Chapter 4

Meredith shook her head, thinking it must be an illusion. It was impossible for a person who had been unconscious for three years to wake up just because she took care of him for a day and stayed with him on the bed for a night.

Besides, Meredith didn't want Derek to regain consciousness.

If Derek regained consciousness at this time, the Xavier Family would probably no longer need her anymore. By then, she, the person who was to blame for Derek's unconsciousness for three years, would either be sent back to prison or secretly disposed of because of the hatred that the Xavier Family had for her.

What's more, Derek had been in a coma for three years, and his life that was supposed to be promising was ruined. If he woke up, he would definitely not let the person who had made him end up like this get away with it.

So, Meredith didn't want Derek to wake up anyway. His recovery would be a nightmare for her.

But soon, Meredith was caught in another nightmare unawares.

For the next month, Meredith wiped Derek's body and learned to give him a massage. Apart from eating, she stayed by Derek's side almost around the clock.

Meredith had paid special attention to Derek's reaction during the massage. She noticed that Derek would not respond to her in any way whether she pinched him or she deliberately tickled him.

Until then, Meredith was finally able to confirm that what happened that morning was an illusion.

And she finally dropped her guard and went back to the bed instead of curling up on the sofa in the room at night.

The Xavier Family had a really comfy bed.  Therefore, it was torture for her to sleep on the sofa while a comfy bed was well within reach.

After tucking herself in, Meredith nearly burst into tears when she lay on the comfortable bed and slept on the soft pillow with the warm quilts. She had not enjoyed such an easy and comfortable life for so long. It had been a long time since she ate and slept normally.

Although she had a tough time in the Xavier Family over the past month, she felt at ease here.

Meredith even felt that it would be better if she could carry on in this way and get the chance to go out to visit her mother.

In the haze, Meredith closed her eyes and gradually fell into sleep with sweet dreams. But at this very time, she felt a body with burning heat suddenly pressed on her and a pair of big hands caressed her body as if they were going to ignite her desire and make out with her.

The man's hot breath sprayed over Meredith's fair neck, which made her pale and tender skin redden in desire immediately.

"Who are you! Let go! Let go of me!" Meredith woke up in terror and struggled desperately.

Meredith subconsciously thought that Derek had woken up, but when she touched the man on the other side of the bed, she was shocked to find with widened eyes that Derek was still lying beside her! The man on her was not Derek!

Then who was he?

It was dark in the room, and she struggled with increasing fear. The Xavier Family was so heavily guarded. Who would dare to break into Derek's room in the middle of the night and molest Derek's wife just in front of Derek?

"You are so wild. I like it." It was a voice from a stranger. Meredith could not tell who the man was. While Meredith's struggle was so weak that it was not a struggle at all in the eye of the man, she rubbed her body against him, which aroused the man's desire.

"Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am? If the people of the Xavier Familyknew that you broke into their young master's room in the middle of the night and dared to molest his wife, I am sure that you will die in your boots! If you leave now, I promise I won't expose you. If you don't leave, I will call for someone!"

Meredith racked her brain for words that could threaten the man in front of her. She didn't want to ask for trouble, but she couldn't accept trouble without fighting back.

"Well, then you can shout out with all your strength and see what the Xavier Family will do to you when they rush in and see us like this."

Meredith was suddenly stiffened. At this moment, her clothes were torn open by the man and she was almost naked. Her skin was also slightly red. If the people of the Xavier Familysaw her like this...

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