Chapter Thirteen


I watched Simera as she smiled widely with her mother. Her smile sent butterfly's to my very heart. She is the definition of beautiful. When the sun shines against the snow, it reflex's of her skin, making her glow. Her large doe green eyes seeing the world like it didn't have anything bad in it.

The air had the aroma of baked goodies and sweet candy. Simera, my mother and Thea had made them for us before we headed to the frozen lake to try ice-skating. It was going to be fun! But of course my brother had to come.

"Hey Keena! You ready?" I nod at Alex and walked up to Simera, sad to break her and Thea's talk.

"Ready Simera?" I ask, hugging her from behind. She giggle and ran to door. Thea chuckled and handed me the basket full of yummy food.

"She is such a ball of energy."

"Much." Agreeing with her, I walked back to where Simera and Alex were talking. My mate seemed so happy. I'm hoping that her smile will never diminish ever. Every time she laughs or smiles, its so contagious you cant help but laugh and smile as well.

"Come on, Alex. Give me back my skates." Simera whined. I growled at Alex. He made my little mate upset. Quickly, I snatched the skates from my annoying brother and handed them back to my now cheery mate.

"Here, Buttercup." She giggled and thanked me. "Shall we go now?" Both nodded and we headed out into the cold, clutching our skates.

"Keena." I turn to Alex as he spoke to me in out link.

"What?" He looked towards Simera who was humming with her eyes closed.

"I heard her mother talk to Simera this morning." I raise a brow.

"You peeped on them? That's a bit rude." Alex shook his head, a serious look on his face. It got me worried.

"Thea was crying. Apparently she had a nightmare that gets Simera angry." My head snaps to my mate who was paying no mind to us. Enjoying the scenery.

"What was the dream about?" He looked forward, lips pursed.

"Her father and wolves." Wolves. Why wolves?

"And? Theres more isn't there?"

"Thea says to wear a necklace that belonged to her father but Mira wont wear it because it was his. The necklace is the High Moon Goddess necklace. The one that is suppose to be given to the most eligible Queen or King of Werewolves." Why would Simera's father have it?

"We have to look into this man. Why would he have this necklace." I spoke before cutting off the link. Why would a low werewolf such as Simera's father have an artefact so precious? I guess looks can be deceiving.

"Look! We're here!" Simera squealed and ran for the lake. Me and Alex shared a laugh and raced after her.

When Simera had her stakes on we watched her stand on the ice. Keena get her off there at once! my wolf hissed.

Then that's when I heard the crack of ice. No! I raced towards my mate as the ice cracked more. Before I even realised it, the world flashed in front of me. "NO!" Simera let out a scream, her green eyes wide as I tried to catch her as she fell into the cold water.

"Keena!" I ignored Alex as I jumped into the water. The cold didn't bother me but I needed to save Simera. She is all that matters. If the world takes her away from me, I would never forgive myself.

I saw her small figure in the dark water. Her eyes were closed, her body still. I swam faster and grabbed her. Simera.

Without a thought, I brought my lips to hers, giving her air. Slowly, her eyes opened and a flush of relief burst from me. She's okay.

Her limp body clutched to me as we took to the surface. I was so glad she was okay. Our lungs took a deep breath of air and swam to the coast of the frozen lake. Alex stood with towels in hand and a worried face.

"Oh my god!" He breathed out and ran to us, wrapping us in the towels. "I'm glad your okay." Alex muttered, his worried eyes searching us for any harm.

"We are okay now." Simera whispered and leant against me. "Thank you Keena." Her eyes closed and exhaustion lapped at her. I sighed and picked her up.

"Come on, you'll get a cold." She smiled and snuggled into my chest before dozing off. My sexy mate had fallen asleep. No words were spoken between me and Alex. He was still worried about Simera.

Alex has been acting strange but I didn't say I didn't like it. He was becoming a good Beta and I was glad to have a protective brother like him. I'm happy to have a good family and mate. Lets hope these holidays are peaceful as I want them to be.

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