He seems innocent

Maria took her to the seaside area on the north side of the castle. It was peaceful but it's away from the private side of the King. 

All the while Yivanna did not ask anything but kept stealing glances of Maria. In her eyes, she's the perfect woman and somehow in her mind, Yivanna wanted to become like Maria. Her personality, beauty and attitude, all got her head over hills. For Yivanna, Maria was the Goddess. 

Both were walking in silence. Out of nowhere, Maria spoke "don't only stare at me. Be careful when you are walking, or you will trip on your shoes.

Yivanna quickly lowered her eyes. She was embarrassed for her perverted behaviour. But, what could she do! The woman was so beautiful that she was having hard time to look away from her. If she was a man for real, it might be the love at first sight. She couldn't take her eyes off from Maria. She pouted her lips in abashment. *I am sorry.

Maria never saw a boy like him. He acted very innocently and it was not any pretentious candour, it seemed genuine. Experiencing this world and meeting countless men, this was the first time she faced such a cute guy. For the first time, she didn't feel disgusted but funny. 

She stopped in front of a few stones. They were arranged together. It has been created artificially. She sat over one and patted on one for Yivanna to sit. And she obliged like an obedient child. 

Maria turned her gaze to the shy boy and smiled "What's your name again?

Yivanna found a dry stick beside her and wrote Yivan Belicosta on the sand. 

Maria again watched the boy with curiosity "Am I beautiful Yivan?" She asked with soft eyes. 

Yivanna never expected the question. Pursing her lips tightly, she blinked her eyes a few times at her and then nodded slowly, lowering her eyes. She was so embarrassed to even look up at her. 

Maria again smiled at the boy. 'This boy was genuinely cute.' Maria couldn't help but pinched her cheek "You are so cute.

Yivanna again was caught off guard. But, soon her lips curved into a shy smile. *thank you.* Yivanna never had sudden compliments like this, nor she could get any from anyone rather than her brother, father and teacher, because of the strict rules back in her country. So, she was always happy and shy whenever anyone complimented her. 

Maria giggled at her shyness. She took her features in. In her eyes, Yivanna was a boy and she thought, he was so beautiful. 

Her perfect dark brows, softly highlighted hair, the celestial shaped nose and those high cheekbones. 'Though her features were very feminish, still it suited his innocence and made him more attractive. He could be sold out as a woman if he has long hair.' Maria thought and smiled inwardly. 

"Yivan," Maria called for her and Yivanna turned her gaze. *yes?

"Why do you love painting? What inspires you the most?" She asked. 

Yivanna pursed her lips together again. She also didn't know herself why she liked it. Her brother also asked her this once, but she couldn't give him any answer. When for the first time in childhood, her teacher gave her colours and white paper, she knew she loved it and since then she find painting as her life. 

*I don't know exactly why I love drawing. Since childhood, I just knew I love it. Slowly when I grow up, I have started giving colourful touches to my white canvas. It made me feel proud and the owner of my own world. I feel so powerful doing that. I think because I can speak my mind through it, that's why I love it.* She explained. 

Maria nodded "As a painter you always needed inspiration. When you paint back in the office, what was in your mind?" Maria asked, looking at the boy deeply. Though she finds him cute, curious and amazed by his talent, still she did not forget her task given by Victor. She was trying to make him free around her and bring out pieces of information from him, targeting his weakness. 

On the other hand, Yivanna did not know about their plan. But, she was well aware on her own to not disclose her very deep secrets. But, she also did not want to lie. So, she said the partial truth. *My inspiration has always been my one best friend. We have grown up together and he is the first one who helped me to realize my love for painting. Even because of him, I have held up my courage and moved from my country to achieve my dream. So, he was the one about whom I thought when I painted.


"What is she doing?" Aron murmured to himself while watching the little boy and Maria. "They seemed like a 'newly fall in love' couple!" He commented. "All the shyness were goings around." He somewhat find it funny. 

Victor glared at him and he zipped his mouth with a bow. "I am sorry, your highness.

Annoyed, Victor again turned his gaze to the screen, where he could see Maria and Yivanna through the Cctv camera. Though he was not saying anything like Aron, he was also curious about their topic of talking. Because they were actually looking like a shy couple. Especially, the boy. 

Almost an hour later, Maria returned to the office, where Victor was curiously waiting for her to appear. For some unknown reason, he was very restless to know more about the boy. 

Maria settled down on the seat in front of him "So, what do you think about my performance to-day?" She asked with a smile. 

Victor watched her silently while moving his ring on the index finger. "What did you find about him?

Maria chuckled. He directly jumped to the main point. That only meant he was very serious and eager to know the answer. Though he would never beat around the Bush. But, this time, Victor was very different from the start. 

She shook her head "Nothing special. All about his dreams and the things we already know." She paused for a moment and then spoke again. "I don't think this boy has any ulterior motives. He seems innocent."