Chapter 2

Because they were afraid of hurting my parents' feelings before, they just hid their resentments before.

Now that I have a replacement on my throne, I feel like garbage thrown into the river. No one will take and there is no intention to return when throwing.

Mom gave her a sigh so Tita stopped pointing at me.

"Can you please tell me the truth, Thalia?" Mom begged for a reason to keep my tears from dripping.

"Mom. I just want Elise to go through the experiences I didn't feel at the hands of my real parents," I reasoned so that I could hear Tita sigh behind Mom.

"Pathetic. That's a sour reason for you. You said you just wanted to lose Elise for you to divert my sister's attention!" he promised to pierce my heart.

I could do nothing but sob and bow.

That day Mom grounded me. Even if he doesn't say it, I know he believes in his brother.

At least I was taken aback by what Tita said.

Half of my personality was affected by what Tita said but there is a little bit of myself that says I didn't mean that incident.

"Where's Thalia?" I heard Dad question outside my room causing me to run to the door. I was about to open the door but I heard Mom speak.

"She's sleepy when I came in earlier." he was the reason for pitying my mouth.

Since he let me into my room, he has not allowed me to go out because I was grounded. I also wonder why Mom has to tell and lie to Dad even though he didn't even let me come to my room.

"Call me and we'll have dinner soon," Dad said before I heard their footsteps leaving my room.

"I bet she's sleeping already." its answer that fell on my shoulders. "Elise did something for you. I'm sure you'll like it." I heard Mom add until I could no longer hear her voice.

I could do nothing but sit on the floor of my room because of the extreme softness.

He loves Elise so much.

This is also my signal to secretly instill anger and hatred in my brother.

"You haven't eaten right for the past two days. Do you have a problem?" Dad baled as soon as I finished eating dinner. I could see Mom's sneaky glance at me but I didn't look back at her.

Mom didn't let me out of my room for two days. He didn't explain why he locked me up but I seem to understand why he did that.

It's just not appropriate for me.

"Nothing" was the answer that he immediately nodded.

I know and I already know Dad’s habit. When he thinks I'm serious, that means I'm serious.

Dad's stay in Europe lasted for a month to meet with businessmen who offered him to invest in a famous company there. Dad also knew that investing in the proposal offered to him would help a lot, so he immediately accepted it.

Apart from the helpers only Mom and Elise were with me in the house.

"Sister. Let's play?" Elise's carving made me smile sparingly. I was about to speak but Mom immediately pulled him away from me as a reason to make my mouth water for what I did.

"Don't talk to your Ate. That might make you angry" he said before pulling Elise away from me.

I could feel the pain in my chest because of what he did. It seems like she used to be very careful with me, but now it's almost up to Elise to take care of it. He can't even look at me properly or even greet me at my school works.

Fortunately, Dad was there and he took care of me. Dad loves me and I feel that. She is the one who criticizes Mom's shortcomings that she used to never forget to give me but her attention is now on others.

Elise has her full attention

Two years ago. Gradually Mom and I got closer again and soon we got along well. During those two months, I gradually came to accept and love my brother.

Actually, it's good, maybe because he's been six years old so he knows what's wrong and what's right.

Mom also teaches her good manners that I will definitely benefit her soon.

"Just text me when you're there." smiling Mom promised that I nodded. I kissed him on the cheek before walking away holding the ticket to Cebu.

I was about to go out the door but I was immediately pulled by Elise's hand causing me to look away from her.

"Ate. Sama me," he said but I just smiled at him and knelt slightly so that we could look at each other.

"When you grow up. You can only come with me there." I even barely laughed at its sniffle at my answer. I kissed her on the cheek before standing up again and turning to Mom.

"Go on. You might get sick on your flight." he reminded me that I just nodded.

Even though she's not such a perfect mother, for me she's been good even though we didn't understand each other very well before.

I only spent a few days in Cebu and then returned to Manila. Dad caught up with me at the airport and took me home to Taguig with me.

"How was the trip?" Dad asked as he was next to me in the backseat. Because he was tired from the trip, he just ordered the driver to follow us and didn't bother to drive the car.

Like me, Dad went to America for a proposal of my Uncle’s company based in America. I'll admit the tired look on Dad's face, which is why he was so tired on the trip.

"It's okay Dad. Tito is a bit busy on the farm," I replied before bowing. That's the question I'm trying to avoid.

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