Chapter 1

Nina P.O.V

My name is Nina, I’m the First daughter and Child of my Mom and I have a little sister too.

I’m 20 years of age.

My Mom is a Fashion designer.

I, my little sis and Mom are relocating to our new home in New York city after Mom got a new contract in a Fashion Industry.

Mom earns lot of cash from that though.

But, what she doesn’t know is that the kids she gave birth to are totally assholes.

Yes, I meant what I just said. We are.



Gosh, I can’t fucking wait to get the hell outta here. I said  while turning to my right and saw my Little sister grinning widely at her mobile phone.

“What are you smiling at ?” I asked Lena.

“I’m grinning at this scumbag of a boyfriend telling me some funny chats over the phone. But, he doesn’t freaking know that I’m breaking up with him tonight”.

“What the Fuck…You’re so heartless girl”.

“Oh yes big Sis, I am even dialing his digits right away to tell him the good news of the Break up”. Lena said to me.

I just rolled my eyes at her and turned over to the other side of the car and put on my Bluetooth to avoid hearing my Lil-sis and her break up news..

I slept off for awhile until I felt a hand tapping me up..

I groaned and opened my eyes. “Are we here already?” I asked looking at me sister  “Shit... Nooo Sissy we are just descending to earth”. She said sarcastically while swearing the word Shit…and….Fuck.

I Immediately took off my shoe and spanked at her.

“Ouch.. Sis!Mother!” She yelled while whining in pain.

“Don’t use a swear word at me kid.. I’m your older Sister you know”. I said while putting my shoes back on.

“Don’t involve me into this Lena”. I heard my mother say 

My Sister ignored her and starting staring at me with weird looks.

I left her after giving her a face that says,” I don’t give a fuck” and walked over to the house.

It was a newly built house that is well furnished and decorated to our taste.

  I turned to my Mom’s direction and asked,” Mom, where you the one that arranged this?”.

“Uhmm.. yep, isn’t it obvious”. She replied as she rolled her eyes at me and left to another part of the house.

Hehe, now you all now understand where I and my Lil-sis got our attitude from… My Mom is the master minder..

I rolled my eyes too and chuckled.

My little sister was already running around the house and ran upstairs to choose a room for herself, I guess.

“Gosh, weird family indeed” I groaned.

I went straight to the kitchen. ‘Cos I was already famished  from the long journey.

“I opened the refrigerator and there was no food in it.

Argh.. good No freak’in water or drinks either. I sighed in disappointment.

I looked around once again and I must say, this house is way more comfortable than the recent one we relocated from. Well I would say, this is our first official apartment we have moved into after some many years.. ’Cos this house is sooo Big…

Probably, I could call it a Mansion.

I walked over to the front door heading outside the house and yelled, ”Mom I’m going out for a walk, will be back soon”.

I couldn’t wait for Mom to reply, I just took up my Black skinning Jacket.

I opened the front gate and started taking a stroll to god knows where.

I looked around the environment and saw a lot of houses surrounding my Place with a lot of beautiful natural scerenio around it too…




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