Chapter 5

Nina P.O.V

After, we were done eating. Ryan removed his hand from my honey pot atlas and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness, It is over now”. I muttered.

Everyone stood up to leave and I followed with Ryan behind me… he so close. Jackass.

“Nina is coming with me”. Ryan said to his brother and his friends as he pulled my arm towards him.

“Okay…. Then, Bye Ryan…Bye Nina, it’s nice meeting you”. The said guys said as they waved at me and Ryan.

“I smiled and waved back.

It was a long ride home.
I was so embarrassed and weird right now.

I can’t believe he did that to me while we were with his brother and friend… Geeezz.

I decided to break the awkward silence between us.

“Your friends are so nice”. I said

“Yea, they are” Ryan replied.

“And your brother look handsome and nice too”. I said with confidence.

Ryan laughed at that. “Yeah, we both got that look from out mother”.

I’m pretty sure your dad is handsome too is he not?” I asked.

He was quiet and didn’t reply to my question.

“I despise him so much” Ryan cursed suddenly.

“Woah, why is that?”. I asked.

“It’s nothing to worry about okay”. Ryan said to me.

I looked at him and nodded in response.

Wow, his face is so hot, cute and more handsome…When he has his eyebrows furrowed. That was so sexy… Why the hell am I noticing that today huh?  I muttered and Ryan smirked in Response.

I noticed and looked away quickly .

He then put his left hand on my thighs. He rubbed his hand on them and I was aroused by his touch. 

“Ryan get you hands off me”. I pushed his hand off but he returned it back on to where he was.

“I know you like it, so don’t hide it”. AI looked up and met Ryan’s gaze.

That sexy look in his eyes is killing me slowly. I just let him have his way.

Mmmm… I tried to hide my moans..

In less than twenty minutes, we arrived the neighborhood and I hopped out of his car.

“Thank you, I should back home now”. I said and was about to walk away when he stopped me.

“Why, don’t you come inside?”. Ryan asked.

“huh…I remember you made it clear in front of your mom that I shouldn’t come close to your property….Why now?” I asked him trying to act tough this time.

“Uhmmm… I’m sorry about okay. Please forgive me…I just don’t know what came over me that..”. Ryan said.

I was shocked and hesitant at the same time..

The almighty Ryan Gordon, the real owner and chairman of Gordon Group of Company, the rude jackass begging me and at the same time apologizing in broad day light… Oh…Mehn…This is indeed very weird.

I decided to accept his apologies and went inside with him.




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