Chapter TwentyOne


I feel so hot. Like I'm burning up every second.

I asked what was happening but no one answered me. Nothing. And I couldn't handle this heat.

Even lying in a cold room or a ice bath didn't help. Where was Caera when I needed her? Or Keena? No... I will not think of her. She betrayed my feelings. Hurt me.

Tears bubbled the surface and a sob escaped my lips. She twisted my heart into tiny pieces.

I curl into a ball on the bed, the sheets lying on the floor after being thrown away from my sweaty skin.

They made me itch. Sticky.

A loud groan of the door made me sit up. My eyes lightening at the sight of the one person I wanted to see all day.

She came forward and gave me a sad smile. "Poor love. Your in heat." I wanted her hands on my skin. No. I needed her hands on me. Touching me. Pleasuring me.

"I-I don't understand. Era... I feel so hot. Please make it go away." I pleaded, curling into another ball.

Her presence got closer until I sigh in pleasure when her hands touch my sweaty skin. I want to feel them roam my ever being.

"Are you sure my love?" She whispered. She knew how to take it away. I needed it gone. I need our bodies skin to skin. The feel of her fingers exploring what could feel like magic.

"...Please." My whisper was harsh, begging to get this horrible feeling gone.

Two soft, cold hands clasped my cheeks, plump lips against my own.

I wanted to taste her. I needed her inside me.

The heat worsened. But the pleasure increased once Caera's hands started rubbing circles into my thighs. I let a sigh into our joined lips. Our tongues fighting for dominance. However, Era was the clear winner.

"Are you sure my love? You might regret this afterwords." I stare at her. I couldn't hold an unthinkable feelings I have towards the vampire. She makes me feel things that only Keena ever made me feel. Though, this women seemed to have me love strung every time she enters into my field of vision. Keena wasn't able to give me that. She twisted my heart then shattered it into small pieces.

I smile at her, my eyes connecting to hers. "I'm sure." Her lips came onto mine. Biting and licking my bottom lip from time to time.

Her hands had taken my tank and sweats off, leaving me with nothing but my underwear.

She felt amazing. She was making me writhe in some kind of pleasure. I wanted more.

This... this was like a drug. And Caera was my cure. A source to tame this drug. And somehow I loved the feeling.

Her lips moved to my neck, sharp fangs glide against my neck but never puncturing the delicate skin.

My hands grabbed the end of Eras top, taking it off and chucking it to the side. I stare at her moulds, my mouth wide at how they would fit nicely in my palm.

Her light chuckle distracted me but I didn't have time to look at her.

I didn't even realise that her hand was around my left covered breast, grouping it causing me to gasp out in pleasure.

Every time she touched me, the heat got less and less. She is taking care of me. Does she care more than Keena?

Caera's other hand had traveled, her fingers skimming the waistband of my panties. Era kissed me fully once again, taking over.

My breathing was being rapid, the want for more increasing. I want her inside me. Why is she teasing!

"Stop... Teasing." She chuckled and finally dipped her hand inside my panties, caressing my folds.

"Me? Teasing? No!" She gasped sarcastically which I found amusing. I gasped when she touched my entrance with the tip of her index finger. "Do you like that? You dirty girl. But your my dirty girl aren't you, love?" Both our eyes glazed over with lust and some other emotion that I would not recognise.

"Yes." I spoke, my voice raspy. This feels so amazing. I scream out when she thrust inside of me. In and out.

Then she surprised me again. She added two more, while sucking on my heated skin. "Bite me." She stops her actions, looking at me with furrowed brows.

"What?" I smile and tilt my neck.

"Bite me. I trust you, Era." She didn't hesitate. I gasp at the small pain but it soon turned into a blissful pleasure.

Caera's moans were clear that she liked the taste of me.

I smiled but it turned to be a cry when her thrusting became more rapidly. She was making my emotions wild. And I loved it.

She moved away from my neck, not forgetting to clean the drips and going down on me to my throbbing core.

Her eyes never left mine as she slowly, plain fully slowly pulled out. I bit my lip to stop the moans escaping.

Caera watched me as her mouth got closer to my core, a smile that left me hanging until I was on the edge.

I was—

"CAERA!" I scream her name as her tongue glazed the area I so wanted her.

Her tongue had plunged, teasing my flesh walls of my core. My breathing harsh as she continued her pleasured torture.

Was I feeling something for this spontaneous vampire? Did I feel something that Keena broke? This women sparks something in me, she takes care of me. She took me away, she cuddled me at night when I was frightened. This girl has done something to me that I very much want.


Caera Pov

I watch my love sleep, her breathing slow matching the pace of her beating heart.

We didn't mate, but came close. Not a doubt that the mutt felt it. But it wouldn't of been hurtful for the stupid wolf.

She had caused a sin between mates. One that has been aware for generations.

The Moon goddess has displayed a rule amongst the wolves.

If a mate has become untrustworthy, the only pain they will feel is pain of guilt.

The mutt would of felt our bond but feel unbearable pain of her sin.

If she ever touches my Simera ever again, I will kill her with my bare hands if it's the last thing I do. She hurt Simera before but I will never allow my mate to suffer ever again. Never.

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