Chapter 6

She was standing outside her University gate waiting for her driver. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, her face had gotten red like a tomato the scroching heat was unbearable for her.

"Where is he?" she mumbled while looking around in hope of seeing her driver.

A black car stopped in front of her one which she was very familiar with. A man came out from the car and stepped in front of her he took out his phone and handed it to her, she reluctantly took the phone and placed it to her ear.

"By now you should have gotten an idea of what I can do if someone don't listen to me. "

A voice snapped in the phone followed by a deep silence making her hold on to her breath, swallowing sharply Marwa glanced at the man who was now sitting in the car to give her some privacy.

"Why are you doing this?"

She cleared her throat trying to sound confident but failing miserably.

"Oh darling "

He chuckled, it felt like he was mocking her.

"That's my personal chauffeur he's there to pick you up, without any ado get in the car, i am a very busy man Marwa don't make me wait."

She was standing there looking like a statue so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear the chauffeur calling her, he waved his hand in front of her face and she looked towards him her face became stoic after talking to him. The man opened the backseat door for her she looked at the car incredulously.

A thought came in her mind and she started looked around, there were a lot of people on the road, she looked back at the University gate and the guard was standing there, she was thinking of going up to him for help .

You can't run from him.

Her subconscious sneered, he tried to hurt her father once he could do it again now she knew better than to run. She couldn't escape from his claws.

She stepped towards the car, the man cleared his throat she looked towards him giving him a confused look, he pointed towards her hand which held the phone.

" Oh sorry "

She gave him the phone and sat down in the car a little embarrassed, he sat in the driving seat and started the car.

Swallowing slowly she placed her hands in her lap, a hallowing feeling creeped down her stomach reminding her of how lonely she was, she should be in her house with her father yet somehow here she was sitting in the car of a man who wanted to burn her with his carnal desires.

Shaking all thoughts away, she rested her head on the seat and closed her eyes, she wanted to be prepared for her meeting with the devil.



That was the only thing he lacked, rolling the paper weight with his right hand he was continuously looking at the clock .

" They are here sir "

His secretary told him he nodded his head and signaled her to let them in.

" Finally "

He breathed out. The door opened and they came in, he looked at his chauffeur who nodded at him and left the room.

There was a moment of silence before the man tilted his head to the side assessing her with his complementing eyes.

There she was standing, wrapped in her black dress her dupatta was draped lightly over her head, her hair were tied in a lose bun and few strands kissing her pale skin. She looked at him nervously, he was dressed in his black suit staring at her like she was an ethereal creature who he wanted to devour.

"Why am i here?"

She spoke after a moment of silence.

He stood up from his chair and walked towards her his steps slow assessing her features.

"How are you?"

His deep voice reached her ears making her look at him.

"Why do you care?"

She snapped back almost offended how he suddenly thought that he had the rights to question her after almost kidnapping her.

"Believe me, I do "

He spoke darlkly, an edge to his voice making her furrow her brows.

"Just tell me why did you call me here? i have to go home I don't have much time."

She spoke looking around his office, she was avoiding looking into his eyes.

"The molvi is coming in fifteen minutes, after half an hour you'll be dropped at your home safely. "

He spoke in deep accent. His raspy voice echoing across the room. Making her tense, her lips parted as she glanced at the man.

"Molvi ii"

She stuttered a little looking at him like he had grown two heads.

"What are you talking about? Why did you called a Molvi ?"

"For the Nikkah"

( For marrige)

He spoke carelessly as if it was not a big deal.

"Kis ka Nikkah "

( Whose marrige?)

She spoke back a little confidently this time .

"Hamara Nikkah aur kiska "

(Our marrige darling)

He smirked and inched closer towards her making her step back.

"Mai tumsay nikkah nahi karun gi, ghatiya insan"

( I will not marry you, you scum)

She yelled completely forgetting that they were alone in the room and from the looks of it, he could easily kill her.

He grabbed her shoulders pushing her making her back snap with the wall, a gasp left her lips her face scrunching due to the pain but he didn't care one bit.

"You don't have a choice darling "

He spoke very calmly however he was boiling with anger from inside no one ever spoke to him like that.

She glanced at him. Seeing his eyes trained on her. She could smell his strong cologne reaching her nose, she almost closed her eyes at the scent. It was alluring.

His mere presence was making her lose all thoughts and she was already emotional.

"You can't force me"

She whispered, a rouge tear leaked out of her eye rolling down her cheek. A smile daring to fall across his lips yet he held it back, he wiped her tears with his thumb.

He leaned closer her to her smelling her hair, he closed his eyes and nuzzled his face in her neck, making her tense.

"I can have you, without marrying you. But i don't think you will like that. "

He spoke in her ears, she held her breath and almost raised her hand to slap him, the door opened and both of them looked towards the intruder him with annoyance and she looked grateful for the interruption.

"Uhh the Molvi is here "

His secretary spoke embarrassed to see them so close and then left abruptly.

He looked in her eyes, she felt like he was staring at her soul directly.

" Get ready to become my wife"


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