Chapter 7

She was sitting with her head tucked between her knees, crying hysterically while he was sitting on the edge of his office desk watching her with hawk like eyes.

"The molvi is here"

"We're getting married"

"Our Nikkah"

"Get ready to become my wife"

"I want you to get married to Zawar"

"I can have you without marrying you"

Her head was spinning with all the thoughts, she clutched her ears to stop the noises. Her life had taken a three sixty turn, from Marwa Haider she became Marwa Jahngir, in the span of a day her life changed.

She was thinking about her life, what will happen now, what will i say to baba, she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even felt the presence of him. He sat down beside her and touched her shoulder. Her senses came back and she flinched.

"Stay away from me, you don't have any right to touch me "

She cried and moved away from him. A chuckle came out his lips and he shaked his head looking at her mischievously. How she always thought that she can get away from his reach, it amused him.

"You have said that too many times baby "

He smirked and inched closer towards her. A few tendrils of her hair were kissing her cheeks he placed them behind her ears.

"And you're forgetting something."

He grabbed her chin making her look at him her grey eyes full with tears .

"Only i have the right to touch you,and you gave that right to me by signing the Nikkah papers."

She lowered her head, he was right she did sign away her body, her soul, her heart, her everything to him.

A tear fell on her cheek while thinking about what she had done

A tear fell on her cheek while thinking about what she had done. He picked the tear with his finger tip and then placed his hot searing lips on her cheek softly. Her breath hitched, her mind became numb,she clutched his shirt in her hands tightly.

She couldn't bear his close proximity and closed her eyes tightly.

"Why me, Why? "

A question too small but too hard for him to answer, he didn't know how to explain his feelings for her. How could he do that? She was not just a girl whom he liked or loved she was his everything, the air he breathed, her name was written on his every heart beat. He didn't know how but this girl became everything for him in short span of time.

"You could have gotten any one, any girl you wanted, why me... Why ?"

She cried harder while clutching the collar of his shirt.

"All that you are, is all that I'll ever need."

A whisper was heard and then it vanished in the air.


The car stopped in front of a beautiful white house. Her home. She was sitting still, there was no movement in her body her hands were placed in her lap. He was looking at her with a smile on his lips. Finally she became his. He had every right on her. Just that thought was making his heart leap with joy.

He grabbed her hand and placed his lips on the back of it while looking at her. She glared at him and tried to snatch her hand back, his grip became stronger.

"Leave me... hath chorain mera"

( Leave my hand)

"Yeh hath chornay ke liye nahi pakra"

He replied with a edge to his voice. She scoffed and tried harder to free her hand. He noticed her movement. His jaw ticked and his eyes burned with anger, perhaps she was taking him lightly.

He grabbed the back of her head and then placed his lips upon hers catching her off-guard closing her eyes she felt her body go on fire. His lips moved softly against hers. She moaned a little.

"Stop... please"

He wanted to stop but he couldn't, he was tasting her lips for the first time. Only God knows how he had controlled himself from touching her. But now she was his completely. His lips were soft yet hard at the same time moving slowly and sensuously making her mind haywire. She placed her hands on his chest and started pushing him.

He moved his lips harshly, she felt him grabbing her hair but not too tightly to hurt her. He pulled back and rested his forehead on hers, both breathing heavily.

"Nikkah Mubarak ho wifey"

She pushed him away and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

" I hate you "

Marwa yelled and opened the door to get out.

He snickered and waved at her grinning like a cheshire cat.

"Sure you do"

She walked towards the gate and then looked back to see him but his car was nowhere. She sighed and then walked towards the lounge.

When she entered she saw her Phupo and Zawar sitting with her dad in the lounge.

"Asalamu alikum"

She said loudly and then walked towards her phupo hugging her, she sat down beside her.

"Waalikum Asalam, agayi meri guriya"

Her phupo replied and kissed her forehead.

"Where were you beta? "

Her father asked her, her breath came short for a second then she calmed her self.

"I was with dua, she wanted to do some shopping so i went with her."

She had to lie. She never lied to him, but today she did, she had to.

Her heart was beating very fastly she lowered her head it was like everyone knew what she had done. She was feeling guilty inside for lying to her father.

"How are you Marwa?"

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even greeted Zawar.

"I am fine, how are you Zawar bhai?"

She smiled a little embarrassed. His face scrunched a little hearing bhai but he smiled at her lovingly.

"Your phupo came here for something"

She looked at her father who was looking very happy.

"Really what does she want?"

She asked a little surprised as to what could've her phupo wanted from them.

Her father and phupo looked at each other with knowing smiles.

"Ap hi bata dein Zawar bhai "

(You tell me Zawar bhai)

She asked him.

"Ab Zawar bhai kehna band kardo"

( Stop calling him brother now)

Her phupo said and hugged her tightly. She became confused for a second

"Kyu kya hoa hai ?"

(Why, what happened?)

"Honay walay shohar ko bhai nahi kehtay na."

(You don't call your husband-to-be brother)

Her phupo blasted a bomb on her head. She looked towards her father who was smiling at her, she looked at Zawar who had a glint in his eyes.

" Ji i... Kya matlab "

(What do you mean)

She stuttered, her heart pounding in her ears.

"You and Zawar are getting married, your phupo asked for your hand and i said yes."


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