Chapter 1

The car stopped in front of massive building that seemed to touch the sky. A man came out from the car wearing an expensive suit and looked at the building for a moment or two.

Abaan Enterprise written in bold words on the entrance of the building.

He entered the building and got straight in the elevator going on the top floor. He adjusted his tie and ran a hand through his hair. The elevator door opened and he walked on the expensive white marble and reached the receptionist.

"Hi I'm Asim, I'm here on the behalf of Mr Ali. " he told the girl who was sitting on the desk.

She looked at him for a minute and then abruptly stood up from her chair and greeted him.

"Welcome, Mr Asim I'm Mr Abaan's secretary. This way please ."

She led him to the office the golden plate outside the door red CEO. She knocked the door and entered the room.

"Mr Abaan, he is here"

She smiled at the man and left him at the door. Saying he wasn't nervous would be an understatement, he saw a man facing the window from which the all the city could be seen. A big black table separated them, he walked in with slow steps looking around timidly.

"uhh hello Jahngir, how are you? "

The man turned and looked at him, he raised his eyebrow and looked at him mirthfully.

"It's Mr Abaan for you " he said rather rudely.

Asim gulped " Yeah sorry, Mr Abaan "

The man asked him "Now tell me where is Mr Ali ? "

Asim replied "He is busy actually that's why i am here on his behalf " .

The man smirked and looked at him with interest.

"Do you know Mr Asim what happens when people lie to me "

Asim gulped and stuttered " uhhh I I am not lying Mr Abaan ... Mr Ali is busy he said that he will pay all the debts... just give him some time "

The man placed his hands on the table and looked at Asim in the eye .

"I am not your father's servant you get that... now go and tell your Mr Ali that if he didn't pay the debts in two days ... "

He left the sentence incomplete and smirked

" You know what i will do then "

The man nodded and abruptly left the office, he wiped his forehead with a tissue and pulled out his phone and called someone .

"You piece of shit where are you? Get back and handle your matters yourself i am telling you this man is very dangerous he will find you .. you can't escape from him its better if you come back."



Just as his name was. He was a mystery. It was as though the man carried the weight of the world yet he was unfazed by the deadly world.

He was the type of a man that with simple look from his brown eyes you'd find your knees buckling and your heart racing. He was the type of a man who'd make you smile and at the same time make you cry. He was JAHANGIR ABAAN FARIS

The sole heir of the Abaan Empire he was made of stone, there was nothing in the world that he couldn't get. The ladies out there died just to see a glance of him and the men they were afraid of him and admired him at the same time. He was ruthless in business, no one ever dared to cross.

One look and the ladies would swoon over him, he looked like a man who came straight out of a magzine with his midnight black hair, big brown eyes, jaws so sharp and his muscular body that you'd want to run your hands along with.

He was standing facing the huge window, the sleeves of his white button up were folded, phone in one hand and cigarette in his mouth the door was knocked.

"Come in " he replied in his husky voice which was like a melody you'd want to listen to again and again.

"Mr Abaan, you have a meeting in twenty minutes and CEO of Ahsan. Co called and said he accepts your conditions and he wants the deal to be signed asap "

Jahangir smirked and nodded he was like that who can make you bend your knees according to his will.

"Aiyla cancel the meeting and call my driver,i am going to Haveli and clear my schedule for tomorrow "

He told his secretary and picked up his phone and wallet from the table, getting up from his chair ready to leave.

"Okay sir,anything else ? " she said


She nodded and turned to leave

"Oh, i remember the Dean of the University called again, they want you to come to the annual function as the cheif guest "

He thought for a minute, contemplating about going or not. He never attended that kind of events but something deep down told him to go.

"Alright, tell them I'll be coming "


The car was on its way to Lahore he was sitting in the back seat with eyes closed he rarely got any time to relax it was not an easy task to handle a big empire .

The car entered through the big gates of Haveli and stopped in front of the arched entrance he hoped out of his car and walked through the arched entrance that was lined with beautiful flowers.

He reached the indoor chambers of the Haveli, the face of his amma greeted him a small smile played on his lips he bent down and kissed her forehead

"Salam amma "

She looked at him with tears in her eyes, she was seeing him after two weeks.

"Waalikum Asalam meri jaan "

He layed his head down on her lap she smiled and started running her hand through his hair .

"Agya mera beta "

( My son is here)

He looked up at her and replied

"Ji amma"

(Yes mother)

She called the servant and told him to prepare Jahangir's room.

He stayed there talking to her for sometime and then left her to get some rest. He maybe ruthless businessman for outside world but whenever he came to the Haveli he became a child who just wanted attention of his mother and love of his family, he only listened to his amma not even his own father. He was stubborn, short tempered man everyone feared him but only his amma could control him.



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