The life full of colours

'Life is like the white canvas. And it's us who has the power to made it colourful. After our mother gives birth to us, we started colouring it. Sometimes, we live life for others and sometimes for ourselves. When we live for others, Life seemed black and white. But, when it's us, we can see colours around us. And sometimes those colours proved wrong for us, but at least we can assure ourselves, does not matter if it's wrong, I have lived this life and I don't regret it. I will make it right next time. So, it always proves that the choice is ours.

'When I look back at my life, it never felt mine. I have only lived according to my aunt. I never did exist in myself. Until I take the wild decision to run away from home in searching for some colours in my life. But, paying a big price on the way. Yet, it still is me.

'In my life, the only support is my brother. Unlike my gurdians, he never stopped me from doing anything but encourage me. He is my only hope for living. If I go back to my country someday, it will be only for him. I hope, till then he also can fulfil his dream and duties.


Finally, Yivanna removed her hand gloves. Yes, she love to paint with her hands. This was her, a canvas in front, surrounded by various colours and her colourful messy gloves. She found her world in this place. 

She smiled brightly looking at her art. Like always she has poured her all emotions out in the white canvas, making it colourful. It's about her and her brother. Where one young little girl was trying to catch the colourful bubbles and her brother holding her up, so she could catch them. 

In her drawing, her sky was colourful and all the bubbles were holding each memories of their happy times. It was full of life. It only expressed, how she love her brother and miss him already. Her eyes were teary. 

Satisfied with her work, Yivanna turned to face the viewers, who were eagerly watching her in silence. Every pair of eyes were busy looking at her art piece. 

Nicolas was the first one to stand up from his seat and walked towards the painting. He kept watching it and then suddenly turned his gaze towards Yivanna "can you make my portrait?" He was so excited and trying hard to suppress it in his voice. 

Yivanna's eyes lit up brightly. The beautiful green shines as if it got her waited rain. She could do it! Even she could draw for the whole life, nonstop! (Well, that's how she feels). She Nodded her head and on another canvas, she started drawing his portrait. 

Her way of painting was very unique. She loves to create everything with her hands rather than paintbrushes. Like that she also draw herself with the painting. Yivanna lives in her paintings. Also, her everything was colourful. She made the portrait but, the face was colourful because in her life she wanted to paint the white canvas with her emotions. That's why everything was filled with colours and colours only. 

Nicolas was very happy watching his portrait. "Young man, you are so good and so unique, I must say." He praised and turned his gaze to Yivanna from the painting "did you take any professional courses?

Yivanna's bright eyes were deemed all of a sudden. She wanted to do it badly, but couldn't because of the strict life. She almost had to give up of her dreams. More precisely, because of her aunt. She shook her head sadly *no.

Nicolas nodded his head. "It's understandable. You have your basics and a rare way to do it. Now, you just need a professional touch and guidance. Then you will become untouchable!" He turned to Victor "what do you think?

Victor was only watching and finally, he stood up. He walked closer to the painting. 'This little boy is really amazing.' He praised her in mind. 

Victor also has some hobbies and weaknesses for great paintings. He was also a painter and learnt to paint professionally from his late grandmother. But, the fact is, he could not catch up with this little boy, that's how good his talent is! 'He has his unique way and it's God gifted.' He thought. Eventually, he nodded his head. 

He looked at Yivanna, who was eagerly watching him. 'This little boy has some hidden secrets inside him. I don't know why but I want to know all of that. His green eyes are very enchanting, but they were dull till he got the chance to paint. In that amount if time, his eyes were gleaming as if he got back to his dear life. Should I let him stay over? Yes, I will. Because, this time I want to see what he can do more along with knowing his secrets.

"Do you want to take a professional course for this?" Victor asked out of nowhere, locking his eyes with Yivanna. 


Yivanna splashed water a few times on her face nonstop. She looked at herself through the mirror. "Do you want to take a professional course?" She murmured to herself unbelievably. And again started splashing water on her face. 

She was so excited! And why not, The king of Meliheniya, practically offered her to take a professional course! She once again looked at herself through the mirror "Yes, of course! I want to! I really want to!" She almost screamed in happiness and quickly covered her mouth in realisation of mistake. 

She smiled brightly "Of course, I want to." She murmured and this time lowering her voice. She couldn't believe her ears when Victor offered to help her. And he didn't even want anything from her! How cool was that! 

"I don't know why he is doing this for me. Well, maybe Yivan is mute and he felt pity. If this is out of pity then also I don't care! As long as I can fulfil my dreams, I am happy! And as soon I can get hold of my dreams, become more strong and grown-up, I can go back to my country and stand beside my brother, as strong as him." She smiled brightly. 

On the other side, in Victor's office... 

"My lord, can I say something?" Maria asked. 

"Stop being sarcastic Maria, just say it," Dominique replied while going through the proposal of Perobia. 

Maria smiled and nodded her head. "Well, you are right." She sat down in front of him "Apart from our professional side, we are also friends from our college life. And in these years, I have never seen you go soft towards a stranger. Especially, when his appearance is suspicious. And you even offered him a professional guide! What are you trying to do!

Victor closed the file and adjusted the gold-rimmed glass on his nose while glancing up at her with his same cold and blank gaze. "I am not answerable to you and I know what I am doing.

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