Chapter 7

"Maam," he greeted me with a smile. "I'm your new secretary." hand head is introduced.

"Ah yeah. Sit down." my nanny followed right away.

"By the way, I'm Thalia Marie Conquez. May you introduced yourself?" I promise he smiled and nodded.

"I'm Chessa Yulo," she introduced a reason to raise my eyebrow.

His last name is Coby.

"Are you familiar with Coby Yulo?" I asked as he asked.

"No. Is that an artist?" His question made me laugh.

"Nope. He's my childhood friend," I replied.

How many times have I explained to him the jobs he will have in my hands. Tiga-blend coffee. Tiga brought documents to another department. I gave him a scan of the documents and finally a print of the papers.

I, on the other hand, have to work on the documents that are given to me, because Dad has entrusted the Assets and Sales to me, let's also include the Liabilities and Equity that we get and that we have been having problems with for several years.

Gone are the days when I was always with Chessa. Sometimes we also go out of town because we have documents and we have meetings to go to so we can't help but travel.

We don't get too tired because I use a car when I have to travel long distances.

After a tiring trip, I decided to go home. Chessy and I also moved away. After all, she didn't want to go with me because she was going to another job.

When I saw the street foods stall that I often glanced at, I quickly parked the car nearby and got out.

I’m lazy to cook and another, I want to taste the orange ball they sell.

"Adding. An orange ball that." I promised there to the guy I talked to before. Laughing it turned to me and handed me a plastic cup. I wondered as I looked at the cup he was given reason to speak it.

"Self-service Maam," he said with a smile, which I immediately took.

There are so many people that they are all busy. They ignored the thick smoke biting into their clothes. The sky is also quite dark and only two orange lights illuminate the stalls standing here today.

I ignored my thoughts and immediately scooped up the sauce for the orange ball I picked up. Maybe three pieces for dinner are okay.

"Brother Coby," the girl continued to greet me, causing me to look away from what she was staring at.

How hot is the sun and is it always wearing sunglasses?

I just shook my eyes and quickly scooped up the sauce.

"Oh, Elise. Have you eaten yet?" He asked the woman Elise's name-- wait. What?

I frowned and turned my gaze to the girl who was now smiling while teasing Coby.

Maybe .. I'm just mistaken?

Is it possible that this is Elise ?

"Not yet Kuya. What will you buy? Will, you set me free?" Elise asked, making Coby sigh.

"I told you not to starve, eh," he said angrily, making Elise laugh.

"What are you going to buy?"

"The tornado ball," Coby replied causing me to knit my forehead.

"Kwek Kwek yon. You'll be there again." Elise laughed before turning to me with a smile. "Will you buy again Maam?" He gave Coby a reason to look at me as well.

I could see the crack of its mouth before quickly removing the sunglasses.

"Talitha?" Shocked by this promise caused me to knit my forehead.

"It's Thalia, not Talitha," I replied nodding to her.

"By the way, excuse me," he said, looking down and dismissing me.

"Will you meet?" Elise asked in surprise. I never heard Coby answer because I quickly left and went to my car.

I slammed the key and hurried out of that corner.

Arriving at the condo, I was annoyed and threw the kwek wek in the trash and quickly went straight to the bedroom to close my eyes and go to sleep because of the intense annoyance and tiredness that made my body laugh.

"Maam, I already delivered the report you sent to the finance department," Chessa said while panting, leaning against the door of my office.

"How about the files I requested from the Planning Department?" I asked while still looking at the laptop while analyzing the chart that was handed to me in the email by Mr. secretary. Ochoa.

"I requested it Maam. It will be released later," he replied before going straight to the sofa and falling to sit down. "Init Maam," he complained that I didn't answer. He was also busy fanning himself. "Because I'm hot," he boasted to himself that I just asked.

He must be serious about work now but I know he's done with his work so I let him rest. 

He just kept quiet when I told him to shut up and just go to sleep because I couldn't concentrate on what I was finishing. Fortunately, Chessa was open-minded to the commands and whenever I would say it.

"Maam. Aren't we going to have lunch yet? It's already two o'clock" he said with his hand on his head, causing me to turn to him.

"I'm not hungry. Eat first." I said stinking again staring at the laptop in front.

"You might get cancer Maam," he remembered the promise.

"Ulcer. Not Cancer," I correct causing him to scratch his head.

"Anyways. I'll just buy the chin. Can you buy something?" He said before standing up and getting himself ready.

"Orange balls." I simply promise. I didn't hear him answer so I looked up.

It barely scratched its head before the raw smile faded. "What does it look like?"

"The little egg coated in orange flour," I explained that he laughed.

"Kwek Kwek yon Maam," he said shrugging my shoulders.

Any other name non. It's up to them. I just want to taste it.

When he returned to the office, he quickly dropped the orange balls I had bought in front of me. It looks pretty good compared to what they sell near my unit.

"This is it?" I asked while looking at the not -so -bright orange balls. "Is that it?" I asked before sniffing.

"There's no difference, Maam. It's just the color of the base. And then I bought it at the canteen so it's definitely good." he even promised to make me lose my appetite even more.

I don't know but the orange balls that can be bought around the corner are more popular in my eyes.

I quickly put aside the orange balls he gave me and immediately turned back to the laptop in front of me.

"Eat up Maam." he was worried about the answer I just asked.

That will not satisfy me.

I like the orange balls they sell on the corner more than that.

"Just get the documents we need so we can submit to Yullenco everything they need." Dad orders as soon as I can enter their office.

"Yes Dad," I replied before bowing. I have no choice but to follow his orders and another thing, it's my job.

I was about to leave his office but I immediately stopped when he suddenly spoke.

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