Chapter 10

πŸ”ž ⚠ WARNING ⚠ πŸ”ž

The Chapter contains Adult content..

**** Ryan P.O.V ****

My father took away my first love, sent away my Mom and now he killed My only Sister. You had no idea how I want to kill my father.

I looked at Nina and smiled.

“Okay Miss Nina, I will just need to give you this.” The lady said.

Nina nodded her head and followed through on what she has to do.

Me and her Mother just sit aside and wait for the results.

After a few minutes or so the Lady doctor give the results.

“Congratulations, it seems that you are pregnant. With twins.” The doctor said smiling.

I saw the worried expression on Nina’s face.

“T.. T-twins?” She asked shocked of the news.

I went to Nina and held her hands.

“Babe it’s ok, it gonna be alright.” I lied because she might go through this pregnancy well. It might end up killing her. 

My human Lover is pregnant and I’m not even a human to feel that she might die in the process.. Gosh..

“You can come to the hospital in about a few more weeks and find out the gender of the kids in there.” The lady nurse I think says smiling.

I could tell Nina wanted to cry.

“I’m still young to have kids right now.” She cried quietly.

Her Mother is talking to the doctor. She came over to me and Nina.

“It’s alright sweetie. Mother is by your side on this ok. I love you darling. I think I should let you tell discuss what your plans are for the future especially now.” Nina mother said as she puts her hand on my shoulder and smiled at both of us..

“Thank you Mrs..” Nina mother interrupted me.

“You can call me Mother as well.” She said smiling and kissed the both of us on the forehead before exiting the room.

Nina turned around away from me crying. I sighed

I shuffled myself under the blanket with her. I cuddled her and kissed her on her neck.

“Sweetie don’t be sad. You don’t have to do anything. I will surely provide all that is needed for out family that we are about to have soon.” I whispered to her.

She stayed quiet for awhile but the tears in her eyes was still falling.

“I love you so much ok l, nothing will or can change that.” I said and kissed her forehead before deciding to sleep close to her.

She is carrying my kids.. 

The kids of the Powerful demon..

**** Nina’s P.O.V ****

I think he fell asleep. I sighed and wiped the tears off my eyes. 

I really do love Ryan.

But Me having twins at this stage is not what I imagined my future to be like. 

I thought that by this stage I would have been in college or starting up a new business or so.

I guess in this life you ought face or expect the unexpected.

I grabbed Ryan’s hand and pecked him before drooling off to sleep.

Few hours later, I woke up suddenly feeling very horny.

“What the Fuck, do I feel like this…” I thought to myself.

I turned to my side of the bed and saw Ryan sleeping beside me but facing backward.

I immediately climbed over to him and put my legs on each of his side.

I smirked while taking my clothes off.

I started kissing Ryan neck softly giving him a hickey while taking off my bra as well and kissing him all over his face to the down part.

I lifted his shirt up and traced his abs with my tongue.

I looked up to see that Ryan flinched a little to what I did.

He then opened his eyes and stared down at me.

I smirked and pulled his pants down a bit and sucked on him.

“Ohh my Fuck … Babe” he moans while putting his hand on my hair.

This made me zip his pants down further making me suck deeper.

I gagged and moaned at the same. I bobbed my head faster l and faster and deeper making Ryan moan messy – lessly.

He then cum into my mouth. ‘Cos I didn’t want to stop.. I licked it up and swallowed it.

“Ride me in Babe.” Ryan said getting impatient.

“Of my king, I will gladly do so.” I smirked and moved my panties to the side of his little Ryan.

I slid myself down on him and moaned.

Mmm…. So harrrrrddddd.

I started moving my hips with Ryan’s helping hands which were gripping on my waist.

“Move in Faster babe.” Ryan said as he closes his eyes and bit his lower lip.

I leaned down while still riding on him and made out with him.

“Mmm.” I moaned during the kiss. 

He smirked.

Ryan then flipped over to me …

Right now I’m laying on the bed and he is on top of me.

“Gosh… girl you made me hard on and you are paying for that ok.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Ryan spread my legs and plunges into me. 

It was Haaarrrddddd… Agaiinnnn..