Chapter 9

Meredith went to the Mason Family in Xavier Family's car. She was very excited along the way. Although the family meant nothing to her, her mother was there. She was very excited because she could see her mother immediately.

When the car reached the Mason Family, Meredith rushed out of the car and ran to the villa, ringing the doorbell anxiously.

"Who's that? It's still early in the morning. So noisy." Clara came down the stairs and opened the door with a mask on her face. Her relaxed expression froze when she saw Meredith. Clara was not as elegant as she used to be. Instead, she appeared a little funny.

"Meredith, why are you out?"

Meredith was sentenced to ten years, and now she was far from being released from prison. Why did she come out now?

Clara looked at her with a wonderful, surprised, frightened, and guilty expression.

"Aren't you happy that I'm out?" Meredith looked at her coldly. No one knew better than the woman in front of her how she got into prison, but now the woman could pretend to be innocent.

Maybe it was this pathetic look that made her good father abandon his wife and daughter and forget his conscience.

"It's bad enough that a criminal like you grow up from the family. How dare you come back? Don't you feel ashamed? Your father and I feel ashamed during your prison time!"

"Don't you know how I became a criminal?" Meredith's face was cold as she approached, and Clara took a few steps back in fear.

She was different from three years ago. Her eyes were cold as if she could kill her, and she was not the fool who could be deceived by anyone three years ago.


"All right." A man's loud voice suddenly came from the stairs on the second floor. Meredith looked up and followed the sound, and saw her "Good father", Wesley.

"Meredith, come with me."

Wesley walked towards the study. Meredith glanced at Clara, pushed her away, and went upstairs.

Clara stood there and stomped, "So what if you come out? Why are you so arrogant? Sooner or later, I can get you back in!"

In the study, Wesley looked at Meredith for a long time before saying, "It's only been three years. How did you get out?"

Meredith's heart sank.

This man, whom she had called father for 18 years, reacted so coldly when he saw his daughter get out of prison.

It turned out that not only Clara and Ava, but even Wesley wanted her to stay in prison forever.

Meredith's lips twitched bitterly. This was her father, whom she had respected for 18 years, and the man her mother had loved for 18 years!

Back then, Wesley abandoned his first love, Clara, for the sake of his career. He shamelessly pursued and married a well-to-do woman who had been her mother after. After using her mother's power to develop his career, Wesley remembered Clara. They immediately got together and gave birth to Ava.

At that time, the career of her mother's family plummeted because of an accident. Slowly, it became a thorn in their eyes. In the end, the poor wife who had started his career with nothing could not compete with the fixated beauty. They divorced, and Ava and Clara were admitted to the Mason Family.

Meredith, who was still the legal heir to the Mason Family's assets, naturally became a thorn in their eyes, especially Clara and Ava, who wished Meredith would die suddenly one day.

Three years ago, Meredith had been arrested by the police. Wesley had immediately announced he would sever ties with her and even demanded a heavy sentence for her. It had made her mother completely ill. She still remembered that the day before her trial, when she had wanted to appeal. Clara had found her with her mother's notice of critical illness and said that if she did not plead guilty, her mother's treatment would be stopped, which would make her mother die in the operating room.

At that time, she could do nothing but plead guilty to hit-and-run. She lost three years, which completely ruined her life.

Scenes flashed through her mind, and Meredith's eyes reddened slightly. "How did I get out? What does it have to do with you? Mr. Mason?"

Wesley frowned unhappily, "Now that you're out. Don't be so ironic. It was you who hit into someone. You're lucky to have only been in prison for three years."

Meredith sneered. Did she hit someone? The Mason Family's people spoke as one.

Their abilities to venomously slander and frame others were admirable!

Were liers lying so much that they didn't remember the truth?

Only three years in prison?

Naturally, they did not feel the pain and suffering of the past three years because they had good lives outside. But how could they possibly understand what kind of life she was living in prison?

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