Chapter 3

Tito is not busy on the farm but I know in myself that he is hiding and just avoiding me. I was supposed to spend a month in Cebu but no one there took care of my arrival. That day seemed normal to them and no visitors were looking forward to it. I’m not saying I’m greedy for the celebration, it’s just me, I wish they had at least thought of answering the survey I gave them. That's why I went to Cebu, for my research at school.

"I know your problem with my siblings and your Mommy," he said the reason for me to look at him. There was sadness in his eyes and he seemed to sympathize with what I was going through. "Don't worry. The time will also come and little by little they will accept you. I promise you," he said while patting my head like a child.

All my life, in my almost several years of being in their powder, only Dad understood and understood me. He was the only one who stood up and did not lack love for me.

I greatly appreciate my Dad more than Mom who was good at first.

Did you know Mom is sick?


Favoritism in the child.

Arriving home the shock drew in Mom's eyes. Dad went straight and was immediately greeted by his original Son.

"Dad I miss you," Elise said softly while still hugging Dad.

"I miss you too Honey," Dad said back before facing Elise and repeatedly kissed her on the forehead.

I felt jealous because when Elise wasn't there, it was just a pain that Dad was doing .. but now, I have a share in his attention.

I didn't realize that Mom was approaching my place, which caused me to turn my attention to her.

"I thought you were going to stay in Cebu for one month?" He asked, still obviously shocked that I was here in front of him.

I repeatedly bowed in front of him and apologized. "I'm sorry Mom. I'm done with my survey--" I reasoned that he immediately cut me off.

"I hope you thought of a vacation so that your body can relax," he said the reason for me to feel cold in my stomach.

Do you know why?

He now knows what Dad used to be so he wants to get me away first. He wanted them to have quality time with the whole family without me, by their side.

"I'm sorry," I apologized but he just smiled.

"It's okay. You don't need to say sorry, honey," he promised but I could feel the bitterness in his voice.

I only gave a forced smile before I said goodbye to enter and lock myself in the room.

That night I lost the urge to go out to dinner.

I feel like they will ruin their quality time with each other.

Who am I?

I am just a heavy adoption in this household.

Should I blame Elise?

"You want this one?" Dad asked me while showing me a missing red dress that he also bought from Mom earlier.

"Nice Dad," I said while looking at the dress she was holding in shock.

"It's better for you, kid," Mom replied before handing me the yellow T-shirt that was far away from the look of the dress Dad bought her.

I had no choice but to nod. With a sigh, Dad took off the dress he was supposed to buy for me.

After a while, Mom started screaming before pulling Elise away. When I looked back at it I just smiled bitterly.

"It's up to you baby," she said softly as she pressed the red dress the same size to Elise's body. It looks like the dress Dad bought for Mom earlier.

"Tara Nak. Let's find another boutique." Dad's nanny before Dad took me out of that boutique. "Please don't despise what your Mommy did," he told me as I nodded.

"It's okay Dad. I'm not wearing a dress." I would lie even if I typed that dress.

Dad and I briefly walked around a jewelry shop. I just stared at her to buy the necklaces given by the saleslady earlier. While Dad was busy, I first went out to the boutique to freshen up.

"Ate. Where can I find the toy shop?" Elise asked causing me to look away. "I want to buy some toys" he sighed and I nodded.

I don’t know where Mom went. I wouldn't have agreed to what Elise wanted but it would only make me more upset when I didn't agree to what she wanted.

Entering the wonderland Elise quickly runs into toy stunts. I watched him with a smile as his eyes widened pointing to the toys he saw.

"Thalia? Is that you?" The woman's voice coming from behind me caused me to look back at it. "You are." He promised that we would be shocked.

When I saw Sister Esme I quickly ran to her and hugged her.

"Sister Esme," I tearfully promised as I hugged her tightly. He answered my hug as he laughed at my crying.

"I thought I would never see you again here in the Philippines," he said before facing me and caressing my cheek. "You grew up beautiful, Iha." he praised me for widening my smile.

Laughing, I wiped away my tears and greeted him with a smile.

"I really miss you, Sister Esme. I miss you all." I promise while jumping still on the stand. "How are you?" I asked making him smile.

"We're okay. You? How are you?" He asked, staring at my face in disbelief.

"I'm fine, Sister Esme. Coby? Is he with you?" I asked, saving her smile.

"Like you, he has been adopted," he said, making me smile.

I should be happy because someone has finally adopted Coby right? But I couldn't help but feel sad because it seemed like the two of us had taken a step further.

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