Chapter 8

The sky was painted with stars making a beautiful sight to see. Curtains were flowing with the light breeze coming through the window.

She was staring at ceiling above, lost in her thoughts. Sleep was miles away from her eyes. The moon was peeking through the window at the beauty who was lying in the bed. Her skin was glistening with delicate moon light. Hair sprawled all over the pillow. Deep in thoughts.

She didn't even know what to do. She was lost. She was so helpless, with whom could she share her feelings. Her baba? No, how could she talk to him, how could she tell him that his daughter is married. She is married. She lied to him. She betrayed him. How could she do that. How could she tell him that she can't marry Zawar because she's already married to a man whom she doesn't even know. Just his name JAHANGIR. That's all she knew about him.

A tear left her eye and travelled down her face to her neck. She never felt so helpless in her life. She was missing her mother dearly. Maybe if she was alive i could have talked to her. If she would have been alive i wouldn't be so alone. A thought came and then left. She smiled painfully on her state.

The soft ringtone of her phone grabbed her attention. She placed the phone to her ear and answered without seeing the caller's id.


She whispered not breaking the silence around her.

" تمہیں ہی تو میسر ہوں میں

ورنہ زمانہ ہے طلبگار میرا. "

His deep voice filled her ears, scattering a melody around her. She sucked in a breath and closed her eyes. His voice had an affect on her that she couldn't explain. She didn't wanted to feel anything for this man but her body and heart was out of control, it was like they had their own mind.


( Is that you?)

She asked trying to sound like she didn't recognize him.

"Haan mai "

( Yeah it's me)

His husky voice filled her ears again. He smiled on the other knowing her too well, he knew she was faking ignorance.

"You're still awake. Kahin mujhay yaad to nahi kar rahi thi "

( You're still awake. Were you missing me?)

"Mai bhala apko kiyu yaad karun gi"

( Why will i miss you?)

"Biwi ho meri"

( You're my wife)

He said with a hint of possessiveness in his voice and she shuddered.

"Zabardasti nikkah kiya hai apna"

( You forcefully married me)

She said her voice sounding wet, a lump formed in her throat. Everything came rushing back in her mind. The Nikkah. Zawar's Proposal. She was trying to hold it in but a sob racked out of her. Her body trembling as she broke down slowly.

He cursed under his breath hearing her cry. He didn't wanted her upset. He never did. His plan was not to force but that was the only way.

"Shushh chup kar jao meri jaan "

He pleaded, pain in his voice could be heard.

"Marwa agar tum khamosh na hoi to mai wahan ajaon ga "

( If you don't stop crying I'll come over)

He warned her, she sat up abruptly on the bed, her chiffon dupatta fell off from her shoulder baring her neck and collar bones, the light falling on her made them stand out. She was wearing simple shalwar kameez.

" Aap aisa kuch nahi karay ge "

( You will not do anything like that)

"Agar tum ne rona band na kiya to mai aisa hi karun ga, aur mai jo chahta hun wo kar ke rehta hun "

( If you don't stop crying I'll do exactly that and you know i always do what i want)

He told her, warning her silently to do what he said.

"Han ye mai achay se jaanti hun apka jo dil karta hai ap wahi kartay hein, chahy us se kisi ki zindagi hi kiyu na barbad ho jaye "

( Yeah i know that, you do exactly what your heart says, even if it jeopardise someone's life)

She spoke smiling bitterly, her smile was a painful one. Showcasing the pain she held within.

His nostrils flared hearing that, this girl was making him go crazy. He couldn't even control his emotions when it came to her. He went from haapy to angry in a second. He pinched the bridge of his nose amd exhaled slowly. He didn't wanted to upset her further by saying anything hurtful, but his mind was yelling to go and tell this girl to whom she was talking to.

" You're not in your senses, we'll talk later. Goodnight "

The beep sounded with that she threw her phone on the floor. She wrapped her arms around herself, laid down and cried herself to sleep.

She was woken up by the sun light striking through the curtains

She was woken up by the sun light striking through the curtains. She sat up and massaged her head with hands, her head was aching badly. She felt the tiredness seeping through her body.

Last night flashed in her mind, his voice echoing around her. She shuddered remembering him. She collected her weak self and went in washroom. After taking a shower she felt relaxed, getting ready she came down and went in the kitchen where Salma was preparing breakfast.

"Baba kahan hein Salma?"

( Where is Baba Salma?)

She asked her and opened the fridge taking out a water bottle she grabbed a glass from the cabinet and poured some water, gulping it down she felt how parched her throat was.

"Wo kahin bahar gaye hein"

( He went out) she said and placed the breakfast on the table.



Marwa sat down and started eating, when she was done she got up and picked her bag and left for university.


They were sitting in canteen Dua was talking about some novel in which the boy kidnaps the girl he loves.

"Uff yaar, kash mujhay bhi koi yun utha kar le jaye "

( I wish someone kidnaps me like that)

She sighed dreamily. Marwa was watching her with noisome glance. She wanted to shout at her to stop talking, the thing her friend wanted was atrocious. It ruins your Izzat in front of everyone. It can make you suspicious in everyone's eyes.

"Hayee Marwa kab aye ga meray khawabo ka shehzada mujhay churane ke liye "

( When he'll come, the prince of my dreams to take me away)

"Bakwas band karo, aur chalo utho we're getting late for class "

Marwa shouted at her with annoyance, she got up and started to walk towards her class.

Dua frowned, she was shocked at her behavior. Marwa never talked in loud voice but today she shouted at her. Strange, she thought and then practically ran from canteen when she saw the time on her watch.

She was in her room, her books were sprawled all over her bed, her dupatta was half on the bed and half was hanging down

She was in her room, her books were sprawled all over her bed, her dupatta was half on the bed and half was hanging down. She was wearing lilac coloured Kurta Shalwar. Her hair was open and flowed over her back. She was biting her bottom lip, pencil in one hand she was writing an essay about Women Empowerment, the irony. She thought about herself, she is also a women. But she classed herself a weak one. She couldn't fight for herself. And here she was writing how to fight for your right.

The phone beeped, her hand stopped, she picked it up and saw the message. It was him. He wanted her to feel the depth of his ishq.

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