Chapter 12

Meredith sat on the ground, unsure if it was more painful on her body or in her heart. She could only bite her lips to prevent tears from falling.

This was the man she loved, who left with the person she hated the most in front of her and told her to get lost.

Meredith got up and staggered in the direction of the car, but suddenly, the Xavier Family car suddenly turned around and ran past Meredith, straight into Leo's Ferrari.

There was a loud bang, and Meredith's body shook violently, followed by several loud bangs.

After a while, Meredith turned around and see that the car of the Xavier Family had just smashed Leo's Ferrari into pieces!

"What are you doing?" Leo, who was about to take Ava back to the villa, turned around and was furious. He left Ava behind and rushed over to roar at the car of the Xavier Family.

The driver calmly got out of the car and nodded at Leo, "Hello, sir. You crashed our car. The repair cost is about five million dollars. Are you paying in cash or by credit card?"

"Are you blind? You obviously crashed my car. My car is useless now, and you dare to ask me for compensation! I tell you, if you don't pay me ten million dollars for this today, you can't leave!"

Leo stepped forward and grabbed the driver's collar as if he was about to hit him. Wesley and Clara heard the noise outside and came out to check. Seeing this, they immediately stopped Leo.

Especially when Wesley saw the license plate of the Rolls-Royce, which was a special plate for the Xavier Family, he pulled Leo far away.

"Leo, forget it. Let them go. Don't worry about it today. I will give you a better car."

"Uncle, can we just let it go? He crashed my car on purpose, and he dares to ask me for compensation! The surveillance video on the road and the driving records in my car are all evidence. I must let him know what will happen to him if he provokes me today!"

"Leo, that's the car of the Xavier Family! The famous Xavier Family! Are you going to fight with the Xavier Family? If you really irritate them, they can easily confuse right and wrong. You won't be able to defend yourself then. This time, consider yourself unlucky and break your fortune." Wesley pointed at Meredith and reminded Leo.

Wesley tried his best to dissuade Leo. When he heard "the Xavier Family," he lost more than half of his strength, especially when he saw Meredith. In the case of Meredith hitting Derek, the Xavier Family almost wanted to kill Meredith.

The Howard Family could not afford to offend the Xavier Family, and Leo did not want to get into any trouble with the Xavier Family.

Leo had to cough calmly, straighten up his suit, and walk to the driver, "I don't think your car is badly damaged, and my car is also useless. Forget it. You can go now. I won't argue with you."

The driver maintained a professional smile, "Sir, I'm afraid you're mistaken. It's not that you let me go, but that I am not let you go. My sir loves cars very much. There are only five cars of its type in the world, and it costs millions to repair and maintain if only it scrapes a bit of paint. I'm already very considerate of you for only five million dollars in maintenance for what you've done to the car."

"You! You're just..." Leo could not help but want to go forward and hit him when Leo saw that he was persistent and kept on blackmailing.

Ava also heard Wesley's words and didn't want to let Leo provoke the Xavier Family, so she coquettishly said, "Leo, my foot hurts so much. Let dad handle the rest. Aren't you the most worried about me getting hurt..."

"Get out of the way! I'm in this, can't you see it?"

Leo flung Ava away. Meredith stood not far away and smiled sarcastically at the scene.

So much for his love.

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