Eternally Claimed

Chapter One


"Thank you, guys," Today's my 17th birthday and the day I finally get to find my mate! It's traditional that when you turn 17, you will feel the mate bond. Then your bond will guide you to your mate whether they are a boy or girl. I really hope my mate will be at school. Maybe they will be a strong, nerdy guy that is sweet and kind. I remember the first time Dezra found her mate when she turned 17. The look of love in both their eyes as they spotted each other down the hallway. Ugh, I just want that to happen to me. Oh, right I haven't told you, yet have I?

Yep, I'm a werewolf. My father is the Alpha of our pack, Blue Moon and my mother is the Luna. I am the first-born child, so the title of alpha will be mine and my brother, Alex will be my Beta or well second command.

"My baby girl is growing up." My mum sniffles into my dad's shoulder causing him to chuckle and pat her back in comfort. They are so cute together. Apparently, when they were young, they were enemies but in the end, the mate bond took over and mum fell head over heels for him. But not before egging his house and yelling out that he was a stupid idiot.

"Okay, okay. I'm not growing that quick. Now shoo! I need to grab my bag and meet Dezra." Dezra is my all-time bestie. She has been there for me when I needed it the most. When I first told her, I was bisexual she was so supportive of me, it made it easier to come out to my parents. The freakiest thing was though, my parents knew I was bisexual! It caused me to panic though because they could have yelled at me or told me that I was a disgrace but nope. They had said that I was their daughter and they would love me no matter my sexual preference. To be able to have parents support you is rare these days because they have either grown up thinking you must be straight and love a man. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

"Keena! Dez is here!" I squealed at my brother's voice and jumped down the stairs with my backpack on my shoulder before fixing my beanie that sat atop my head.

"Bye mum! Bye, Dad!" I could hear their giggling, but I chose to ignore it. They can be such children sometimes.

"Says the girl squealing and jumping downstairs." That's my wolf, Alicia. She doesn't usually come out much. Unless there's something that interests her which I'm sure that's why she's out today. Oh, I think it's because we'll meet our mate today! This is going to be so exciting. To have a mate is the best thing a wolf can have.

"Keena, I feel like something great is going to happen today." I couldn't help the grin paint my face. "Our mate?"

"I don't know." Alicia closed off our link and went to the back of my mind. If Alicia thinks something good will happen today, it means something will. She is never wrong with these things. Maybe she's psychic. My thoughts were stumbled when a hand slapped my forehead. I squealed and palmed my forehead glaring at Dezra.

"Ow!" Dez chuckled and shook her head at me.

"Stop daydreaming. We're at school you dish head." Dish head? Hmm, new words again. That's the thing with Dezra, she always comes up with new insulting words, but they are never that insulting.

"I thought we were still at home..."

"I pushed you into the car and buckled you in. You were too stuck in wonderland to notice." And then there was her laugh again. Geez, isn't she just nice? This is what Dezra does. She teases you, pushes you around but she will never be a bully. One day this kid was being pushed around by kids bigger than him, Dezra threw a textbook at the bully, knocking him out. But now the kid follows Dez around like a lost puppy. No pun intended.

"Whatever. Come on, the class is about to start." Dez groaned as I pulled her to the halls of hell.

"Noooo I don't want to go!" I shrugged at her.

"Oh, shut up, would you. Do you want to pass school? Well, you better start coming to class." I rolled my eyes, shrugging my bag strap over my shoulder to stop it from falling.

"But it's math with Mr. Glint." Geez, this girl.

"Suck it..." I paused as a luscious, sweet smell filled my nostrils.

"Mate! Our mate!" Alicia yelled, her excitement rolling up to one hundred percent. My face lit up and I frantically looked around, tracking the amazing scent. Our mate is here, my mate is within this school. But where? I was about to go and find her, but someone grabbed my collar. Groaning, I snapped my head to Dezra, about to yell at her.

"Hey, where are you going? Class is this way." I growl at Dez.

"My mate is here." Her blue eyes widened.

"Really?! Oh, that's great..." Then that stupid bell rang. "But you have to wait." Groaning I drag my feet behind Dezra, walking to class, my mood dropping. I wanted to find my mate. Once we arrived in class, I slumped into my seat grumpily at the back beside Dez and watched as the teacher walked in with his usual grim expression. This teacher really needs to go on vacation. Every time he walks in here he's in a mood where he doesn't care, he tells us off for no reason and fails us.

"Open your books to page twenty. Copy the questions and answer them." He said, his tone bored and flat. No emotion whatsoever. I wonder how on earth he got the position of a teacher. Don't teachers need to be enthusiastic and positive? This guy is nothing but the opposite.

"Psst. Keena." I glared at Dezra. Is she seriously bugging me?


"Do you know this answer?" I shake my head at her. Dezra doesn't know the definition of "own work" as she is always copying people's work and by people, I mean mine.

"Do it yourself." Dez huffed and looked at her phone. Me, however, I focused on my work. While I was skimming the textbook pages a familiar sweet smell filled my nostrils. Wait I know that scent!

"Mate! Our mate is near!" My wolf yelled in glee causing me to bounce in my seat. She is coming this way! Ohh and walking right to the door and coming inside the classroom.

A brunette girl walked in, her eyes downcast. She looked a little short maybe 5 foot 4. However, I knew that the cute short girl had to be my mate. Her hands twiddled with each other with nervousness.

"Oh my gosh! Keena! She is so adorable!" I nodded my head, looking her up and down trying to see her cute face but she kept it down, bits of hair around her face.

"I know! So cute." I watch as Mr. Glint walks up to the girl, and I was going tense. No one should touch my mate, teacher or not. I'll kill him if I must.

"Can I help you?" My mate fiddled on the spot, her head looking up at the teacher.

"Ah... I'm Simera Peyton..." She mumbled. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Simera's eyes looked up and I caught a glimpse of the color before she looked down. They were this brightest blue that had me mesmerized. This girl is going to kill me with her cuteness.

"Oh, the new girl?" The class snickered. "Have a seat at the front." I smiled at how shy she was and watch her as she took her seat. I felt a nudge at my side.

"That's her isn't it?" I nod, smiling in a daze.

"Yes. She's cute isn't she."

"Damn yes." My wolf growled at her comment which caused Dezra to rethink her answer. "Ah yeah... she's okay." I laughed and leaned on my elbows, continuing to watch Simera.

"I can't wait till we feel the sparks."

"But she won't," Dez says. I tense up and snap my head to Dezra, my eyebrows ceasing into a confused frown.


"She's human."

"She doesn't smell..." I smell again. My eyes widening in shock. So, it is true, my little mate, Simera is human. How is this possible, no wolf has ever been mated to a human before.

"Who cares if she is human. Simera's still our mate." I nod with a smile. It doesn't matter if my mate is human. I will love her unconditionally.

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