Chapter 9

Nina P.O.V

“Take care Nina, Love you.” Ryan said as he hugs and kissed me all over my faces and lips. 

I couldn’t help but to chuckle a little bit.

“I love you too Ryan” I kissed him back one more time.

I waved at him as he left... ”Well, well, well, what do I have to do today… Uhmm…I thi-“ I feel sick, I quickly covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom.

I went straight to the toilet closet and throw-up. I wiped my lips but then I went to throw up again.

I stood up and flushed the closet.

“I have got a headache.” I washed my hands and went upstairs to my room.

I  think I’ve got some fever or something.. I thought to myself.

I quickly went to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth out. I need to get that vomit taste substance from my mouth.. I said irritated.

After I was done, I went straight to my bed and fell asleep in one go..

Author’s P.

Nina has been sleeping all day. It’s evening already.

Ryan texted her many times and called her a dozen times but she didn’t reply him. Ryan was getting very worried.

“Why is she not picking up my calls?” Ryan asked out loud.

His friend Chris was there and heard him right staring at him.

“Ryan, she might be probably somewhere out there or maybe her phone is battery dead.” Chris assured.

Ryan shook his head and said to him.

“Just drop the documents over there.

“Okay, we will meet you at your home okay.” Chris said.

Ryan just nodded his head as he hooped out of the office.

He got to the house in less that 25 minutes and got to the front door and knocked. But no one answered.. so he walked into the house revealing a pair of dogs barking. They wouldn’t shut up songs looked down at them straight in the eyes and his eyes turned black. The dogs went quiet and ran off. Ryan just smirked afterwards.

He continued to make his way to Nina’s room. He opens the door slowly and saw Nina’s Mother sitting there with a bucket and a towel.

“What’s wrong?” He asked walking in and closing the door behind.

“It’s you Ryan. Nina is not feeling well.” She replied as she lays a cloth on her forehead.

Ryan walked closer to Nina and saw her eyes closed and she had a sweaty pale face.

  “I sent for a doctor to come over, she will be in a jiffy. I just need you Ryan to wait here with her while I go down and wait for the doctor to come through.” Nina’s Mother said.

Ryan just nodded in response.

Nina’s Mother nodded and smiled at Ryan before she walked out of the room.

Ryan sat on the side of Nina’s bed and stared at her pale face.

“Hello love.” He whispers.

Nina tried to open her eyes slowly but it failed her, she tried to smiled as well but it failed her too.

Ryan knew that this was going to happen. That he was going to have a child with a human.


He is Naughty but not Human …

He is a Powerful Demon who is feared by many…

I will tell you more later.

Ryan told Nina to go back to sleep. He shut his eyes and held onto her hands.

  After a few seconds, he opened his eyes to see Nina’s face not pale and sweaty. He smiled and takes off the cloth on her forehead and kissed her 

Nina immediately woke up seeing Ryan in front of her.

“Ryannn? Hello” She smiled a big and hugged Ryan affectionately. “Hey sweetie, do you miss me huh?” He asked.

Nina still had her arms wrapped around Ryan’s neck. She unhooked it and stared at his eyes and smiled.

“I missed you very my.” She goes in again and kissed him passionately.

She noticed she wasn’t sick anymore.

“I feel fine now and not sick anymore… why is that?” She asked being curious, surprised and was getting suspicious already.

Ryan shrugged his shoulders.

Nina immediately shiver it off her mind and let it go when her Mom walked in with a doctor and some medical stuffs.

Nina looked at her. “Why is a doctor here and those stuffs with her why.. Nina asked her Mom.

Nina’s Mom looked at Nina, then to Ryan, then back at Nina again.

“Nina, you should take some rest you are seriously sick and I brought a doctor to check on that.” She replied being worried.

Nina shook her head negatively.

“No Mom, I’m so good now and I don’t feel sick anymore.” Nina said smiling at her Mom.

“Well, that’s good then but… but… we still need to check up on you to avoid other occurrences next time.” Nina’s Mom said as she sat next to Ryan and spoke.

“She’s still young to me. We need to check if she’s pregnant or not.”  Nina’s Mom added.

Ryan sighed because he knew everything. Way back before they met him or even knew about him..


Back then Ryan was still a teenager at around 12 years old when he was still staying with his family. He saw once a girl that walked pass him and immediately he felt I love with her at first sight. With time they became close and best friends. 

“Hey friend, promise me that when you  we get older and become adults we will get married and have our kids together even though you are not human I don’t care… Promise Me.” The little girl said.

“Ryan smiled and looked down to the ground. He stared back at her and nods his head. “I promise.

The next day Ryan went to the little girl’s house which he recently found out her name was Nina but she was no where to be found. The house was empty. 

“Nina where are you, where did you go! He shouted but instead his dad pops out from behind to hell knows where and said, “ I sent her and her mother away and I also erased her memories if you both, and her knowing that people like you exist in this world. No one is meant to know about us or our family. But, you stupid son of mine let the cat out of bag with that big mouth of yours …. Don’t you know it’s dangerous huh…”

Ryan got so pissed off and angry. 

Immediately, some super energic powers  popped out of his body and destroyed everything that was close by in the house.

“Ryan.” His Dad yelled.

“Dad, why did you do that for huh..

You knew I loved her! She is everything to me and want! I will find her, I must and I will own her! I will look where she is and stays and get her back to me.” Ryan said as he growled angrily.

“You won’t find her Ryan.” His dad smirks at him.

 Ryan picked up a knife. I hate you!” Ryan’s eyes went black.

“What? Are you gonna kill me huh?” His father laughs

Which really passed the 12 year old Ryan. Then his sister senior came down.

 “What’s going on here? R-Ryan are you okay”. His sister tried calming him down. But his dad grabbed a hold of his sister.

 “Put it down or she dies.” His dad threatened.

Ryan put it down please” his sister please.

 “Get away from her! I will kill you if anything happens to my sister!” Ryan runs towards his father but his father has already pierced his hands through his Sister’s chest.

He was holding her heart.

 Ryan Senior sister had a tear drop fall. Ryan yelled.

“Noooooooooo.” He runs to her and hugs her. He tried to bring her back to life but he failed.

 His powers were on a low level at that time.

 “Yooouuuuuuu… I will certainly get back to you.” Ryan said to his father.

 **** End of Flashback ****




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