Chapter 5

My condo unit is not far from the office so I just walk. At the corner, before turning I passed some street food vendors. I'll admit I don't eat at these kinds of restaurants but I really try to buy them because I'm so hungry. So for the first time, I approached a stall selling all kinds of weird foods.

"What about you Ma'am?" A saleswoman asked with a smile. He was the only one who stood out among his fellow shopkeepers because of his smooth and white complexion.

It’s a bit young and always smiling.

I was still a little jealous because of the shame of staring at her lips. His life is simple but he seems happy with his co-workers.

"What is this?" I asked while pointing to the orange ball stuck to a stick.

"It's an orange ball Maam" he replied to my surprise. I was about to answer but he immediately kicked me when I was with him.

"Kwek kwek po yan" ani nung kasama nya na tinanguan ko.

"How many calories is that in a subuan?" I asked raising their eyebrows.

I tend to ask about the calories contained in foods. That's why it's not new to me, I just don't know other people.

"Maam. No one asked like that," the woman said laughing, which made me laugh.

"Just kidding. I'll get two." I told him that he handed me a plastic cup at the same time. "What am I going to do there?" I even asked which made him laugh. She's so adorable.

"We're self-service here Maam." his sparing answer made me nod. "What about you Sir?" He raised his eyebrows and asked the man next to me now.

"Tornado ball," I heard the man say, causing the saleswoman to laugh.

"You still haven't changed Coby," the woman said causing me to stand firm. I was currently holding the spoon of sauce as soon as I heard that name.

"Nah. Just give me my cups." asik nya dahilan para tatawa tawang binigay nung babae yung plastic cups na hinihingi nya. "Have you eaten yet?" He asked the woman, causing me to look at them.

"Yeah before. Is that all you're going to eat?" The woman asked while still raising an eyebrow.

"Excuse me, Miss," said the man who bought the kwek kwek. I just noticed that I was still holding the spoon of sauce.

"Ah. I'm sorry," I apologized before stepping aside.

"Yeah. I don't like the food they cooked at home," he replied to the woman while he was busy putting the sauce on.

It's too late so I need to go home. But I still struggled to stand up as I listened to their conversation.

"Ouch, Coby ah. Are you still shopping for a dish?" The woman laughed and teased, causing the man next to me to smile. I couldn't help but stare at the man.

It is white and tall. Being a rich child is also a sign of the body.

I didn't end their conversation because the saleswoman might notice me. I was just stunned because I was there while listening to the two of them talking about the dish.

I barely even looked at the kwek kwek I bought earlier at their stall. Earlier my intestines were overflowing due to hunger but now I can no longer feel them.

Lifeless I took the plastic cups and immediately put them in the trash. I fell tiredly on my bed at the same time as I closed my eyes completely.

I'll admit I'm tired of working in the office, but I can't stop because it's the only thing that keeps me and Dad's company alive.

The next day I woke up early and arranged to enter the office. My condo unit is just a walking distance so I have the courage to walk. Turning the corner where the street food stalls were located, I was surprised to see no shops open there. Instead, there are only trees, and no one is used.

Out of curiosity, I quickly approached the old woman I saw sweeping not far from my place earlier.

"Ate!" I call attention cause it turns me on its questioning look. "Where are the people selling Kwek Kwek here last night?" I asked which immediately made him laugh.

"Are you hungry mother?" He laughed and asked why I just forced a smile. "They only sell there every afternoon" he replied nodding to me.

"Do you know the shopkeepers?"

"No. Why did you ask?"

I didn’t get an answer so I followed up on the question earlier. "Eh, the place where they are stationed now?" I asked more but it just surrounded me.

I had no choice but to say goodbye and just continue walking towards the building.

Arriving at the building I went straight into the elevator. There were only two of us women in the elevator so it was pretty quiet.

I just lost my mind about the shopkeepers when the woman next to me suddenly spoke. It looks up at the elevator and waits for the sound on the floor where it will descend.

"The relish is probably to be rich," he said the reason for me to fake a smile.

"It's not good to be rich .. especially if your whole family doesn't accept you," I answered even though I wasn't sure if I was the one talking about it. It forced a smile before looking at me.

"I remember my sister with you," he said a reason for me to reciprocate with a smile.

I don’t know but I remember her Elise.

I stopped speaking and just looked at the smile etched on his cheek.

"Where's your ID?" I asked the reason to hand head it looked at me.

"I'm just new to this building so I haven't been issued a company ID yet" was his reason to me. I didn't speak because the elevator stopped on the floor I was going to go down in a few seconds.

I was a little surprised when the woman came down with me earlier. Instead of noticing him, I just went straight to my office and prepared for the meeting that would take place later.

Hopefully, the company that Dad and I have been dating for a long time will enter into a partnership.

"I'm sorry. I'm late," I greeted as I entered the convention room. I only received a nod from them before sitting in one of the chairs next to Dad.

It's a bit old that our meetings cause me to feel scared too. Mostly because our older partners already have brain wrinkles.

What I mean is they are inquisitive about many things. Futuristic match.

"Can we start?" I smiled questioning them before laying down the folders I would use for explanation later.

Just shake Dad’s answer to me causing me to lose my smile.

"Just wait for a while. My grandson is late again" said the man I think is only in his mid 60's.

I smiled and nodded before looking at the wall clock at the top of the wall.

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