Chapter 2

The Sun was shining mildly, the birds around were chirping and trees swaying.

And I literally, thought that it was gonna rain today but I’m out here tryna find a grocery store to find some food or junk foods to satisfy this  hunger of Mine.. ‘Cos, I’m damn famished already.

Gosh, I think I’m gonna ask Mom to get  me a license pretty soon.. It’s so damn hard to walk for so long especially, when you are so god damn Hungry.

And already, the mild sun is already leaving it’s rightful place and I thought so indeed

. “It’s gonna rain soon”. I said as I saw the clouds changing as black clouds were rolling in already.

I increased my pace feeling sad because of the hunger within me is not taking it likely with Me. As I walked passed a certain house close to the neighborhood, I heard a call from the other end of the house.

I turned around and saw a middle aged woman, I think she can be in her late 40s or so…I guess.

I waved a hand at her signifying the word Hello which indeed wasn’t audible..

She didn’t respond to that instead, she called me over to her. And I raised an eyebrow at that…But still approved her calling anyway..

You know I’m a gentle-girl but in a most jackass-weird way.

I slowly walked over towards her and greeted audibly this time. 

“Good day Ma’am”. I said and gave her a light smile.

The middle-aged woman smiled back at me and said.

It’s seems you are new here, did you or your family moved in here recently huh..” she asked.

I nodded my head in reply.

“Wow… that’s good, welcome to the neighborhood. Would you like to come in at least get something to eat?” The middle aged woman said with a smile.

Oh my, did she just say Food and Eat… That two words is NOT going to leave here without me devouring  them.. I thought as I nodded my head in embrassment.

“Oh great, C’mon in then!” she cheered while pulling me to her. I looked around the interior of the house and I was like Woah…. It’s so beautiful.

Or I’m sorry, it’s a slip of the tongue… I mean to say, ”it’s so so heavenly, beautiful was an understatement J”. I said while fighting battle with brain and mind.

We got inside the house and she lead me to the kitchen. I sat down at the table while she goes into to the refrigerator to get a glass of Juice for me.

She gave it to me …I smiled and thanked her after I collected it.

“The girls will bring the food over to you in a jiffy”. The middle aged woman said to me as she sat across me and smiled.

Whilst in the main time, just to kill the boredom. I and the woman talked at length…She mentioned her loved ones and her son.

“This is my Son’s house. He lives alone”. She said to me.

I was shocked. And decided to ask, “How old is your Son Ma’am?”. I asked feeling weird for me asking that..

“He’s about…..” she was interrupted by a male husky voice that echoed around the house.

Then, a tall handsome hot male figure came into view from behind the wall.

I was like wow… he’s so cute ;)

“Who is she Mom?” the male voice asked.

“She’s your next door neighbor that just moved in today.

I saw her taking a stroll, so I decided to invite her over to the house to have a meal”. The middle aged woman explained in smiles.

  I decided to introduce myself to him to break the awkward moment already..

“Hello, my name is Nina. I’m sorry to….-“. 

“Mother, I don’t freaking like strangers in my house and I have told you this severally”. He interrupted me rudely.

“She didn’t have my permission before coming in.” he said to his Mother and then turned to me and said, ”Get out of my property miss”. He said rudely.

His arms were crossed and he has an angry looking face on him.

  I was getting pissed off of the situation already but I had to endure it for a while.. He so gonna have me to contend with.

“Uhmm….I’m sorry Si….r for coming in your property without your permission”. I said as I stressed to word Sir for him to hear that.

And I turned over to his mom,” Thank you Ma’am for letting me come over for a little chat and refreshment”, I said with a smile and grabbed my mobile phone heading out of the rude guy’s property.

As I was walking pass the rude guy, I stared at in disgust and tusked.

And him noticing that tripped me in the process.

“Gosh, this guy is just a rude animal”..

I noticed that his Mom was not happy about her Son’s behavior. She just headed to the kitchen instead.

I noticed her leaving, then I turned back to the rude guy direction and kicked him in between his legs.

“Fuck”. He cursed while rubbing his ****.

He glared at me in shock and yelled at me. 

“Hey, what the fuck”.. 

I heard him yell.

And I ignored him totally not without him a Fuck you symbol..

I don’t take Shit from anybody..

Who the hell does he think he is anyways..I asked no one in question.

As I left the premises feeling proud of myself.



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