Running away ll

Yivanna loves painting. She find her happiness in painting. But, she never had the privilege to cherish her dream freely for once in her life. Her life had always been under strict rules. 

She curled up on her bed. Feeling devastated. 'Should I got to Edward?' She thought. But then again she dropped the idea. 'He has always been my only support. But, this is also about his future. I can not worry him.' She decided to endure this alone. 

The whole night passed in sorrow. Yivanna only fall in sleep at the end of the night. She has made up her mind to oblige his aunt as always. 

She didn't talk to anyone the whole day, nor she go out of the room. Only at noon, her father came and told her about the marriage. Yivanna did not reply anything. Just at the end, she said 'I will do whatever you say father.' This was the only line she had said in her whole day. 

Even, Edward didn't come to see her. She was surprised, but then she was happy too. It's good that he didn't come, or else, she couldn't control her emotions in front of him. 

Slowly, the night time came. Yivanna had her dinner. She even didn't have the privilege of losing her appetite. Her routine has been set by Elizabeth. Did not matter, what she was feeling, she had to oblige every instructions. 

After dinner, Yivanna Locked herself in the room once again. She walked out to the porch. Suddenly, she heard some noise and got startled. 

Before she could understand anything, she watched Edward jumped in the porch. 

Yivanna "...

"What the hell are you doing, Edward!" She was shocked by her brother's behaviour. 

"Hshh" Edward hushed her and took a deep breath, looking down. "God, that was tough!" He huffed in relief and then looked up at his sister. "I know you have lots of questions and I will answer them all. Don't worry.


"I can not do this, Edward! this can not be the only solution!" Yivanna stared at her brother in shock. 'He is not serious, is he!' She thought. 

Edward hold her by the shoulder "Listen Yivanna, you are my sister and as a twin, no one knows you better than me. And I know that you are not for dolling yourself up in some stupid regulations of Royals. You love being a free bird and you have your dreams. If you don't elope today, you will never become what you want in your life, Yivanna. Aunt Elizabeth will never let you. Take this as the only chance this life is giving you and run away for your life, for your dreams.

Yivanna jerked his hands from her shoulder, shaking her head vigorously "No! no! no! I can't do this! I only cannot think about myself! I have to think about you, Father and also for this country! How can I just be selfish! I will accept this marriage if that means peace for the country and future for you, Edward.

Edward took a deep breath and again hold her by the shoulder "Yivanna, look in my eyes." He asked sternly and Yivanna obliged. 

"See, this is your problem, Yiva. You never asked anything in return just do it without thinking of the consequences. You need to hold yourself up and be confident in yourself. As a brother, I want to protect you but being born in the country like Zerobia, if I need to protect you, I need to let you go, Yivanna.

Yivanna again shook her head, holding her brother's hand "No, Edward. I can not do this. Father will be broken and God knows how aunt will react. On top of that, what if Perobian people come for revenge? I can  not let this happen!

"Listen to me and this time I am talking to you as your elder brother. Maybe we are twins but I have come out in this world five minutes before you, Yiva. So, listen to me. This is the first and last time I am ordering you, run away from here, Yivanna. Start your life far away from this deserted island. Live your life and come back as the strong princess." He joined his forehead with her. "Always remember Yivanna, your brother will always be with you, doesn't matter how far I am from you.

Yivanna wiped away her streaming tears. She did not want to go. But, what Edward said was true too. If she wanted to take care of the country, she needed to be strong but not blindly obedient. But, how could she just leave like this! She shook her head "but, Edward...

Before she could say anything more, Edward stopped her. "No, Yivanna. You love me, right?" He asked seriously. 

She nodded her head. "Ofcourse, I love you.

"Then listen to me. Think about it, do you want our country to go under some other country? We will become as their unofficial slave if you accept this marriage. What they think will be helpful, in reality, that will destroy Zerobia more. Do you want this?

Yivanna stopped refuting his words. Because what he said makes sense. She looked up at her brother. "Then what about you, Edward? Can you handle this? My one step can create lots of troubles for you.

He cupped her cheeks. "You trust me, right?

She nodded "yes.

"Then trust my capability too. I can handle this. This will be not much tough than it will be if you marry the prince. So trust me. Go for your life, be strong and then come back. I will be waiting for the new Yivanna." With that he sealed his words with the brotherly kiss on her forehead. 

Yivanna sniffed and nodded her head firmly "I promise you, brother. I will become strong and come back by your side.

Edward smiled "That's my good girl.


"Is this really needed?!" Skylar whined in frustration while looking at herself in the mirror. She was wearing the clothes Edward bought for her. 

Edward nodded his head "Yes, this is needed." He said and put the highlighted wig on her head "You can not let anyone know, you are the Zerobian princess and ran away from home. With this disguise, no one could imagine your real identity. And never let anyone know your real identity before you grow strong as ever, okay?

Yivanna took a look at herself. She used to disguise herself as a boy and go out with her brother at night, escaping everyones eyes. She never knew, someday, this trick would become her identity. 

Handing the bag he prepared for her, Edward said. "Here are all the necessary things for you and amounts of cash. Siyerendell is one of the strongest countries in the world." He kissed on he head lovingly and caressed her hair. "Be a strong woman and then come back again. Brother will be waiting for you.

Yivanna nodded her head, trying to suppress her tears. "Never told anyone that you have helped me running away. Does not matter how hard the situation is. Promise me, Edward." She stretched her hand towards him. 

Edward nodded his head "I won't, don't worry." She hugged her brother tightly and then went out on the hidden road, both brother and sister find out behind the castle. Before leaving, Yivanna has left a note for her father. 


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