"Thalia tara. Sister Esme is calling us," Coby called me and I just nodded. I simply smiled at a picture left to me by my parents. Mama and Papa and I held hands while they held me in the middle.

This is the only picture my parents left me before they died in the accident.

I was young when my parents disappeared. Since there was no one to take care of me, my aunts decided to take me to the orphanage where I now serve as a home.

They were all kind to me and never once raised a hand to me. During my three years of stay at the orphanage, I can say I was very lucky and I was able to be with them all. That is why it is sad that I will leave them.

"She's here," Sister Esme said with a smile to the lady who was standing next to her. The mister was with it and they were smiling looking at me.

"She's gorgeous." praised the lady who adopted me. I couldn't answer out of embarrassment so I just smiled.

"Meet Mr. and Mrs. Conquez, Thalia." Sister Esme said with a smile, holding hands with the couple.

"Hello, Thalia. Are you ready to move into your new house?" The woman who nodded at me and forced a smile said.

"Let's go," the man said.

I immediately turned to those with me in the orphanage and to Sister Esme, who was now smiling and crying as I left.

"We're leaving," I said goodbye causing Sister Esme to hug me. My companions in the orphanage with Coby also hugged me.

"Don't forget me" said Coby who became my best friend once I landed in this place. I gave a forced smile before presenting the little one in front of him.

"Cross my heart, deep inside, I won't forget you" I promised and he immediately reciprocated.

"Cross my heart, deep inside, it's just you," Coby said while wrapping his little finger around my little finger, a sign that it promises.

They almost cried because I left.

"I hope you like this room of yours, honey," said Mrs. Conquez as soon as we could enter the room he reserved for me. "I don't know your taste so I chose the design," he said with a smile.

"Thank you so much" I had a few thanks for the reason it patted my head.

"Just call me Mom. We're your parents so enough with the formality," he said smiling at me.

During the first week, they treated me well. They considered me a real Son and never once considered me a different person. The couple was kind enough to get me so I also thank God because he dropped it from heaven.

The Conquez family is rich, so they sent me to a private school. Almost all the luxuries they give me. They are also generous with money so it was not difficult for me to receive a large allowance from them.

Mom isn't that old, maybe she's only in her mid 30's but it can't be seen on her face that she's a bit old, that's also what I can say to Dad who has absorbed all the elegance in the world.

Mom had a problem with the uterus so they could not have children with Dad, the only choice they had was to adopt to have a child. Right now they are starting a business to be busy and make money, although they don't need that anymore because their family is rich.

"Mom. I'm home" I greeted Mom with a kiss on her cheek. I just came back from school and was pretty happy because of the test I perfected in my major subject. I was excited to report this but my tongue twitched when I saw Mom’s face. "Are you okay?" I asked as I saw it fade.

"I'm okay" he replied with a sigh. He was about to speak but he quickly went to the bathroom to vomit.

That time I was scared so I quickly called Dad. I don’t care if it’s busy in the office.

"Yes, honey," he replied on the other line. The tiredness in his voice was obvious but I didn't sneeze anymore.

"Mom's vomiting. I don't know what to do." I promise I'm confused.

"Take me to the hospital," he ordered before killing the other line.

I ran to the bathroom and shouted the maids.

"Yes Maam" they replied before running to the bathroom but we immediately lost our confusion when I saw Mom smiling and holding a pregnancy test in her right hand. It held its stomach once waving a pt in front of us assistants.

"I'm pregnant." she smiled at the news but I couldn't even speak in shock.

Do I need to celebrate it?

Should I be happy?

But why is that?

Am I feeling jealous of Mom's baby in her womb?

Will she be able to share all the attention that Mom and Dad give me?

I don't know if I'll be happy or what.

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