Chapter 4


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The Chapter contains Adult contents..

This Chapter contains a little **** at the End

  I tried to appear confident and gave the introduction my all…

Then I was applauded for that.

After everyone had finished their introduction..

We were all asked to come forward on the stage.

“OK, we the officials have seen all your performances and we have decided on picking out this e that will be leaving and those that will staying with us..

Contestant 1001, Contestant 1676, Contestant 1237, Contestant 3702, 1403, 2454, 4003, and Contestant 2463. 

Congratulations to you girls you all well be staying with us …the rest of the girls will be going back home but that also with a packages for each of you..

And good job to the rest of you who competed, better luck next time”. The MC said as all the five officials stood from their seats to leave.

Then the guy who is Jane’s cousin walked towards me and complimented as I walked off the stage, “You were really cool back there and you did great, I’m happy I chose you. I’m looking forward to see more ‘cos you’ve got rare potentials in you. Yea, I will need you to come with me to my office and sign some documents”. He said with a smile as he winked and eye at me.

I blushed when I saw that. “Thank you”.

“Uhmm…Do have to follow you know or later in the day”. I asked praying that he says No… so that I run away from that rude asshole ‘Ryan’. While I was competing on stage…he was just there on his seat staring his eye daggers at me… If eyes could kill I would have been dead by now.. Because, his lovely cute eyes were killing me softly..

He chuckled bringing back from my thoughts and said, “Of Course, Now is the right time for that, the faster we sign the papers the quicker we are out of here”.

“Pheww..” I heaved a sigh of relief at least he just read my mind. 

Nina just sign the documents after you are so outta here. I said to myself.

And yes, that reminds me …We will be going out to have lunch, do you want to come with us huh?”. He asked further.

  Boom !My plan to get out of here is coming to jeopardy.

Ohh…kk this is weird, why the fuck will he ask me if I was going to lunch with him. When we both know it is mandatory for the winners to got out for a little party of victory but in my case... It’s seems he needed me to give him permission to ask. This is so awkward.

But, at least I’m getting a FREE FOOD. I thought to myself.


“Do I have to pay? ‘Cos I kinda spent my last penny on me for my coffee and cupcakes this morning”. I told him.

He laughed and shook his head.

“No, it’s on us the officials. C’mon let’s go”. He said as he pulled me with him.

This is definitely so weird.

“Uhmm…Sir, won’t this people get mad, angry or something if they see me with you or someone else going to lunch with you guys instead of wearing partying alone? I asked awkwardly.

“Nope” he shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh boy, I’m so dead” I sighed.

“Why is she following us?
Ryan asked.

Since he was standing very close to me, I took the advantage and gave a hard punch on his stomach.

“Ouch…YOU”. He whispered angrily.

And I was like, ”What is it Sir” I acted innocently like nothing happened. He tusked instead.

We arrived at the front of a very massive yet expensive and beautiful restaurant.

I was amazed by the scenario

“Wow” was all I could say.

We went to a private room and there were a lot of Foods of different varieties arranged and set on the round table. Everyone sat down.

I was a bit uncomfortable be a injustice freaking realized that was the only female in the room.

Oh my goodness, just because of FOOD I had to follow the weird looking guys to this place”. What was I thinking Ninaaa, think fast and well on what to do..

Ahh haa.. I think I have gotten what to do.. ”Nina all you have to do is  just EAT as must FOOD as you like ‘cos IT’S FREE”. I said to myself battling with the brain of mine.

I sat down between Ryan and the other guy that brought me to the company and here whose name is still unknown to me.

I decided to introduce myself once again to clear the awkward moment I feel inside of me being the only girl.

“Hi my name is Nina Jones, sorry to be eating here with you guys without due permission from everyone. Please, forgive me. I sat back on my seat and took a sip from my drink after the long silence I received from the room.

