Chapter 4

Fate a small word but the meaning so strong. Fate can turn your life from thorns to roses, it can change vinegar into sweet wine, stake becomes throne, fate can turn misfortune into good fortune. I thought of things from new perspective. I thought of the way my life has turned into a dark hole of absolutely nothing. I thought about how i hated feeling that way. This must be what it feels like to lose your mind. Marwa was sitting down with knees bent over, her arms wrapped around her legs, wild thoughts running through her head.

In the span of a day her life had turned upside down. She never thought that something like this would ever happen with her. She could still feel his touch lingering on her her arms, his gaze piercing her, his deep husky voice in her ears.

"I have always got what i wanted and now i want you."

She placed her hands on her ears and started shaking her head.

"Go away, go away "

She started chanting it like a mantra, the shrill ringtone of her phone snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked around her room, panting heavily and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand and got up from the floor, she picked her phone and answered with a Hello.

"Hi, Marwa mai kab say call kar rahi hun pick kiyu nahi kar rahi thi?"

(Why weren't you picking up the phone, i have been calling you?)

Dua's worried voice was heard from the other side, she exhaled and nodded her head as if she was seeing her.

"uhhh yeah i i was taking shower."

She replied and then ran a hand over her face sighing softly.

"Oh okay i got worried for a sec...anyways tell me what did the dean said ?"

Dua asked while biting her nails . Marwa frowned

"Dean? What are you talking about? "

"Yeah, he called you yesterday in his office? What did he said? "

Marwa stopped breathing for a second, yesterday's event started running in her mind.


She was walking down the corridor after her performance, she came in the restroom and massaged her head and heavead a sigh.

"Oh god, what's happening, why I'm feeling like this."

She was mumbling to herself, she opened the tap and splashed the cold water on her face. When she was performing, she felt something odd she felt like someone was watching her, she tried to look but couldn't find anyone. She tried to shake that feeling off, she still felt the heated gaze lingering on her body.

Dua came looking for her and found her in the restroom sitting on a bench with closed eyes.

"Come on Marwa, we have to go."

She nodded and left with her. Marwa didn't change her clothes, she just wanted to go home and take a hot bath and then sleep for some time. She was thoroughly tired, playing the role of Anarkali wasn't that easy as she was thinking.

"Excuse me, are you Marwa?"

A girl came and asked her, she nodded with a confused face.

"Oh, the dean is calling for you."

Marwa and Dua looked at each other scepticaly, Dua wriggled her eyebrows and hooted.

"Ohhh the goody two shoes has done something wrong." Dua grinned .

"Shut up, Dua "

Marwa glared at her and thought for a second as to why the Dean of University was calling her she had never done something wrong.

"Dua,you should go to canteen and wait for me there, I'll be back in a minute"

She nodded her head in yes and left for the canteen. Marwa started walking towards Dean's office. She passed a smile to the lady sitting at the desk and knocked the door to Dean's office.

"Come in" a gruff voice came that was indeed of the Dean. She entered the office and then closed the door behind her.

"You called me Sir?" the dean nodded.

"Yes, actually someone is here to meet you."

He told her and pointed behind her, she frowned and then turned around slowly .

Her breath stucked the air stopped, it was like everything stopped at once. Complete silence was heard. There he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Two brown hues raking her body with something dark burning in them. He was wearing white button up shirt with the two upper buttons opened, his sleeves were folded up to his elbows.

He started walking towards her and stopped an inch away from her he was looking directly in her grey orbs she took a small step backwards and looked around for Dean but he was not in the room she frowned a bit thinking "when did he left the room " she mumbled lightly a smirk graced his lips, he tilted his head a little.

"Saw your performance out there, well I'm quite impressed."

He started talking, she looked at him questionably.

"Aap ne mujhay yahan tareef karnay bulaya hai" (You called me here for appreciation)

She looked in his eyes directly, he smirked again and then looked at her chest that was showing a little amount of cleavage and bit his bottom lip softly, blood started rushing in his lower body, she followed his gaze and saw her deep neckline her dupatta had slid down from her neck, her eyes widened she quickly covered her chest with her dupatta and then glared at him.

"My eyes are up here Mr.. "

"Jahangir" he told her his name, which was bit shocking for him because he never told anyone his first name, there were only few close people who knew his first name he was known by his middle name.

"Yes Mr Jahngir, now will you tell me ke apnay mujhay yahan kiyu bulaya hai?" she asked her eyes blazing with fire.

"I want something from you"

He told her after a chuckle, he was thinking that she was a little girl who would surrender easily but the fire burning in her eyes told otherwise.

"What do you want? "

He took a little step towards her and looked at her menacingly, she looked in his eyes that darkened with some desire her breath hitched when he took a tendril of her hair and placed it behind her ear, he leaned a bit forward and spoke in a low voice.

"I'm not going to beat around a bush I'll come straight to the point, i want you in every way possible."

"Kya matlab hai apka" ( What do you mean) she asked looking a little confused, he laughed at her state.

"One night, i just want a night with you "

He said his eyes looking a little red making him look drunk, indeed he was drunk with desires, he leaned a little towards her and looked directly in her eyes " Ab samajh aya " he smirked.

The sound of slap echoed in the room. Silence fell over for a minute. Everything stilled, her breath stopped, her hands were shaking badly. His eyes became red due to anger, he held his cheek with his left hand and glared at her. The beast lurking on the surface came out.

He growled and grabbed her arms roughly " You made a mistake little one by slapping me. I am not used to listen to No. Get one thing clear in your head i want you and I'll get you."

She thrashed in his arms wildly trying to free herself from him.

"How dare you say that to me "

He chuckled evily and tightened his grip on her fragile arms.

"Stop moving"

He shouted but she was not listening, he grabbed her hair and made her face him, he left her one arm and grabbed her chin in his hand, she looked at him.

"I have always got what i wanted and now i want you "

He pushed her aside and left the room the door was closed with a bang, she sat on the floor tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Uff khudya ye kya ho gya hai " ( Oh god what have i done) she cried with agony thinking about what just happened with her.

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