The Good Girl's Revenge

Chapter 1

Late at night, the women's prison, J City.

Meredith curled up on the bed, and the quilt on her body was extremely thin, which was unable to allow her to withstand the cold. She could not help but reach out and touch her aching knees. The bone-eating itch at her joints kept her awake all night.

After three years, she thought she was used to the pain, but she was not as strong as she thought.

The accumulated pain over the years made it even more difficult for her to pass through this winter. Meredith didn't even know if she could wait for the day when she would be released from prison.

After being forced to take the rap three years ago, she was sentenced to ten years in prison. And now, there were still seven years left.

Meredith moved her body because of the pain. The creaking bed woke up the person next to her. That woman got up in a rage and grabbed Meredith's hair.

Meredith looked at that woman's fierce face. She looked numb for she had been used to being beaten.

But her silence did not make that woman feel pity for her. A heavy slap was about to come. Meredith did not even have the strength to avoid it. She could only let this woman hit her. As long as this woman felt that was enough, things would end eventually.

Just as she was waiting for the pain to come, suddenly, there were footsteps outside. "Meredith, come out!"

Meredith opened her eyes and the woman shook her off, "You're lucky."

She slowly put on her only nearly decent clothes and walked out following the prison guard. "What happened?"

"Shut up, and don't ask what you shouldn't!"

The prison guard didn't say much and put a pair of handcuffs and a black hood on Meredith.

Darkness brought her the unknown and fear, and Meredith's heart slowly sank.

After walking for a while, she was taken to a car, "Where are you taking me?"

Meredith listened to the sound of the engine starting, and her heart was filled with terror.

Being taken away without being informed beforehand had given her the illusion that she was about to be quietly disposed of.

"When we get there, you will know."

An old but steady and powerful voice came into her ears, but Meredith's heart beat even faster...

She had an intuition that this trip was enough to change the course of her life.

After a long time of restlessness, the car finally stopped. Meredith got out of the car and was dragged by a man. They kept walking for a long time before stopping.

Someone roughly removed the black hood from her head, and her eyes, which had been immersed in the darkness for a long time, were blinded by the sudden light.

After a moment, Meredith got used to it, and then found an old man standing not far away. He had no expression on his face. However, there was an aura around him that didn't allow anyone to underestimate him.

This was the person who brought her out, the person she could not afford to offend.

Meredith glanced at him and looked down at the tip of her shoes. She was afraid that this person would suddenly get angry and do something to her. She had no strength to resist at all.

"Well, I have something to ask of you. If you agree, I can drop the charges and get you out of prison early."

Before the old man could finish his sentence, Meredith interrupted him anxiously. "I agree."

"Are you not afraid that I will do you harm?" the old man was surprised at her eagerness.

Meredith shook her head, "No matter what it is, the situation won't be worse than it is now. Besides, if you really want to do something to me, I don't think I can have the chance to stand here at all."

Since this man could bring her out of prison or drop the charges and set her free, he must be able to let her disappear from this world. And she didn't want to die yet.

The old man nodded, "Even so, you still have to know about it before you make the decision."

After that, he pushed the door open and entered a room. Meredith followed him and saw a man lying on the bed.

It was a very handsome man. Although he was wearing a hospital gown and his eyes were closed, his delicate face and noble aura were still intact. His chiseled features outlined in the dim light that no women could resist.

Meredith could imagine that this man was once outstanding, while for such a person, he obviously had nothing to do with the kind of person like her. She could not hide her confusion.

"This is my grandson, Derek. He's been unconscious for three years. He's the one that you have hit in the crash."

Meredith's face turned pale right away, and she could not help but clench her fists. Her uncut nails pierced the skin of her palms, but she did not realize it and kept staring at the man in front of her.

So, it was him!

Meredith knew that he was also a victim, but it was difficult for her to remain calm as she thought that it was because of him that she was retaliated and deliberately tortured in prison.

Anger, grievance, and shock were intertwined. But she could only endure it and pretend to be calm.

Seeing her trembling hands, the old man thought she was feeling guilty, "Derek is in a coma and needs a woman to marry him and look after him carefully. For some reason, it's you. What do you think?"

Meredith was silent for a moment. To get married? To marry a man like Derek?

Even if she didn't go to jail, marrying into a rich family like the Xavier Family would be a pipe dream for her considering her family background.

She knew that the Xavier Family must be plotting something ...

However, she had no right to refuse.

She only had two ways.

One was that she married this living dead man and embarked on an uncertain path.

The other was that she went back to prison and lived in the dark until she got released after her sentence ended.

No matter which way she chose, it was a cage. She looked straight at the unconscious Derek in front of her, and her eyes were filled with mixed emotions.


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