Chapter Nineteen

Simera's POV

After a few moments of watching the ceiling, I decided to sit up and look around the room. I could feel the dried tears against my cheeks. I must of cried myself to sleep. Caera's arms wrapped tightly around my body.

She felt so warm.

Slowly, I got up and went to find Caera. I was hoping that I could ask about the supernatural. She... she just got me freaked out! I want to know more. Why are Keena and my friends so strong? Why does my mother and sister act weirdly now around me?

I want to know all these answers. But for now I need the answers on vampires.

I got downstairs and looked around. "Era?" I called, using her nickname.

There was no reply. Where could she be? "Caera?" Again no reply. I guess I'll have to find her.

My feet creak against the wood floor as I walk. I haven't been everywhere in the house but willing to find her. I didn't realise it could get so lonely.

I wonder how big the house is. Could it be as big as Keena's house? Mmm maybe...

Wait! I could escape. If Caera isn't around, I could just easily sneak away, leave. A smile formed on my lips and I ran to find the exit. Where is it... THERE!

My hand clasped the knob and it was unlocked. "Yes..." I whispered and swung the door open, fresh air enveloping me. "I'm out..." Without a thought, my feet ran, taking me towards the cabin. Towards Keena. I missed her so much. She doesn't realise it, but I... I think I'm slowly falling for her.

There is this small pull towards her. I don't know what it is, but I like it.

Trees and branches scratched my skin however it did not stop me from getting back to everyone. They must be worried sick!

I looked behind me and guilt lunged at me. I left Caera there. She kept me well fed and safe but... she took me away from my family.

Shaking the thoughts away, my smile brightened when the familiar area came in view. Slowly, I started walking, catching my breath. "Geez, I didn't realise I could run that far." I mutter, a smile playing at the corners of my lips. I guess track comes in handy.

Suddenly, a small pain like feeling in my chest made me gasp and fall to my knees. "Wha-" I didn't finish my sentence as a scream passed my lips. "It hurts!" It hurts so bad. Why?! Slowly, I got up, hissing at the pain.

When I walked further. I gasped. Keena and an unknown girl was standing just a few meters from the cabin... Lips locked, smiling. The pain increased and It caused me to fall to my knees once again. Why was I feeling this? Why does it hurt so much? Is this what betrayal feels like?

The two had stopped their moment and their heads snapped to me. Keena's eyes widened. "Simera!" I shook my head, tears springing. I thought we had something... I guess not.

"N-no..." I got up and ran in the other direction, my name being called out. Why did she kiss that girl? Was I not good enough? Did she give up on me cause I got kidnapped? I started sobbing and found a tree and curled up in the cold. How could she?! I-I gave her my first kiss! Wh-why would...

"Simera, love?" I looked up, my teary eyes glossy. Caera stood before me in jeans and a red crop top. My sobs came harder and I ran to her, wrapping my arms around her waist. "Oh love." She cooed, kneeling and hugging me to her thin figure. "It's okay. How about we go home, yeah?" I didn't want to go but anywhere Keena wasn't, was okay. I wasn't good enough... she can have that girl all she wants.

"O-okay..." She picked me up and I nuzzled into her neck. Four words repeated in my head. Over and over.

I hate Keena Fay.

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