Chapter 4

"I hope the family that adopted him is okay, right?" I asked as he nodded one after another.

"The governor adopted him so make sure he's in good hands"

"I hope so." I made a fat promise before averting my eyes. "When was he adopted?" I asked still smiling at him.

"It's been a month since you left," he replied once tapping my head. "Sometimes I think .. maybe Coby destined you." he laughed jokingly causing me to frown.

It was a while before he asked again.

"Where is your family? Are you with anyone?" He asked why my heart was pounding.

Then I found out and remembered that I was with Elise at the boutique.

I could no longer say goodbye to Sister Esme and quickly ran closer to the place where I had left Elise.

"Elise !" I shouted his name.

A loud slap I received from Mom caused me to fall to the floor. We had been at home earlier and Elise had been missing from the mall for a few hours. Not a trace we found nowhere he went.

Earlier I was cursed, cursed, and hurt by Mom. Dad didn't do anything but just look at me, there was a trace of anger on his face but not once did he say hurtful words to me and lay his hand on me like Mom is doing to me now.

"I'm telling you. Francheska is right ..." he promised as he stared at me from head to toe. I've been apologizing before but he didn't even listen to me. He didn't even hear my explanations. "You're a demon," he said, tears welling up in my eyes. Dad had no plans to stop Mom because I also felt to myself that I was also to blame for it.

"Mom. Listen to me--" I broke my promise as it rushed to choke my neck.

If he intends to kill me, go ahead. I won't fight because it's really my fault.

It was only a matter of time before Dad calmed down and finally pulled Mom away from me.

"Stop Myra. Nothing will happen if we do this." Dad was sick, which made Mom look away from him.

"Is he on your side again ?!" Mom yelled at him while pointing at me. Mom's voice was so stressed that Dad was forced to close his eyes because of the sudden increase in his voice.

Mom's shouting at Dad was the most refreshing incident for me because I had never heard Dad answer with such courage.

"You're separating that boy!" He added that he taught me at the same time.

I just sat on the floor and forced my body to accept Mom's shout and taunts at me.

"Nothing will happen if--" Dad stretched but Mom cut him off.

"What you're saying is boring--" Mom also interrupted because she was surprised when Dad shouted at her.

"Fuck, Myra! Aren't you mad ?! Thalia is also your daughter but if you treat her like an animal!"

"Because she's not my daughter!"

"She's your daughter! Legall!" Dad shouted as if he was holding back his anger from Mom. "You fought in court to transfer custody of the child to you and then you just throw it away when you're bored!"

"I never--"

"You're acting like a child, Myra. I can't believe you!" Dad yelled before Mom left us. Attention is the gradual shedding of tears in Mom's eyes. I planned to approach him but he just pushed me and pointed.

"When something bad happens to Elise .. I'll make hell your stay in my powder." he threatened before the following Daddy outside.

I could do nothing but silently cry and worry.

"Elise," I tearfully called my sister's name.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months passed .. we never found Elise again.

We don't even know where he is.

That everyone is to blame, except Dad. Until now, Mom is grieving the loss of her original Son and she tries to blame me for everything. Because the company did not pay attention, it was gradually collapsing and losing assets, our company was also wrapped in liabilities because of the many debts and money we lost due to the loss of Elise. He even got to the point where Dad wanted to commit suicide but Tita just stopped him.

I'm innocent, but it's all my fault.


Years passed and I was well on my way to college.

I studied hard to help Dad with the company. I finished my course and now that I have finished. I am ready to dive into the challenges I will face.

"Your face is really thick Thalia," Mom said after she entered my small office right outside Dad's office. He threw stones at his expensive purse and paid homage to my small faculty. "How does it feel to be in the right place just for my Son?" He answered angrily but there was a trace of bitterness in his voice.

"Mom--" I broke my promise but she stopped me.

"I'm not your Mom. I didn't raise an impactful child like you" he said while staring at me.

Ever since Elise disappeared, that's how they treated me. Dad was the only one who stood beside me. Well, he's not as sweet as before but he still treats me well.

"Have fun because when I find my Son, I will take you to the pool where you belong," he threatened before leaving my office.

All my life, I have been unlucky in the eyes of men. If I could just ask, I would ask that Elise would come back and that I would be able to bring back the times she lost. I wish I was the one who lost, but I wonder if they would do the same in case I was the one who lost? Will they look for me too?

I was just quietly signing documents on my table. I didn’t even realize the time was due to overwork. I've also been working hard here at the office for a few nights and can't come home often. What am I going to do at home? Mom's mouth will only target me so it's better that I spend the night here.

I was barely able to sit up when suddenly my cellphone rang because of the message I received. A miserly smile flashed on my lips when I saw Dad's message.

From: Dad

Don't get tired. Come home here to the house.

To: Dad

I'm so busy Dad. I'll just go home to my condo because I have more reports to finish for the proposal tomorrow with the new client.

From: Dad

Is that so

Always take care Nak. Eat at the right time too huh

To: Dad

Yes, Dad. Goodnight. I love you.

From: Dad

I love you too.

At the same time, I decided to just take my jobs home to the condo where I was staying for tomorrow. I have already advanced working on the proposal so I have plenty of time to rest.

I’m just in a hurry with all the work.

Because that's how Dad trained me

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