The Queen in Disguise

Running away from home

The sun was shining brightly and the gleam of sun light poking on Yivanna's closed eyes, urging her to wake up. 

"Ugh!" She groaned slightly and covered her eyes to protect herself from the direct hit of the sun. "Why on earth is this sun is shining so brightly!" She mumbled and open her eyes. 

However, something seemed different than usual. Slowly opening her eyes, Yivanna took a look at her surroundings. She was sleeping at the corner of some clump. Her dark and perfectly shaped brows furrowed together in confusion. "Why am I here!" She babbled on her own. 

Yivanna tried to remember what had happened and then suddenly it hit on her memory. She has run away from home! Well, not because she was wild and adventurous. She ran away because her family was trying to tie her up with the Prince of Perobia! 



"This is the only way to make peace in both countries. Eduardo I am telling you, this marriage should take place. If not, Perobia would not suffer but Zerobia would." Elizabeth told sternly to her younger brother, who was the current king of Zerobia.  

Eduardo sighed inwardly, looking at the contract paper. His sister was right at the point of peace. This was the only way to make amend between two countries and get help from Perobia. But, the price of this peace was too much for him to endure. Because in exchange they wanted his precious daughter. 

Elizabeth was kind of frustrated with his brother's continuous sighing. "Why are you thinking so much, Eduardo? You are not doing anything wrong in the first place! This is the only chance of peace between the two countries and on the top of that, they offered us help willingly!" She paused for a moment and then again continued, "Also, Yivanna is the princess of the country. She also has some responsibility towards her country, hasn't she?" Elizabeth was trying to make her brother understand the situation.  

Eduardo also knew this was the only chance. It was not he has problem with this marriage, but the problem was Perobian Prince himself.  

He was a playboy who only know to play with women but nothing else. His life was a mess and filled with different women. He did not have any sense of responsibility. Which father would be pleased to give his daughter to this kind of person? 

His daughter's life would turn into hell. How could he do that to his only daughter! 

Elizabeth knew her younger brother well. Before he could say anything objective, she said again "don't only think about your daughter, Eduardo. You also have a son who needs to be taken care of. Edward will be the next king after you and as a father, you have to give him a peaceful country to run. Don't tell me, by rejecting them you are going to destroy your son's life too!

Eduardo rubbed his face in frustration "No, sister. I am not against the marriage. But, knowing the whole truth of Xavier Kingston, how could I give my daughter's hand to such a man whore! To save the country and son's future, You are asking me to destroy my daughter's life! How could you even say that?

Elizabeth cursed inside her mind. But, outside, she put on a pitiful look and sad smile. Taking a seat beside her brother she holds his hand on hers "Listen, Ed, I know your worried. Do you think I am not concerned about Yivanna? I have raised her. Infact, after Rosalie's death, I have raised up both of them as my own child! how could I take any disturbing decision for her!

She faked to wipe her tears. "I am thinking about both of them. And if you are thinking only about Xavier's playful nature, isn't it common in the youth? All of to-day's young generation is like that. Even you were also like that but after you married Rosalie, you became good, remember? Love will teach them everything with time. Don't think too much. Agree with this deal. Everything will be fine.

Eduardo sighed once again. His sister was logical with her words. He nodded his head "fine, let me ask Yivanna first.

"no need to ask her. Just inform her about it. She will marry him if you say so. We are Royals and we have our responsibilities towards our country too. As the Princess, this is her chance to do something for her people. And if you think you can't say this to her, I will tell her on your behalf." Elizabeth again said sternly. 

Eduardo was sad but his elder sister was right. He then nodded again "alright then, as you say, sister.


Yivanna let her tears slip down from her eyes, leaning against the wall. She was standing in front of her father's room. Like everyday, she came to see her father before going to sleep but after coming here, she got the biggest shock of her life. She heard everything of their conversation. 

Since childhood, she knew one thing, Girls should not meddle in-country politics, they should be obedient and good, listening to their gurdians.  

Clearly, She has grown up in discrimination. Especially, from her aunt. She has always cared for Edward and gave him all the liberty in life. 

Yivanna and Edward were twins. They did not see their mother. She died when they were only one year old. Since then their Widow Aunt started raising them. But, in her every single action screamed of her disliking towards Yivanna. 

Yivanna never knew why her aunt didn't like her. She has tried to gain her care from the start by obeying her every word. yet, she never got any. However, her father was not like that. He never discriminates between them. But, because he's the king, it was tough for him to manage time for his children, so their most of the time was spent with Elizabeth. 

So, if there was any decision to take for them, she would be the one to take care of it. This marriage was also would be the same. If her aunt said yes, then there would be no denial from her father. And as always, she had to be the good girl, even though she did not want this. 

But, Yivanna did not want to marry like this! She wanted a marriage of her consent. She wanted a person who would love and support her. Who would understand her. If that person was not from any royal family, she did not care. 

She somehow managed to drag herself into the room and slumped down on the bed.  

Every normal girl out there was envious of her because of her royal lifestyle. and she was jealous of them because of their normal lifestyle. As the princess, she has always been living an uptight life under Elizabeth's strict guard.

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