He seems familiar

'God! This is frustrating! Why he just can not let me go! This is insane on another level!' Yivanna kept murmuring inside her mind. She never thought she would end up in this mess after escaping from one! 

She felt a sudden push on the back of her head. Yivanna felt offended and turned around to look at the person. Both of them guards has their blank face on. They looked like robots. 

She scratched the place where they pocked her head and frowned. *What happened? Why did you hit me?

Both guards looked at each other and then one of them replied "walk fast, we don't have all the time to spend on you.

Yivanna sighed and again started walking. The king might let her live, but she has seen doubts in every other eyes, other than king. It was another thing that she was unable to understand his blank face. 

'All the people here are so rude and expressionless! Don't they know how to behave! What an irony!' She again sighed inwardly. 

After few minutes of walk. They stopped in front of a room and opened the door for her. One of them again pocked on her head, this time she glared at him. The guard laughed slightly. "Get inside and do not try to pace here and there. Our king does not like this.

Yivanna nodded her head with a pout. *okay.

After she went inside the room, she looked around. As she expected, the room was much more well designed than hers. She might belonged to the royal family, but her country was not as rich as other countries like Meliheniya, that's the main reason her family wanted to tie her up with that ruthless Perobian Prince. 

She huffed and sat down on the edge of the bed. Yivanna looked around. 'Don't know if they are doing this to put a test on me, or it's a pyre sympathy from the king! This is absurd! I really need to get out of here, but how!' Her eyes once again roamed around 'don't know if they planted any camera here, this is terrifying! I can not even speak when I am alone!


In Victor's office... 

"Are you sure keeping him here will be safe? We don't know where he came from." Nicolas, his grandfather said. He wasn't present when his Grandson find the unexpected boy. 

Victor started moving the black pearl ring on his left-hand index finger. He knew, he has kept a stranger in the Palace. He himself did not know why he felt soft-hearted for the boy. He just wanted to keep him under his protection, the moment he looked at those emerald-green eyes as if they were pleading towards him for help. And strangely, he felt that he has seen that pair of eyes somewhere. They seemed familiar to him. 

Watching those eyes, he also felt that those eyes were keeping lots of secrets. 

Till now he didn't know what were his secrets. But, he for sure was in need and as the king, he just wanted to help him. And maybe because he was mute, it made him softer towards the little boy. 

Finally, after a long pause, he spoke "I know grandpa. He seemed harmless. And even if he plans to harm, then it's better to keep him under check.

Nicolas nodded in understanding. "As you wish. I have my full faith in you, my boy.

Victor did not reply. He kept moving his ring. He was a bit surprised by his own behaviour. He has no consciousness of softness. From the very start, he kept telling himself that he became soft, seeing the little boy. But, why did he suddenly become soft seeing those eyes! There was something inside him that kept Victor pulling towards him. 

He has always been known for his coldness and hard emotions. As a king, he knew how to use his emotions and sentiments. He and his brother has been trained by their father.  Buy, for the first time in life he was overflown with his emotions. 'I didn't do wrong by keeping him here, did I?'! 


This life is a canvas and all the incidents of life are various colours, presenting us to the world. Some people have colourful life with their family, friends and loved ones. And some has black and white life who has everything but it never had been for them. 

And Yivanna's white life has always been coloured black. When she thought, she was finally free, she again was captured in the prison. This was the different one which she has no idea about.  

She didn't have any other choice but be mute just to survive in this world, even if she was alone in the room. 

Since childhood, their mentor would Always say 'The wall also has an ear, so be careful with your every action.' She used to ignore that significant word but now she knew what he meant by that. This is the universal truth. 

She stood up and looked at the three doors in the room. One was the entrance of the room and then the other two. They might be the walk-in closet and the bathroom. She went to the first one and she was right, she entered the bathroom. 

As expected the bathroom was really beautiful. Yivanna Locked the door and looked around carefully. 'I really hope there is no hidden camera in the bathroom, right? There shouldn't be! Or else the king is a big pervert!' She mumbled in mind. Still afraid of talking. 

As she started searching the whole place, Yivanna felt like a big criminal. She felt terrible and somewhat pathetic! After she was kind of sure about no one watching her here, she slowly started undressing herself by removing her highlighted wig. 

This was also Edward's idea. He coloured the wig intentionally. It would not reflect the flaws as much as it could in the one colour wig. 

After undressing, she locked herself in the mirror. As a twenty-year-old girl, she has a growing beauty. She just left her teenage years, a few days ago. and the baby fats were still present on her face. She looked down on herself, her figure was growing too and they were quite attractive, no doubt on that.

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