Love Or Just Start

Vanessa’s pov

"You are not going anywhere I am not going to allow you understood" he said like he is still ordering me wow, what a man he is?
Except of saying sorry to me because of his behaviour, he is ordering amazing 

"Alex I have to go I am a nurse and my duty is over now as you are perfectly fine now, so now I have to go and by the way why you want me to stay after your rude behaviour" he was going to say something but I stopped him "no no, don't need to say sorry it's ok because I am just a nurse you can say anything to me right so it's ok no issue but I am going because I have other works to do I have more patients to nurse" I moved aside to go but a hold on my hand stopped me

"You are not ok?
" ok again same words but this time I am not going to forgive him as he has done alot wrong with me

"Ale-" my words left incomplete 

Next moment His lips were on mine, yes he was kissing me.
He held my waist tightly but this time I wasn’t giving him access to kiss me. He looked at me, his chocolate coloured eyes were making me weak on my knees. I looked down but he instantly made me look in his eyes holding my chin

He again went towards my neck giving open mouth kisses and it was end I held his shoulders for the support, I arch my neck to give him more access.
He was making me mad, I never felt these sensations before. He picked me up while I entwined my legs around his waist

He was looking in my eyes and I was getting weak, he really have some magic in his eyes.
He made me lay down while himself hovered over me. He captured my lips while his hand entered inside my top

He held the strap of my bra removing it from my shoulder till my arm, he did same with the other one.
Breaking the kiss he went down pulling my top up he starts giving open mouth kisses all over my belly. I arch my foot holding the duvet tightly as these sensations were so much to handle. He bites near my belly button and I hissed in pain. He starts sucking on the spot to soothe the pain and leaving the mark 

“Alex” A moan escaped from my mouth but he was busy making me mad

He again came near to my face looking in my eyes, his hand slowly went inside my jeans and he reached on the spot.
He starts playing with it as like it’s a toy, not able to hold on more I closed my eyes tightening my grip on the duvet

He starts rubbing it lightly while I bites my lips to control my moans but it was to much to handle.

“Ahh” A moan escapes my mouth and he speeds up, he starts rubbing me faster and I was a moaning mess

“Say my name Vanessa” he said 

“Don’t stop” I said unknowingly I was totally drooled in the sensations I was not in my mind

“I won’t just say my name” he said 

“Alex” I said and the next moment he entered his finger inside the hole 

“Ahh” I screamed but his speed didn’t decreased

“Say my name again if you don’t want me to stop” he said 

Alex don’t stop plea-” My words left incomplete 

“You are near” he said in my ear huskily 

“Shit, Ouch” I gave up and he stopped 

I opened my eyes looking him while he was already starring me.
He kissed me hard for a second and left laying beside me 

Suddenly reality hit me hard I looked at myself and him, he was still staring me.
I pull down my top and left the room without saying a word

Coming in my room I sat on my knees while tears form their way.
How can I do this? How easily I did this? Have you forgotten about your past? Vanessa how could you? I have to go away from here

“Vanessa” there was a knock on the door 

“I don’t want yo talk please” I said 

“Please open the door I wanna say something” he said and I sighed.
I opened the door 

” I asked while he entered inside and hold my arms

“I am sorry, I lose my control” he said 

“Anything else?
” I asked

“Are you going?
” He asked

“Yes I am and please don’t stop me” I said 

“Don’t go Vanessa” he said 

“Alex I said I don’t-“ he interrupts me

"Because it's to late, you can go tomorrow but not now as it's late and this is my order" he said 

"Ok but I have to pack my bags" I said but he was still in his position "I have to go Alex" I again said

"So go have I said anything?
" he said

"Alex, you are holding my hands" he than see towards our hands and than left them with a jerk "you go and sleep" I said but he didn't utter a word and left.
I packed my stuffs and put them on side

Coming in his room I saw him, he was sleeping like a kid.
Aww, so cute just like John my old pateint he was a kid of 5 years Alex is just like him same.

