Chapter 2

Life is a ripple in pond and you are the rock. You have the power to control reality, even if you are just a speck of dust in an infinite universe. You have the power to make others cry, laugh and yell. You can create who you are.

Life is something you can't escape from, it is a series of events, one following another. Life is what keeps you awake at dawn, when the early light just start to peek through the fluffy clouds in the sky.

She was ten years old when her mother died of cancer. She always used to thought that life is cruel, life is terrible, it is an empty abyss of illness and death. But her father changed her thinking, he never once left her alone, he was always there for her, when she got her first prize in science project even though her father made the project or when she went to college and then university.

Life is living with emotions and feelings for others. Life is something that has a beginning and an end. The memories we hold on to are exclusive to those moments we feel have the most significance and value.

She smiled remembering her father's words. " It is your choice whether you fill your life with excitement , new things, positivity or you... she was snapped out of her thoughts .

"Marwa ma'am" she heard the voice of her house maid who was running towards her she got up from her sitting position and faced the maid who was breathing heavily.

"Kya hoa Salma? "

(What happened?)

"Marwa bibi wo sahab... Marwa didn't even let her complete the sentence and she ran in the house .She went in the tv lounge where her father was lying on the sofa coughing badly she ran upto her father.

" Baba " a cry escaped her lips " Baba what happened " her father's face had gotten all red from the intense coughing, he couldn't speak

" Salma , salmaa .. call the doctor now... hurry " she cried.


The doctor came out of the room with a serious expression on his face, Marwa followed him out and closed the door behind her

"Is everything alright? "

She asked worry etched on her face.

The doctor sighed sadly amd shook his head.

"No, his condition has gotten worse"

He said with a grim expression.Tears gathered in her eyes and she exhaled deeply.

"Now what? "

She asked the doctor who was also the close friend of her father.

"You have to take care of him Marwa, make sure he gets his medicine on time and take special care of his diet."

She nodded her head and wiped the tears from her face.

"Don't worry bachay he will be alright" he patted her on head and left.

She sighed and went back in the room where her father was lying down on the bed. He opened his eyes when she entered he smiled at her weakly, some wrinkles gathered in the outer corner of his eyes she went close to him, laid her head on his chest and started sobbing.

"Na meray bachay aise nahi kartay "(No my child, don't do this) he chuckled a little.

"Look I'm fine, nothing happened to me i just ate the chaat, it was very spicy so that's why..."

"You're not going to eat anything unhealthy again and I'll make sure of it" she said while glaring at him.

He just laughed in response and kissed her forehead.

"Okay okay as you wish "

She started crying again " Baba, i was so worried that something happened to you, i can't live without you baba, you're my everything "

He smiled and hugged her close to him, he knew how sensitive she was she would always get worried on little things.

"I am fine Marwa, and about leaving you alone how about you getting married, if you say i will talk to Zawar. "

He grinned looking at her while she started shaking her head.

"Baba not again " she whined and sat up from her position.

"Why? What is wrong with him? He's perfect for you." he said while caressing her head.

"But baba he's my cousin "

She made a disgusting face, thinking about her cousin who was five years older than her, not that he was ugly or anything but she didn't liked the idea of getting married to her cousin whom she always thought as a brother.

"So what, your mother and I were also cousins , we got married and we loved each other "

Her father argued with her, she could swear this was his favorite topic. She shrugged her shoulders and sighed

"Baba please can we change the topic "

She always got irritated whenever her father brought the subject of her marrige, it was not that she didn't wanted to get married, it was just the thought of leaving her father that scared her.

He turned her towards him a serious look on his face .

"Marwa, I'm getting old, I'll not be here forever to take care of you, you have to get married to someday "

She looked at him, he only called her by her full name when he was extremely serious.

"I know baba but i just don't want to get married yet, i just want to focus on my studies right now." she pouted at him.

He smiled at his daughter's antics she always dodged this topic, he patted her head and nodded.

"Take some rest baba, i am going downstairs to make you some soup "

She kissed her father's forehead and got out of the room.


She was walking down the corridor when she heard her voice she turned around and faced her best friend Dua .

She was the only one besides her father who was very close to Marwa . Marwa met her in college and from there onwards they inseparable, both of them were studying Political Science.

"Hey Dua "

Marwa smiled at her but Dua was fuming with anger she raised her finger at Marwa and started yelling.

"You, where were you yesterday i was here alone, all by myself , you know i can't survive a day without you"

Marwa sighed, she knew her friend was a drama queen she used to overreact on small things.

"Baba was not feeling well so i had to stay home " Marwa said with a sad face.

Dua frowned " oh, what happened to uncle, is he alright? "

Marwa shook her head in no " He ate some spicy food and his blood pressure got high, nothing to worry about."

Dua looked at her sad face and then hugged her, Marwa smiled at her childish behavior.

Dua was like that girl who grew angry to happy and then from happy to sad in just a minute. She had a bubbly chrachter, she was like those people who sprayed colours in everyone's life.

She had dark brown eyes, light brown hair, thin lips and her body figure was like that of some model long legs, a slender waist.

"I'm okay Dua now leave me "

Marwa said while rolling her eyes,

Dua left her and smiled.

"Lets go to class " she said. They started walking towards the class.

"Oh and Hammad was asking about you " Dua said while chewing a gum.

Marwa frowned at her and then asked why, Dua shrugged and said " Don't know ".

They were just about to enter the class when Hammad blocked their way .

He smiled " Hi ladies"

Marwa stared at him and then lowered her eyes "

"Hey, Marwa " she looked up at him

" Hi" she smiled lightly and then looked away.

Hammad was her class fellow he was a real charmer with his black eyes, dark brown hair and full lips. Every girl in the university crushed on him but he was not the type of guy who wore his heart on his sleeve. He had always liked Marwa, she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes and indeed she was. She was quite, innocent girl.

Marwa knew that Hammad liked her but she never gave any response to his advances.

"Why didn't you came yesterday? "

he asked looking at her expectedly.

"She had some business "

Dua replied looking at him with a glint in her eyes he ignored her and stared at Marwa who remained quiet.

"Actually i wanted to ask if you're coming to the annual function? "

Marwa nodded in yes, he smiled at her, a dimple appeared in his left check and Dua sighed dreamily.

"Great, there is a positon left in the skit and i wanted to ask if you'd play?"

Dua nodded eagerly " yes, yes she will" she replied on Marwa's behalf because she knew her friend would deny.

Marwa shaked her head and denied him very politely. She was very shy and the thought of performing in front of a massive audience scared her.

"She'll play, I'll make sure."

He smiled, and looked at Marwa with longing in his eyes, he tried so hard to woo her but she was not an ordinary girl who would have fallen for his charms.

" Okay, so you're going to play the role of Anarkali"

Marwa looked at him and she was about to say something but both of them were startled by a squeal and they looked at Dua who was squealing maddly.

"Oh my god, Marwa you're going to be Anarkali "

Marwa rolled her eyes at the drama queen and with a smile she entered in class and then both of them followed her inside.


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