Chapter 1

My suspicion is correct. From the time Mom got pregnant until Baby Elise came out, Mom's attention was focused only on her, even Dad's.

They’ll just notice me in the twin I’ll do something right. They didn't tell me anything or even resent me for something I meant to do.

I mean, they don't care when I do something bad, like .. our butler lost his job because of what I did.

Because of the spoiled brat like me.

"My Son is beautiful, heir to Daddy," Dad promised to caress my sleeping sister now.

Do I have the right to be angry even though I'm not the real child?

They said that Baby Elise was lucky because since it came out, Dad's business has grown even more. It is better known in the business industry and many have also gambled to invest in the small company that is growing under Daddy's control.

"Your son is beautiful," Grandma promised to simultaneously caress Elise's cheek. It’s been four years now and I can tell with the young body and young age it is indeed screaming the race that Daddy is proud of.

"Inheritance Mommy," Dad said while hugging Mom who was now smiling as he watched Elise laughing and running and chasing my puppy .. KO.

I secretly peeked through the doorway as Mom and Dad sat in front of me at the table located in the garden. They were talking to Lola who turned her back on my behavior while Mom was facing me. Although they couldn't see me I could hear them talking.

"What are you going to do with your adoption, Roger?" Grandma's introduction that I knew in myself was what it taught me. "I thought you and Myra would never have children again so I agreed before to hand over and name all the inheritance after her," he added.

I know Grandma doesn't like me. My grown-up Grandmother who had been with me for nine years didn’t like me.

I have been in their powder for nine years but not once have I received a hug from Grandma. He was kind at first but his true nature came out since Elise was born.

"I can transfer everything to Elise when she reaches legal age," Dad explained while stating some documents. She explained everything to Lola, even the little words she explained to make the old man better.


Dad's inheritance will be taken away from me. He didn't even say it directly but I knew for myself that the outcome was the same.

I locked myself in the room all day. I try to tell myself that 'I don't need an inheritance' 'I don't need that because I'm with them' 'I don't need that because what's important to me now is that I have a family with me.

But as I repeatedly calmed myself down, it only led to envy and hatred.

What if Elise didn't live?

What if he disappears?

I was not raised selfishly by an orphan. Sister Esme did not make me jealous. But why do I feel this way?

That night a plan formed in my mind.

I was willing to do anything to just get Elise out of my way.

"Where are we going, Ate Thalia?" Elise asked as she hugged my legs. We are now on the train and crowded with many people who are busy with various things. Some are in a hurry and some are just wandering around.

I know he's nervous because he's just been on the train.

Elise was so spoiled and grew up in luxury because she never experienced riding in our parents ’public vehicle. It's not like I sometimes always take the train or the taxi because Mom and Dad are too busy at work.

I told Mom I was going to take Elise around today. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it scolded me for letting Elise ride on the train.

Well, that's not going to happen if this kid complains.

I planned to seduce Elise today but my plan was only fulfilled when I saw Tita shopping.

He turned his eyebrows up at me and opened his mouth when he saw Elise holding my hand and dragging her.

"What are you doing here princess?" His gentle promise once came from Elise who was now smiling at him.

"Ate Thalia wants me to leave our house," she innocently said, causing Tita's evil stare to turn me on.

"No. Tita. I just don't want her to--" I immediately stopped explaining because Tita slapped me.

"Are you planning to seduce my nephew?" He angrily promised to let me go.

I noticed the turning and whispering of the people in the mall causing me to be even more embarrassed.

"It will reach your mommy," he said before leaving with Elise.

I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks.

I will admit that I planned to seduce Elise on the train but, because, my conscience ate me right away so I decided to just take her for a walk in the mall so that she could experience my dreams when I was young.

Dreams that I never even experienced at the hands of my real parents.

"Did you plan it?" Mommy didn't want to promise as she waved in front of me. Elise was playing in the garden while I was leaning on the sofa in the living room while Mom judged. I'm just thankful that Dad is gone now and busy with work.

I just remained bent over and listened to Mom’s angry voice.

"I told you. There's something wrong with that adoption" Tita said while pointing at the place where I was sitting.

I know they haven't wanted me since I first joined this family. They didn't make me feel this when I was their only child, Mom. But they have been more courageous since Elise arrived. They were encouraged when they found out that they really have a child, mom.

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