Planning to seduce

Maria stared at her friend for some time, trying to understand him. And Eventually, she gave up. For thirteen years she tried to understand him and now she didn't want to. It's not her cup of tea. 

She just assumed him as per his behaviour. It's been thirteen years and she has memorized his behaviour. According to her research, she did things for him. But, in mind what he was thinking, she never understood. 

She watched him deeply. Maria recalled her first days with him. He was not friendly in college but distant and aloof like this. 

As a top-ranked and special student, she could take classes with these royal brothers in Siyerendell, along with a few extraordinary students like her. There very unexpectedly, she became friends with Victor after doing a project with him. She was an introvert so she never had any other friends other then him. 

And then he came to Meliheniya to take the throne, as his brother took the kingship of Siyerendell. Victor personally asked her to be his royal assistant. This was the dream of every person and also a rare chance. Because she was the first woman royal assistant in both Siyerendell and Meliheniyan history. 

Now, it's been over thirteen years she was serving the Royals. Though she has been measuring his behaviour according to her research and working like that. But, this young boy changed it all of a sudden! He somehow changed the calculation of her research. 

"You have kept him on the fourth floor where all the cameras are. And as per my experience, you have never used them. But why with him?" She asked and in the next second she said "are you trying to examine him if he is saying the truth?" Though Victor has already turned her down, yet she asked her questions. Maybe he wouldn't answer this time too, so she just guessed the answer by herself. 

Victor kept moving the ring in his index finger while leaning back on the chair. "You gave your answer, Maria. Do something for me.

"What?" She asked. Excited to know what he wants. 

"Keep an eye on him. Spend as much time with him. The more you will spend time with him, the more you will get to confirm how he is."  Vicror locked his gaze at her. 

Maria sneered and leaned back on the opposite chair she was seating. "I am a woman and he can be uncomfortable with me. Why don't you spend time with him?" She arched up her brow. 

Victor's lips twitched Slightly in a smirk "We both will. I want to see how he reacts with both of us. He is a boy and you know the rest of it.

Maria narrowed her eyes "You are asking me to seduce him, aren't you?

Victor leaned back against his seat. "You are a smart woman, Maria. I just want to know his motive.

Both turned silent and few minutes later, Maria suddenly asked "are you looking down on women?

Victor smirked "I do not dare to. You are reliable only.

Maria narrowed her eyes a bit and then smiled "you are one cruel man, Victor. I admire you for that. You always have vicious plans by not publicizing your cruelty, you know how to keep your hands clean. Well done.

Victor's smirk deepened "and you know how to comply. So, we are somewhat the same. You are the perfect assistant and I have chosen you for that, remember?

Maria laughed. "Fine, you win. Now, let's see what your new boy has for us." She stood up. "And about his professional guide?

"Call professor Abraham Franklin. He is the best art professor in this subject. Let him guide the boy." He ordered and with a nod, Maria left. 


After taking a long bath, Yivanna came out of the washroom, closing her female side inside the washroom once again. She was undoubtedly excited and happy. She wanted to scream out her happiness but unfortunately, she couldn't. 

'I really wish, I could contact Edward now. He would be so happy to hear this! I guess I have to manage a way and call him. But, before that, I need to wait for things to calm down. Yes, Yivanna. Wait for the right time, you can not be caught by anyone.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and before she could digest it, Maria entered the room. 

Yivanna blinked her eyes and hold her heart. She was startled by the sudden appearance of Maria. 

Maria noticed her uncomfortablity. "Scared?

Yivanna took a deep breath and shook her head quietly. *just startled. And you are?* She has seen this woman in the office but didn't know who she was. 

Maria closed the door behind her and walked close to her. "Let me introduce to you myself officially. I am Maria Fernando. The royal assistant of the king.

Yivanna stared at Maria in awe. She has never seen such a beautiful, mature and strong woman in her life! Her existence could take all the limelight and people only would focus on her. In an artistic word, the woman is a piece of art. As if God has created her with all the colours present on earth. Exactly, like the way she always wanted to see her! Fearless and confident. 

Yivanna was so engrossed in her attitude she didn't even notice, she was gawking at Maria with her mouth widened. 

Maria arched up her brow. She waved in front of her eyes. "Come down on earth, little boy. You are eating me with your eyes." She smirked, thinking he fall for her beauty. 

On the other hand, hearing Maria's words, Yivanna was flustered. 'Congratulations for becoming a pervert!' She mocked herself.  'What on earth you are doing Yivanna! Control your stupid emotions!' She quickly lowered her eyes and apologized *I am sorry.

Maria smirked once again "it's alright, it happens. Now, follow me.

This time Yivanna looked up at her with questioning gaze. *where to?

"You will know. Now, come with me." With that Maria hold her hand and almost drag her with her.

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