the pain. Instead, he exerted more strength and wished he could tear her bones apart!

Meredith was so scared that she pressed the glass against her throat.

When Meredith was imprisoned in the basement and was about to go crazy, she wanted to use this glass to kill herself several times. But every time she thought of her mother, she gave up the idea.

But now, she had to die even if she didn't want to.

She had to die if she offended the Xaviers. If she was found that she had been insulted and hurt by this man, she also had to die sooner or later. Since she was going to die anyway, it would be better if she killed herself now!

Thinking about it, Meredith closed her eyes tightly and stabbed her neck with the tip of the glass violently.

Blood dripped on Meredith's neck, but she didn't feel any pain. When she opened her eyes, she realized that the man had grasped the sharp edge of the glass so tightly that his veins were visible.

"Meredith, do you want to die? It's not that easy!"

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