Chapter Twelve

Simera Pov

"Mum! Wears my purple coat?!" I yelled in frustration. That is my favourite winter coat and I never go without it. Dad was the one that bought it for me and well its sentimental. Plus its super warm in the cold.

"In your closet, honey." I groaned and looked at her.

"Its not in there. I've checked three times already." She chuckled and went through my closet and pulled out the purple coat.

"Here." I grumbled. How on earth did I miss it? Was it because all I could think about was my dream last night? The way Keena's soft warm lips travelled down my neck, marking my skin with hickies and smirking as I shivered... "Simera? Sweetie?" I blinked and looked at my mum. Blushing I took the coat and put it on.

"Ah thanks mum... Keena should be here soon with her parents and brother." She caressed my cheek before leaving, not forgetting to kiss my forehead. After last night, for some reason my mother has been so close to me, never leaving my side or asking if I need something and seeing if I'm feeling alright. I guess its alright, having mum be around a little more but its quite annoying at times too.

"Oh god, this is heavy." I mutter, picking up my mums bag. What in hell names she has in here? Like were only going for 4 weeks not our whole life. Then again, I cant say much because I packed two bags.

"Mira! Keena and her family is here!" I squealed and picked the bags and ran down the stairs, almost falling face first.

"Keena!" I jumped on her back, hugging her.

"Hey there."

"Hi!" She laughed and put me down.

"You seem excited today." I nodded and shrugged the bag off my back.

"I haven't been on a holiday in forever! Of course I'm excited."

"Well that's good." She took my bags and put them in the boot. The car was pretty big to fit all 8 of us but Annelie and Derek want to take their car so they can have alone time... if you know what I mean.

"Hello, Simera. You look so lovely." I smiled at Mrs Fay.

"Thank you, you look as lovely." She blushed and helped her husband.

"Hey Simera." I jumped and turned to see Alex standing there with a smile.

"Hey Alex! How are you?" He shrugged.

"I'm okay. How about you? Heard you and my sister have a thing." Alex wiggled his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes and nudged him.

"We aren't a thing... Well I don't think we are." He chuckled and ruffled my hair. The feeling of messy hair made me groan internally. I just washed my hair and curled It. He had the nerve to mess it up! With a small pout, I patted my hair down trying to fix it as best as I could.

"Come on, get a seat while you can." Alex said, walking away with a smirk. My eyebrow rose with questions but I didn't push. All I wanted was to sit next to Keena and talk to her. I want to be with her the entire ride. I smiled shyly and found Keena with her parents and my mum.

"Hey." Keena greeted.

"Come on, your brother is stealing seats." She was wide eyed.

"No! He will not take my seat!" I laughed and watched her run to the seat. So that's why Alex had a smirk on his face. I gave the parents a smile and walked to Keena who was pushing Alex out of the car. "Get out of my seat you jerk." He chuckled and got out, his hands up in surrender. I laughed behind my hand. Such a sister, brother bond they both share.

"Okay children, time to hit the road!" Mr Fay called, hopping in the drivers seat. Keena hoped in with a grin and poked her tongue at Alex like a child. Alex only chuckled and got in the back as me and mum got next to Keena. I sat in the middle, Keena to my left and mum to my right. Mr and Mrs Fay up front and Alex at the back seats by himself.

"Mum hit the radio!" Alex said. Mrs Fay did what Alex said and the song Fire N Gold by Bea Miller came on. I smiled a Keena as this was my favourite song.

I started to sing. "Like a astronaut that's scared of heights," Keena and the family smiled, listening as I sung. "With a heart that's beating at the speed of light." I grinned when Keena kissed my cheek and took my hand. "You've been waiting for this feeling all your life. Sometimes it's just hard to realize."

I chuckled as Keena continued for me. "When you're stuck in a moment. And your spark is disowning. This is our time to own it. So own it."

"Baby, we were born with, fire and gold in our eyes, eyes, with fire and gold in our eyes, eyes got lightning in a bottle. Hands on the throttle, even in the dust we shine. With fire and gold in our eyes."

We sung the whole trip and didn't realise that we had arrived. Snow was falling and trees surround us. There was a dreary feeling in the pit of my stomach but I couldn't help feel happiness being here. I was spending time with people who care about me and I care about them.

We got out and I looked at the wooden cabin. Well It didn't look like a cabin. The house had two stories and the walls were made of wood. Polls were decorated with lights and decorative chairs sat on the porch.

As Mr Fay unlocked the door, I could feel the homey smell and warmth. The walls were also wood but pictures hung. Photos of family or just paintings that opened the place. Varies of comfy furniture made it seem like we could just live here. A small fireplace also made this place look warm and inviting.

"Simera, you stay with me." I nodded at Keena and followed her up to her room. "You don't mind staying in the same bed?" I shook my head. I use to always sleep in the same bed as my friends when we slept over.

"Your Winter Cabin is beautiful." I say, my eyes gleaming at everything.

"Thanks. My grandfather built it." My eyes widened.

"Seriously?" She nodded.

"Yep." Keena opened a door which seemed to be the opening to her room. We walked in and my eyes widened even more. She had a king sized bed to a wall but the rest of the walls had glass windows. Her ceiling was a night sky with stars. A fireplace was also in her room and couches next to it. I would love to just read next to the fire on the couch with hot cocoa.

"Wow." I mutter. I wish I had this.

"I know aye." She giggled and sat on her bed. I watched her, she had a faraway look on her face as if she was thinking. Walking to her, I couldn't help but kiss her lips. She was shocked for a while but let me kiss her.

The opened and we sprung apart. "Girls, come help with dinner." Keena's mum said with a smile and left us. I felt my cheeks red as a tomato.

"Lets go help." She says, taking my hand. I just kissed her. Again. Wow. Im not complaining but... I didn't think I had the guts to do that. But that was some good kiss.

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