The Meliheniyan Kingdom


Yivanna sighed sadly. She recalled everything that happened in her life. Her brother has helped her to run away from home. But, maybe her luck was not with her, because she faced a very terrible accident in the ship she was travelling on and somehow ended in the Meliheniyan sea, which brought her to this place. 

She did not know exactly where she was. In the might, when she managed to swim back on the shore, she was tired and torn up. At that time she just find a safe place and drowned into a deep slumber. 

Yivanna stood up and slowly came out of the clump area. Her eyes widened and her jaw almost dropped when she watched the enchanting seaside place. The morning view was really beautiful. She walked out in the open more and looked behind, only to gasp hard. At night she didn't notice, but now she realised, She was standing at the backside of a huge palace! 'Oh my lord! This seems hundred times bigger than ours!' She murmured in mind. 'If, this is the backside, then how is the front side will be!

It was not very hard for her to understand the design of the Palace. Yet, Zerobian palace was not as big as this one! 

For once, she thought to explore, but then in the other second, the reality hit her. she appeared illegally here! She was going to Siyerendell and for that, ship needed to cross the Meliheniyan sea, where the unexpected accident happened! 'Does that mean!' Her eyes widened again and she gulped hard "I am in Meliheniya!

Yivanna quickly shook her head "No! This won't do! I need to get out of here! I have to go Siyerendell! I have to attend the job Edward has find for me." She mumbled on her own and looked around. However, she couldn't come up with anything. Because the place she was standing was somewhat safe than the open area. But, if she wanted to get away, she needed to go back to the sea again and that was impossible, or she needed to go in front of the castle which only would mean trouble! 

She was caught up from both side. Yivanna sighed sadly once again. 'Why is destiny playing with me like this! How would I go out now! God! It's only good that this place seems like a good place to hide...

But, before she could continue mumbling inside her head, she heard a deep and seductive voice behind her "Who are you?

Yivanna bit her tongue like a thief 'Or maybe not...' She completed her mid-sentence in mind, turning around to the person behind her. 


"The political system in Perobia is a mess. All are corrupted. They are certainly one rich country but this country also has some major issues. Especially, with their prince Xavier Kingston. He is not much reliable in official matters. But, the deal with country 'Z' seems more profitable to me. They has more refined political system." Maria said and closed the file. 

Victor nodded his head. "Hold a meeting with the president this morning.

"Yes, my lord." Saying she bowed at him and left to attend her work. 

Victor took the towel from his servant and wiped away his sweats from the morning exercise. He placed it back on his hand and dismissed him, as he started walking towards the backside of the Palace. 

Victor Val-de-Marne, the king of the proud country Meliheniya. He was also one of the powerful, gorgeous and youngest king listed on the world magazine. 

He's a proud, cold and aloof man, love to live his own space. People love him and also feared him out of respect. He was strict with the rules of the kingdom, created by his father, the former king Valdez Val-de-Marne. 

Victor stopped at the sea shore, with the fresh morning breeze and soft sound of waves always able to calm his mind. The backside of the Palace was his private place. Rather than him, no one was allowed unless he invited anyone. And before, he never invited anyone. While he was here, he never thought of work or any other issues. He just wanted to be embraced by the nature. 

Victor closed his eyes, feeling the smell of nature and suddenly, his strong sixth sense caught something unusual, as If someone was on his private area without his permission. He opened his eyes. 

An unanticipated movement was caught by the corner of his eyes, around the Bush. Victor frowned and slowly he started taking steps towards the neatly designed covert. But, before he could go more towards it, a human being came out behind it, making him stopped on his place with doubts. 

This was his private island. how could he dare to come here! Moreover, he did not seem from this palace. Because he knew every single employee of his! 

The person was a boy. From a far too, Victor was able to caught the confused and shocked look on his face. The boy didn't notice him yet. Slowly he walked closer to the boy and stopped. His fist clenched "Who are you?" His voice was cold and dark like him. 


"I will ask you for the last time boy, who are you?" Victor's eyes were glaring at the young boy he found in his private property. And it's been a long ten minutes, this little boy still didn't open his mouth, rather than staring at him. 

On the other side, Yivanna watched the gorgeous man in front of her. In her life she has seen lots of handsome men but, this man was something else. At his first glance, she was mesmerised by him! 

After getting caught by this gorgeous man, it took her time to adjust her inner self to calm down. Yivanna only could stare at the man in front of her. She didn't know for how long she stared at him, but when her messed up mind came in a bit control, she was amazed by the beautiful kingdom! For a moment, she felt her eyes would go blind with all the shines!

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