I went close to him and sat beside him and starts caressing his hairs a tear drop from my eyes because I also don't want to go just like I don't wanted to leave John it hurts when someone becomes close to my hurt and i have to leave them

Alex’s pov

I was thinking about the incident which happened while my eyes were close when suddenly I realises someone’s hand on my head she was caressing my hairs.
After few minutes I listened her voice

"Alex, I know you are not bad from heart but what you did to me was wrong this is second time and this time I am not going to forgive you I know you are a kid just like John but I am not going to forgive you, you have hurt me so much.
You and John are same you both are so close to my heart and I don't want to leave you as I have already lost John" she confessed but first question which came in my mind was who is this John And why the hell Vanessa nurses him, is he her ex or no he is not but who is he? this questions was running in my mind when I again listened her voice "John was my old pateint he was just 5 years old. I was so close to him he always make me feel like her sister or may be mother he never did anything without my permission he always loves me more except of her mom but her. He was a heart patient but he leaves me one day after getting close to my heart, he just left" she starts crying which was hurting me too “he left, he just went so so far from me that he will never come again, he died" she was continuously crying and I was hating this

"Why are you hating this?
" My mind asked 

"Because I love her" my heart replied but I was shocked because of this sudden confession 

"O hello listen you mindless organ I am not falling for her understood?
" I replied to them

"No Alex he is right you are falling I can see" my brain bark

"Aww, see first time he is with me yayyyyy" this time my heart bark

"Oh just shut up I am not" I replied

"You are" they both said

"No I am not" I replied

"Yes you are" they again speak

"No" I replied

"Yes" oh god they both are making mad

"No" I replied 

"Yes" again

"No" how to finish this fight?

"No" they bark again

"Yes" I replied, wait what I said no no shit

Alex is in love" 

"Yayyy, just up yes I am but don't you both dare to tease me don't you dare to become Jack" I said

"Oh ok but you accept that it’s love?
" heart asked

"No it's not love yet maybe it's just start" I said while smiling

see someone is smiling" they both teased, shit I forgot about her

She is not here where she is?
I opened my eyes and saw her standing in balcony, ok now i have to do this to gain her attention, maybe this is wrong but I don’t care

"No no please please no, don't do this please leave me no no please" I act like I am watching a nightmare

Alex what happened?" She asked in a panic tone

"Please no no stay away please go from here no no go help me please somebody help me" I act more 

"Alex no one is here, open your eyes Alex see I am Vanessa,  Alex open your eyes" she again said

I get up with a jerk "Alex what happened are you ok?
" She asked with a concern in her voice and eyes

"Vanessa please help me she will take me with her" I said hugging her tightly 

"Alex who, who will take you, no one is here expect me don't worry" she said 

"No no she is here only I am sure she will take me with her please save me please" I said hugging her more and more tightly 

"Alex, look I am here only she will not be able to take you ok don't worry” she confirmed

"Are you sure?
" I asked making a cute face to melt her

"Yes I am sure ok now sleep" she said and I just smiles 

She was about to get up when I held her hand "please don't go stay here only" I said and she just sat back at the place.
She starts caressing my hairs and I held her by her waist hiding my face in her waist and the next moment I was gone in dreams

I woke up to find myself alone.
I rubbed my eyes but reality hit me  hard. I sat up with a jerk, did she left? No no she said she will not how can she? No she can’t left she can't do this no

"Vanessa, Vanessa" I called her name while searching her in kitchen.
I went in her room to see her standing in front of mirror. I directly went towards her and hugged her tightly as tight as I could

"Alex, leave me I am not able to breath leave me" she said and I left her in a second

"I am so sorry did it hurt?
" I asked

"No I am fine" she replied without any expression

"So you are not going right?
" I asked her to confirmed 

"I am just leaving in 10 minutes" she replied again without expressions and I was all shocked

"No no you can't, I mean why, I mean you know that I am not well that nightmares they will surely kill me I want someone to console me like last night you did please cutie" I said with almost crying face to melt her

" She asked, like seriosly she focused on cutie?

"Actually I just put it as your nick name" I replied

"I don’t like it so don't call me that again" she said

"Ok I will not but Vanessa please don't go please" I again pleaded,

"No Alex I have to, I can't stay here for a life time so please let me go" she said and taking her bags just went out and I was all numb that moment 

I don't want to loose her but I know she is not going to listen me I was feeling bad but I was having a hope she will stop and my hope increased when I listened mom's voice, yes she is here what a time my dear mom.

I ran out to see them taking with each other I just run towards her and hugged her tightly

"Alex carefully" mom said and I broken the hug

"Finally you came, I can't tell you how much I missed you I missed you so much mom and I really missed you" I said

"My dear child I was here only just little far from you and I was also missing you that’s why just came to see you" she said and I again hugged her like a kid while she chucked

"Today I am not going to leave you whole day and night too" I said and breaking the hug she looked at me

"I am so sorry my love but I can't stay with you as I have to go back my daughter is not well, she needs me she is ill I have to go back I only came here to meet you and also want to see you standing on your feet’s" she said and I smiled weakly 

By: Shiza Fatima 

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