Chapter Eight


I shoved my bag out of my locker and smiled up at Keena and the gang. "I message my mum and asked. She said okay but I got to be home by Saturday morning." I laugh at their pouty faces. Closing my locker and locking it, I smile at them all. I'm glad they have been amazing friends. But I was confused as to why I had passed out in the bathroom. And how did Keena know I passed out? I feel like she's hiding something, and I don't like it.

"Whyyy?" Trix whines, hanging off my shoulder.

"Cause my sister is coming from Sydney to see me." With her husband. I hope the weather will be nice, I have a cute outfit I want to wear.

"Wait. How old is your sister?" I raise a brow at Alex.

"25. Why?"


"She has a husband." He pouts and crosses his arms.

"I didn't mean it in that way!" He complains. "There is just a girl I know that lives in Sydney and had said she was visiting." I nod smiling. Maybe he has a crush on the girl. I giggle quietly to myself. We laugh at him and make our way through the parking lot. My mind wondered off, my green orbs lying on Keena. When I was younger, a small girl starting Highschool, had always wondered about my sexuality. If I liked boys or I liked girls. Now. I'm still not as positive because I have never been out with anyone. They never really appealed to me. But with Keena however. There is this little feeling I have towards her. There was just something... I did not know what and its annoying me.

"Hey, Simera? You gonna stay in the car all night, or what?" I giggled at Keena and hopped out, grabbing my bag in the process but I didn't realise there was a step and I slipped, my face gravitating to the ground.

Strong arms wrapped around my torso, lifting me to their chest. Keena smiled at me goofily. "Oh, your falling for me, Simera." I stood and playfully nudged her side.

"In your dreams, Fay." She stood there, a lopsided smiled placed on her bow shaped lips.

"I dream alright." I could barely hear it, but I was already walking to the others that entered the huge home. Actually... I should say HUGE MANSION.

You could fit hundreds of people in this place. I wouldn't even find my way around here without a map! Like... Wow! Keena lives here. I think I might get jealous.

"You like it?" I jumped at the voice and turned. A smiling man and women, similar features to Keena, approached me.

"I-I... Yeah. It's a nice home." I put a smile on my face.

"My father built it." The man says. I nod my head. "Oh dear. We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Charles Fay and this is my wife Nadine." Oh. I'm standing in front of Keena's parents. Blushing I extend to shake his hand.

"Simera Peyton. Keena's-"

"Friend." I turned to her, her brown eyes bright as she spots me and her parents. I quickly remove my hand and come to Keena's side.

"Keena, sweetie. Welcome home." Keena's mother kissed her in the cheek.

"We were just talking to your friend here. She likes the house." Wouldn't call it a house, I thought. This is like a 4-story castle that could accommodate 100's of people.

"Oh really. Anyway, we must be going to the others. Sleepover with everyone." She grabbed my hand and took me to the staircase that stood proudly in the middle of the large entrance hall.

"...ah nice meeting you Mr and Mrs Fay." I called behind me, there chuckles echoing after us. Seem like interesting parents. But I couldn't help noticing how young they looked. And even up and down the halls I noticed a lot of people started to fill the halls. Who lived here? "Keena? How many people live here." I asked. There was pure silence and a hint of tensing coming off Keena.

"Just family. We have a big family." She rushed out. I couldn't reply because we entered what looked like a big gaming room/ movies room, however there were rooms connected.

My eyes looked at the gaming controller Jordyn, Elie and Alex were holding. I snatched one and sat next to them.

"Shuffle, Alex." I nudged, without looking from the screen. Okay, you're wondering why I'm so into this, well I'm a huge gamer. Don't even ask about my old room back in Australia. Shelves loaded with games and a large tv on the wall. It was great for Dead by Daylight.

"Hey! You kicked me out, Simera!" Elie whined. I chuckled darkly.

"Just wait." My fingers pressed on the controllers, shooting, kicking, killing and moving. I smirked as Alex's character got kicked out as well. Ha! Beat that losers!

"Simera!" I looked at him in the corner of my eye. He was pouting.

"Awe baby." Me and Jordyn laughed and high-fived each other.

"Girls rock." We said in unison. Keena sat next to me but my gaze was fixed on the game. I felt her slump and her arm going around my shoulder. I smiled to myself and kept playing. I like this feeling. I like being around her. I think I like Keena Fay.

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