Chapter 6

I was fifteen minutes late and then his grandson slowed me down. It's really good and we're both sick because if they're the only ones waiting for me, Dad will definitely tell me.

"Where did you sleep last night?" Dad asked me in a whisper. I rolled my eyes at my colleagues for a moment. When I was sure no one was listening, I just answered Dad with raised eyebrows waiting for my answer.

"In the condo, Dad." I tried to smile at the answer he asked.

"I hope you come home to our house tonight." he smiled at the suggestion I nodded. "Leave your Mommy alone because that's really how she behaves." he shook his head and smiled at me.

I didn't answer because the old man called Dad's attention and they talked for a while.

"What I'm saying is that the two of them get married so that our company can bond." laugh at this promise. "I didn't want to agree when I was a young man because he was too young," it added.

Sometimes I participate in their story but I am still quieter because their conversation enters their respective families.

It was only then that I found out that we could meet two companies during these times. They seem to be forcing the old man's grandson and the son of his male partner, who is quite young in my eyes, to get married. I think he is only 32 years old because his physique is still sober.

"You Iha. When are you going to get married?" I was mad at a lady who I think was married when we were quite young to be our partner.

I can't figure out the answer so I just invented it. "I'm still waiting for something." some of my promises made them nod. I also felt Dad stare at me so I also felt a little embarrassed somehow.

I can say that I'm still waiting for Coby to come back to me.

"Speaking of waiting .. here's what we're waiting for." the old man laughed as he looked behind me.

"I'm sorry I'm late," a man behind me said baritone causing me to look away.

It even shades you like an actor while walking in front of us. Dad finally smiled when he saw the man behind him.

He slowly removed the shades and looked around at everyone he was meeting today.

He is the man with whom I bought Kwek Kwek yesterday.

Shock registered on my face and my mouth was slightly pity. He was quite handsome when faced with the light.

As soon as I caught sight of it I quickly turned away.

"Coby, grandson. Come here" said the old woman because the man approached her and immediately waved to the two of them. "This is Coby Yullenco, my grandson" he introduced to all of us as a reason for the man next to him to bow slightly.

"What's up audience pipol!" he joked and the others laughed.

"This is Thalia Marie Conquez, my daughter," Dad introduced the reason for me to stand up and bow in front of them.

"It's nice to meet you all," I promised before sitting down. On the other hand, I can see Coby's secret glance causing me to be deceived.

"Let's start," said the rather young man, which made me prepare as well. I have to improve because Dad’s business depends on me.

I stood on the edge of the white blackboard for a few minutes and repeatedly explained to them all the vision and mission of our company. As well as the possible outcomes that Dad’s company is getting I have announced. In the business world, you have to offer the positive and possible outcomes that the company gets.

If you can hide the negative, just hide it. And then the negative outcomes are not immediately noticeable because we focus on the positive.

"Any questions?" I asked Coby's reason for raising his hand. "Yes?" I add reason to put it down the folder that contains the products and services we offer them. I also made sure that the important words that I was sure they were looking for were highlighted.

"Can we make sure we get the sales we expect?" It is a serious question that choked my throat.

"I'm sure. It depends if you accept our proposal" I stammered, causing the old woman to laugh.

"Of course Coby. Also, think about when you have time," he joked but I didn't expect the man to laugh.

"Yeah. I'm just playing around." it's the reason but trace the fake in its laughter.

Oh, I stepped on the Ego.

They ended the conversation when the two parties signed the contracts.

"We are glad to partner with your company Sir Yullenco and Ochoa." Dad greeted with a hint of joy. He smiled at the people he shook hands with.

"We can count on you," said nung Ochoa before one by one said goodbye to those with us in the room.

"Lo. I need to go. I'll pick up Aubrey," Coby said with a smile and his Grandfather nodded. "Tito, I'll be the first," he said goodbye to the young man. He immediately tapped Coby on the shoulder and smiled brightly.

"Take care of my princess," he joked and Coby nodded with a smile.

It didn't even look at me so I sighed in frustration and left the convention room.

I tiredly dropped myself in the office chair as soon as I got to my office.

It's lunch but I seem to have lost my appetite. I don’t know but I feel like I’m disappointed in myself. I don't know why, when, or how, I just suddenly lost my appetite.

I just stopped in thought when suddenly the phone rang on the table. I quickly picked it up and answered.

"Thalia speaking," I replied while waiting to be answered on the other line.

"Maam. Your secretary is already out here" said Dad's employee who was assigned outside.

I immediately raised an eyebrow at what he said.

"I have a secretary?" I was shocked to say why I could hear it on the other line. I had just heard this little whisper that I was making sure the secretary was saying the one he was talking to on the other line. Another minute passed before it answered again. "Sir Roger is said to be the one coming to him" was his answer which I answered as well.

It didn't even take me a few minutes to wait because my secretary came in right away.

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