Chapter 10

Perhaps some of the people who had been abusing and bullying her all day long were arranged by the Mason Family.

After all, the Mason Family didn't want such a tainted person to have anything to do with them, so it would be best for them if she died in prison quietly.

"I'm not here to argue with you about what happened back then. I want to see my mother."

"I arranged your mother in a quiet place to recuperate and she should not be disturbed." An unnatural glint flashed through Wesley's eyes and disappeared immediately.

"Where is she? I want to see her now."

"She's a patient, not someone you can see whenever you want."

"You hid her!" Meredith rushed forward and slammed the table, "Wesley, I've already taken the rap for your precious daughter and been sent to jail. Why are you still imprisoning my mother? Give her back to me, and then we are even!"

"What are you saying, you wicked girl!"

Clara, who had been eavesdropping outside, pushed the door open and rushed in, pointing at Meredith angrily with her coquettishly painted fingernails, "Stop slinging mud! You were the one who bumped a person and you were the murderer, and now you dare to shift the blame to our daughter. I should have asked the lawyer to give you a death sentence!"

Meredith scoffed. Sure enough, the Mason Family promoted the sentence behind the scenes that year. She didn't know how many of her ten years' penalty was won over by the Mason Family.

"If I can't see my mother, I'll think about overturning the case. I heard that Ava is a big star now. I wonder if her career would be influenced if the truth is exposed to the media."

Wesley's eyes suddenly turned vicious, "You dare to threaten me!"

Clara was also in a rage and wanted to rush up to hit Meredith.

"I'm negotiating with you." Meredith walked to the french window, looked at the car of the Xavier Family waiting for her outside, and said to Wesley, "You can't afford to offend the people who took me out of prison. It was them who sent me back today. Guess if I didn't go back, would they make trouble on you immediately?"

Wesley looked out of the window suspiciously and saw the Rolls-Royce global limited edition parked in the middle distance. There were less than three such cars in the city, and all the owners were not someone the Mason Family could afford to offend.

Who on earth was Meredith in connection with and made her suddenly so confident?

Suppressing the viciousness in his eyes, Wesley took out the check holder from the drawer, wrote down a string of numbers on it, and gave it to Meredith, "Meredith, I know you've suffered outside. Your mother is doing well now. She needs to rest. The doctor said she couldn't be disturbed at all. I'll inform you to see her when she's better. Take the money as compensation from me for all these years."

Handing over the check, Wesley stopped Clara with his eyes from hitting Meredith, smiling.

Meredith took the check, looked at the number, and laughed.

It was fifty thousand.

Ava's pocket money easily added up to a few hundred thousand, and she has spent a few million over the past three years. When she was sick, her treatment in the hospital cost astronomical prices. Even Meredith's lawsuit that year cost more than five hundred thousand. But today, Wesley wanted to send her off with a mere fifty thousand.

Her several narrow escapes from death in jail were worth 50,000 dollars.

Meredith sneered, tore up the check, threw it on Wesley's face, and turned to leave.

"You'd better let me see my mother as soon as possible, or I'll definitely ruin Ava's reputation."

"Ava is your sister, how can you do that!" Clara shouted angrily behind her.

"Really? But why do I remember that I have had nothing to do with the Mason Family since three years ago?"

Meredith strode away, leaving Clara cursing.

It was not until she walked out of the Mason Family's gate that all her strength was gone. She walked blankly like a puppet with broken threads.

Ruin Ava? It was just a temporary excuse.

With her current power, the news would be suppressed by the Mason Family's money before it came out. It was impossible for her to make any influence.

Besides, since the Xavier Family was constantly monitoring and manipulating her, she had no chance nor ability to do anything else.

The trick of bluffing could only be used once. If she did it once more, it would be seen through by Wesley. By then, how could she ask him for her mother?

How was her mother now? And how was Wesley treating her mother?

Meredith looked up, held back her tears, and walked towards the car of the Xavier Family.

However, she stopped when she passed a fiery red Ferrari.

Meredith knew this car.

It belonged to her ex-fiance, Leo.

At this moment, the car was shaking at a very regular rate, and she heard waves of sounds that made her blush.

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