Chapter Twenty Five

Third Person POV

Her eyes fluttered open and a groan escaped her lips when she moved. Her neck ached and Simera wished it didn't. Why was her neck so sore. Had she been sleeping wrong?

Slowly, cautious of her sore neck she sat up in a familiar bed. A frown creased her brows. Why had she woken up in Keena's bed? Why was she here... Memories flooded her mind of last night. Keena standing in front of her, just after being a wolf.

She lied to her once again. Wasn't one lie enough? Simera sighed and got out of the bed, heading to the door. She then realized that someone changed her into a tank and sweats. The thought of someone touching her made Simera shiver. The only person she allowed to change her was her vampire mate. The one that she grew to love.

Grabbing the door handle, she opened the door and was going to step out but was stopped short when a force pushed her back and she landed right on her butt. Pain danced up her spin and she groaned. Why was there such a force, blocking her from exiting?

"I got a witch to put a field up to stop you and others coming and going inside the room." Simera looked up at the blue eyed girl and glared.

"Why?" She demanded and Keena only stepped forward a fake warm smile on her disgusting lips.

"I didn't want you to leave me again." As she stepped closer to her, Simera scuttled away, not wanting to be near Keena.

"You've been lying to me. And then you go and hurt Era and the King. I hate you. No, I despise you." She's a werewolf. She's a cheater. Keena frowned and kneeled down in front of her.

"Your my mate Simera. Do you know what a mate is?"

"I know what a mate is," She spat. "And your not mine. Caera is." A sharp sting grabbed at her cheek. Keena growled at the girl, making her shiver in fear and betrayal.

"DO not speak of her ever again. Your MINE and MIINE only." She harshly grabbed Simera's chin, her eyes glowing. "Do you understand?" The poor girl just nodded and wanted so badly to be in Era's arms. "Understand?" She said louder.

"Y-yes Keena..." Simera whimpered when pressure was added on her chin. It hurt, physically, mentally and emotionally. Keena has changed within the last few months. It's quite scary, Simera thought darkly.

"You call me Ma'am or Mistress."

"Y-y-yes Ma'am..." She whispered and with that Keena left, slamming the door shut. Simera sobbed and curled into a ball, missing the warmth and love of Caera. Why was this happening now?

What happened to the caring, sweet Keena she met on her first day? What did Simera deserve to have such heartache? Where was Caera, her Princess to save her from a fire breathing dragon? The dragon who used to be so nice, but now, so cold-hearted and gone.

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