Chapter 6

The next morning I woke up. I looked down and saw I was in a white oversized shirt and black socks.

I tapped my forehead. I turned to my side and saw Ryan’s back facing me. He was shirtless and his wide broad shoulders looked so sexy.

I then came back from my dreamland when it occurred to me what had happened last night.

“Freaking Shit” I cursed under my breath. What if I get pregnant?

I’m too young for that. What if My Mother finds out. I thought

Wait, I didn’t inform her that I was leaving the house early yesterday.

Oh boy, I’m so dead.

I panicked and tried looking for my phone. It was beside Ryan’s drawer. I got down from the bed slowly and quietly trying not to wake Ryan up.

As soon as I got to stand up from the the bed, I tripped and fell. “Oh Shit” I cursed under my breath and looked down. It hurts…. I mean under my ****.

I heard him chuckle. I turned to my left and saw him staring at me while smirking.

“Was I too rough on you Last night huh?” Ryan asked.

Well no jackass, We had 6 rounds before daybreak.

“And whose fault is that?” He asked.

“Huh, what?” I asked. What are…--

“I need to call my mother” I said.

He shook his head. “I already texted her saying you were at your girlfriend’s house that you just made a new friend. She says it was fine.” He grins.

I breathed in a sigh of relief and rolled my eyes at him.

“Come here baby” Ryan said.

“Hey, I’m not a baby!” I tell him.

“Yes, you are my baby” he got out the bed and pulls me into his warm embrace.

“What is this for?” I asked him.

“I just wanted to hug you right now so that you won’t run away.” Ryan smiled. He laid his right cheek on my head.

I hugged him back and smiled.

I’m kinda feeling emotional right after I remembered what just happened throughout yesterday. I’m kinda afraid that I would get hurt in the end.

After the warm hug I received from Ryan.

I went to the bathroom and took a quick look at myself in the mirror.

“Oh my G! His **** is huge” I whispered and sighed afterwards.

“I have to make sure mom doesn’t find out about this.

I shook my head in agreement to what I just said and walked out.

With this new feeling I have recently, I feel that I’m already attached to Ryan now after what had happened last….

I heard Ryan sigh. “What’s wrong?” Ryan suddenly asked.

I nodded my head negatively and said,” Nothing. I have to be on my way to the house now and Thanks, for letting me sleepover in your house, I.. I had f.. f.. fun.” I lied even though I was snot supposed to.

I got out of Ryan’s house and headed to my house.

I opened the door slowly and found out that Mom got us a dog each yesterday. 

“It’s Seems that Mom is not home. She might have gone to work.” I thought as I walked into the house.

My Lil-sis walked up to kitchen to get something I think when I was heading upstairs but she didn’t get to see me come inside the house.

I sigh in relief. I went upstairs to my room and my sister immediately walked in.

“Where do you think you are coming from? Lena asked

“A boy’s house, I guess… Already?” But we just got here few days ago and you already found a guy Ninnnaaa?” My sister asked with a straight face 

“Uhmm, Nina is that a hickey on your neck? Have you guys done it already?!” She yelled this time.

I quickly covered her mouth.

“No shut up Lena, we didn’t. we only made out that’s all.” I lied.

She nodded her head.

“Is he handsome? Who is he? What does he do? What does he look like? Is he a rich dude?” Lena kept asking me all these questions.

I stared at her ready to answer all the bombarded questions she gave to me earlier but she continued smiling.

I chuckled and answered all her questions one after the other.

She gasped as soon as I mentioned he was the our next door neighbor.

I sigh while looking at my stomach. I’m starting to get really nervous and worried already.

All these thoughts are running wild in my mind like a wildfire.

We fucking didn’t use any Protection!

I just had to lie to my sister that I only slept over with his girly sibling after watching a movie last night.

“Please don’t let Mum know about this okay Or else she will start nagging at him anytime she comes across him.” I tell her.

“Huh, I’m I stupid, A rich dude, he owns a company, he is tall, handsome, cute, rude, nice, has a brother and expect me to let Mom know about it. Hell No.. I’m letting know ‘cos you just found yourself very lucky Sis.” Lena said smiling widely from ear to ear.

“But Sis, I must say, don’t get hurt okay.” My Lil-sis warns Me.

I punched her lightly and laughed.

“You are only 16 years old what do you know?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, l have had so many boyfriends and experiences in relationship stuffs aside from sex, I’m not ready for that yet.” Lena said so confidently.

I was shocked. “Wow, that’s good Lil-sis, don’t think of having to do that until you over 18 years old ok.” I tell her.

Hypocritical Nina … I said to myself.

As the day went by without seeing Ryan, I was missing him already.

I went over to my closet to dress up. I made sure I covered the hickeys so as to avoid Mom from seeing them.

“Hello Mom” I said as I kissed her on the cheeks. 

“Hi darling, where is your little sister?” She asked while taking a sip of her wine.

“I don’t know where she is. Mom, can I have some of the wine with you?” I asked. She nodded her head in response.

“I don’t think you will like it ‘cos they are strong alcoholic drink. Since it is your first time drinking I will let choose whatever drink you prefer in the bar.” My Mom said smiling and winking at me.

“Mom are you sure, you want me to drink huh?” I asked Mom loudly to be sure she heard her words correctly to me.

“She nodded her head in response and smiled.

“Of course, sweetie.” She said.

I nodded my head and decided to have Spirit Alcoholic drink.

“Ohh Ninnnnnaaaa, going for the strong ones huh?” She asked in stupor.

I chuckled and nodded my head.

“Should we do sots first? It’s your first time and we are gonna have fun.

Play some music.” She told Me.

I nodded my head feeling weird and worried about this.

I turned on the audio speaker loudly and played “Unstoppable  by Sia.

I’ll smile, I know what it takes to fool this town.

I’ll do it ‘til the sun goes down and all through the night time.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

I’ll tell you what you wanna hear

Keep my sunglasses on while I shed a tear.

It’s never the right time 

Yeah, yeah

I put my  armor on

Show you how strong I am

I put my armor on,

I’ll show you that I am

I’m Unstoppable, I’m a Porsche with no brakes.

I’m invisible, I win every single game.

I’m so Powerful, I don’t need batteries to play.

I’m so confident, I’m Unstoppable today.

Unstoppable Today………….




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