Chapter Four

Simera POV

So, this gym and man is it huge. I don't even know where to sit. Or who to talk to. The only person I know is Keena and some of her friends. Sighing I clutch my hands together in front of me and slowly I walk to the bleachers and sat down, still looking around. "I wonder what sports they do here," I mumble, twiddling with my fingers. I remember in my old school we have sports carnivals every year, the teachers would make us run all the time. I was never cut out for sport. The only exercise I will do is dance exercises.

"Hey! You!" I jump and turn towards the voice. A girl with bleached blonde hair, a cheer uniform and a scowl on her face stood not so far from me. I bit my lip and look around to see if she was looking at me or someone else, but it was only me she was looking at me. Gulping, I stand and point to my chest. "Me?" I ask, looking around for anyone near me. The blonde rolls her eyes, strutting her way towards me before a flirty smile was placed on her lips.

"Yes, you gorgeous I had almost thought you were some nerd sitting at my bench seat." She comes closer and leans in, clicking her tongue. "What's your name, beautiful?" I cringe when I see her caked face. Too much makeup all in one.

"Ah..." This is great, how do I get out of this? I'm not very good at situations like this, especially if they concern stereotypical cheerleaders. And this one looks like she's the head of a team. Stuttering like a fish I was about to run away when hands landed on my shoulders and Keena scowled lowly at the cheerleader.

"Her name doesn't concern you, cake face. Now get lost." I turn towards Keena who dismissed the girl. I smiled shyly and leaned into her, watching as the bleached blonde grins, leaning her hand on her hip.

"Hello, Keena babe." Keena wrapped an arm around my waist so I was now resting into her side. I replicate her movements and lean my head on her shoulder watching the interaction between the girls.

"Don't babe me, Tanya. Go away. Come on Simera, the class is starting." I nod my head, a blush rising to my cheeks. I slightly wave towards Tanya and follow Keena closely by her side, my arm still around her waist. As we were walking away from us a hand wrapped around my wrist.

"Awe stay. I want to catch up." I tried pulling out of her grip, but she was too strong. Does she work out or something? Cause man, I can't even pick up a dog.

Suddenly my wrist was snapped back, and I tripped. Two arms caught me by the waist. Looking up I found a guy, like Keena holding me up. Muttering a "thank you" I frown and look back to where Keena is. I blinked a few times and looked around. I found Keena's hand around the blonde's neck up against the wall. My eyes widened at the sight.

"Touch her again, I'll kill you." I heard her growl in her face. Wait... Growl? Keena let her go and walk over to the boy standing next to me as nothing had just happened.

"Hey, Alex." I look at the boy, Alex and my mouth forms an O shape. Now I know why he looked oddly familiar.

"You're the Alex." He chuckles and pats my head. I frown and swat his hand away. I'm short but he didn't need to mess my hair. Rolling his eyes, he points to Keena with a smug smile before shuffling them into his pockets.

"Yep. I'm this idiots brother." Keena huffs and wraps an arm around my shoulder and buries her nose in my hair, ignoring her brother.

"You three! Run laps, now!" The teacher yelled. I looked at the two siblings and ran off, not wanting to get in trouble. I could hear laughter come from Alex. I heard the teacher yell at them again and they decided to run behind me, chatting between themselves. I smile and run faster. As I was heading to another lap the teacher calls me over.

"Miss Peyton your running is exceptional." He says, his face lit brightly as he clutches the clipboard in one hand. I smile shyly.

"Thank you, sir. I used to run for my school, but I had to give up due to family issues." Mr. Flamando nodded.

"Well, I'd like you to come to try-outs after school. The team would love you." My eyes widened. He wants me to try-out for the team? Oh my gosh! This is great!

"I'd love to sir!" He chuckles and taps his clipboard.

"Call me coach for now on." I nod and bounce on my feet and turn away. This is great! I'll have to tell mum I'll be late home since I will be heading to try-outs. When I turned to look around the gym for Keena, she wasn't here. Where did she go? Alex jogged over to me and passed me a towel.

"Here you go." I smile and thank him, wiping the sweat off my face.

"Where did Keena go?" I ask and sit down on the bench frowning. He smiled and pet my head. Geez, what is with the head patting?

"She had got a call home. Family emergency but she should be back." I nod. Is Keena okay? I'll ask her when she gets back. It's probably not that important but I guess that having to leave right away is important. Sighing softly and get up and walk towards the gym change rooms. Better get ready for the next class.

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