Chapter 3

The car door was slammed shut with such force that the glass windows seemed to rattle. He walked with urgency towards the elevator and pressed the button for upper floor, the elevator doors opened he walked towards his office and signaled his secretary to come into his office.

He walked in his office and took off his coat and threw it away on the couch. He pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled heavily,

"Sir you called me? " his secretary came in.

"Contact Mr Saad and tell him to meet me immediately " she nodded and left the office.

He rubbed his forehead rather harshly and then slammed his hand down on the table " Damn it "

No one had ever refused him , he was not used to it, but today a mere girl refused him and then she had the audacity to slap him.

His eyes became red due to anger he was feeling, he threw the flower vase into the wall and it crashed into hundred pieces, he looked at them and then a thought came in his mind .

His lush lips lifted into a smirk she made a big mistake and now she will suffer. He lighted a cigarette and put it in his mouth and took a long a drag from it, the smoke came out of his mouth sensuously touching his velvety lips.

The door opened with a bang and he came in.

"What do yo want now? " Saad said loudly while coming in.

Jahangir turned around to face his friend who was looking at him with bored expressions , and then placed a picture on the table.

" Marwa Haider "

Saad looked at the picture and then at Jahangir whose expressions told him that this girl was in danger.

"Ye kon hai ? "

( Who is she? )

Jahngir inhaled the cigarette and blew out the smoke, Saad looked at him questionably but he didn't reply.

"Jahangir tell me who is she? "

" Hai koi "

( Someone)

Saad knew better than to argue with him, if he didn't wanted to tell anything he wasn't going to tell him at any cost.

"Get all the information about her"

Jahngir said and sat on his chair and then opened his laptop replying to some of his mails.

Saad took the picture and then left the office. He was a detective who was working in intelligence sector in a private company.

Jahangir leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, her beautiful form flashed in his mind, grey striking eyes, soft pink lips, body full of curves.

He cursed in his mouth and sat up straight, he needed a cold shower he was behaving like a teenager.

From the moment he saw her he wanted her. It was not like that he never saw a beautiful girl or he never tasted a woman before. Many girls came in his life and went away, he had enjoyed numerous woman in bed.

But she was different from all of them, she was innocent.

She was not his type he liked his woman experienced. She was a little virgin girl, a flower untouched yet he wanted her, he wanted to touch her velvety skin, to taste her luscious lips. He wondered what it would be like to have her writhing beneath him. He groaned and passed a hand through his hair, he was getting hard by just thinking about her. He definitely needed a cold shower now.


She was lying in her bed, eyes red and puffy from all the crying.

"Marwa bibi, Sahab apko bula rahay hein. "

( Ma'm, Sir is calling you)

The maid knocked on the door and called her. She sat up and picked her dupatta from the floor, draped it over her shoulder and opened the door .

The maid looked at her and gasped seeing her disheveled state.

"Marwa bibi, kya hoa hai apki tabiyat to thek hai? "

( Ma'm are you alright? )

Marwa nodded her head and smiled lightly.

"Han bas sar mai thora dard hai , Salma tum baba se keh do ke meri tabiyat thek nahi hai wo khana kha lein aur unki medicine unhein yaad se de dena, theek hai "

(Yeah I'm fine. Just a little headache, go and tell Baba I'm not feeling well and make sure you give him his medicine.)

Salma nodded and left.

Marwa closed the door behind her and then sat on the bed and closed her eyes, thinking about Him. His words still echoed in her mind, remembering his cold brown eyes which raked her body up and down she shuddered.

" Marwa"

She looked up and saw her father, she got up from the bed and walked upto him .

"Baba aap yahan, ap soye nahi abhi tak?"

( Baba, what are you doing here , you didn't sleep yet)

He sighed "Apko dekhe beghair mujhay neend kaha ati hai "

( I can't sleep without seeing you)

She smiled hearing her father complain.

"Apnay medicine le li hai na "

( Did you take your medicine ? )

she asked, he nodded in yes.

"Ji han le li hai, ap bataye ap khanay pe kiyu nahi ayin?"

( Yes i did, why didn't you came at dinner? )

Her smile vanished with his question. She didn't come to dinner because she was disturbed or maybe she was afraid. She lowered her eyes.

" Meri tabiyat thek nahi hai."

( I'm not feeling well )

"Jhoot bol rahi hein aap"

( You're lying)

Her father said, she looked at him and smiled lightly.

"Nahi Baba, mai jhoot nahi bol rahi meri tabiyat sach mai thek nahi hai." ( No baba, I'm not lying, seriously I'm feeling sick )

He looked in her eyes, she sucked her breath, she thought that he will read through her and the hard facade she's keeping will be blown.

"Baba" she called him, he looked at her face for a minute and then kissed her forehead.

"Take care meray bachay "

(Take care my child)

He said and placed his hand on her head affectionately.

She hugged her father tightly a rouge tear leaked out of her eye and rolled down her cheek. There were million thoughts going through her head.


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