   I heard Ryan chuckle afterwards. I stared at him and chuckled as well. Hmm.., I think I’m kinda getting close to this Ryan of a guy without him noticing despite his temperament and his smart but jackass attitude.

Whilst everyone was eating. 

Ryan looked at me and said,” Let me introduce you to them all”.

“This is Scott” he said as he pointed to the guy that brought to the company earlier today.

“Oh…kk, so that’s his name Scott”. I muttered.

“That’s Chris, next to him is Jeff and the beside him is Sam.

Scott is my younger brother and the rest here are my friends and the officials in the company.” Ryan concluded.

I choked on my drink at that.

“Miss Nina, are you OK?”. Scott asked as he tried helping me.

“Uhmm…y-yeah, I-I’m fine thank you”. I  said as I gulped down a cup of water before settling down. 

Ryan laughed at me..

“Hey, don’t laugh at me

I would have died for that. I admitted feeling angry for Ryan laughing at me.. I was exaggerating a little bit.

I saw everyone laughing at my little clumsiness.

Ryan rolled his eyes at which I always find that appealing and cute to me.

“Y-you’re Ryan brother huh.. I asked out of nowhere.

“Yeah, I am”. Scott replied with a smile.

“Wow.. you’re all his friends?” I asked further to the other guys”.

They all nodded in response.

“And we are also Ryan’s partner in the company”. Chris added smiling at me too.

“Wow..”. I smiled back at him

“Nice to meet you all”. I greeted once again.

“Uhmm…Scott, How you are so kind and nice and your Brother Ryan is an asshole? I swore. 

“Whooped. I covered my mouth after realizing what I just said.

“hehe... With time you will get to know us better”. Scott replied in smiles.

  Wow, it’s the Scott of a guy is a smile addict. ‘Cos he love smiling a lot which I just noticed today.. 

But you see that jackass called Ryan…phewff.. I will not talk about him today. I said to myself.

I felt Ryan put his hands in my thigh and squeeze it.

“Ouch” I winced as I looked at him.

I eyed Ryan down to get him to get  hands off me.

He smirked instead.

“You are such a bitch” I whispered to him.

“So what?” Ryan whispered back in reply.

Gosh, this guy is just so stupid.

“Get your hands off me”. I whisper to him again but he doesn’t seem to listen to me.

“Fine”. I punch him on his thigh but he didn’t budge.

WTF. Was he pretending that it hurts him the last time I punch him? I asked myself.

Because, I certainly believe that there was no difference between the punch I gave him and last.

I furrowed my eyebrows.

And the way his thigh felt... They are some so hard and big. Oh my G…that sounded wrong and weird too.

Eww… Nina what are you thinking… Gross. I muttered.

Ryan just  chuckled. So I let him be.

Then his hand started to caress my thigh.

What the Fuck…! 

I wanted to scream but it felt so good.

Shit, I’m so becoming bad because of this asshole…

I started eating some food and listening to the boys discussion.

The feeling was getting hotter and Ryan was not taking it likely with me either.

I don’t know what came over me but I was feeling weird and impatient at the same time.

I wanted him to do more… I admit it hurts  but it also felt so good. Curse this asshole… 

He is just a Naughty Dude but look so innocent on the outside..

He pace got faster and faster, he then went slow in  torturous way and went deep.

Oh my….It—i..t fe…els so good.

I then gave a laugh out of nowhere to hide my embarrassment and moans.

“What is funny?” I shook my head and stopped.

“Nina, your face is turned red already are you okay?”. I assumed the guy’s name is Sam asked.

I shook my head in reply that I’m fine uncontrollably trying to hide my moans.

I covered my mouth a coughed a little.

I noticed Ryan chuckling. 

“I need to get out of here”. I said suddenly and everybody looked at me again.

I smiled and then continued to eat to avoid the gazes…

While eating and taking in a deep breath..


The asshole then added another finger in my honeypot and the bitch doesn’t know that I have never fingered myself before and that I’M A fucking VIRGIN…


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