Chapter Twenty

Keena (Finally!)

I pushed away from Tana, my eyes darkening in anger. How could she just kiss me! She knows I have a mate out there, waiting for me. The ache in chest arrived again, reminding me how I failed her. Failed my mate.

Right then and there when Simera was there! But... Its also my fault too. I kissed back...

It felt like I was kissing Simera, however, it was not her. It was Tana.

Sighing, I faced away from my old friend and looked to where my mate ran away. I should go after her. Make sure she's back nice and safe.

I start walking but a dark figure steps from the line of trees. Tana and I growl low, standing in stance just in case of an enemy. "Hello little wolves." A red-headed vampire smirked and leant against an oak tree.

"Who the hell are you?" She's in our territory.

"My name does not concern you, mutt." She spat, "But your mate does." a growl made it way from my throat. How dare she talk about Simera to me.

"And why is that? Are you the bitch who took my mate from me?" The smirk got wider on her red painted lips.

"Maybe. But your the one who drove her away. So basically, this is your fault. Anyways, hope you enjoy the misery of guilt." With that the tramp was gone. I let out a howl.

"Bitch!" Before I could go after the vampire, a hand touched my shoulder.

"Keena? Its okay." My head snapped to Tana and my canines snapped at her.

"Don't touch me!" Tana cringed and sunk back.

"Okay..." I nod and head back to the cabin. One way or another, I will get Simera back and she will never leave me again. I will make sure of that.


"Thanks." I mutter, taking the bowl of chicken soup from chief Bulat's hand.

"You okay kid?" He asks. I nod my head and stare into the bowl.

"When's Caera getting back?" He hums and starts cleaning.

"Not sure. She said she needed to do stuff. Don't worry, she'll be back." I wasn't worrying.

Caera has been very understanding and nice towards my feelings for the past days. Especially today.

My hands tightened in the edge of the green and white bowl. Keena. She... She kissed someone other than me. I thought we had something. But, I guess not.

"Hey?" I look up and give Bulat a small smile.

"I'm okay. The soup is pretty nice." He chuckles and pats my messy clad hair.

"Okay. Eat up and I'll get a maid to set up the theatre room." I smile at that.

Movie day doesn't sound so bad. "Thanks." Bulat calls for a maid, and I quickly finish my soup.

These people are so nice. Will they be like Keena and betray me? I shook the thought away and stood, putting my empty dish into the sink.

A deserving lazy movie day is what I need.

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