First Kiss

Alex’s pov

I woken up to drink water holding the glass I starts drinking when my eyes fell on her she was standing in balcony while her back was facing me but why she is there at this hour it's really late why she is still awake.
I somehow managed to stood and went near her

"Why you are not sleeping?" I asked with calm voice

"Who you are to ask me questions" she replied me with serious tone while I becomes little angry but controlled 

"I mean why you are still awake go and sleep you must be tired" I said while controlling my anger

"I am not in a mood"she again replied with same tone and this time I loosed my patience.
I held her arms lightly and pinned her to the wall

"Aouch"she screamed

"What happened" I asked but she didn't replied and tried to loosen my grift on her "Vanessa, I asked what happened" I again asked in a serious tone

nothing just leave me it's paining" she replied still trying to get out of my hold but why it's paining I have held her with loose grip

"Why it's paining what happened here show me"I asked but she hide her hands from me

I held her by her waist and pull her close to me very close I starts moving my fingers on her arms lightly but on one point she scream lightly than I from my other hand starts doing same on her left one she again scream on one point a little

I again pulled her close to me she closed her eyes and I see the marks on her arms, the marks were of nails 

Suddenly I remembered the incident I felt guilty But her eyes were still closed.
I pull her more close to me I held her face while she opens her eyes and looked at me.

The next moment I slammed her lips with mine and starts kissing her deeply.
She too responded with equal flavour. I broke the kiss and looked in her eyes, she was breathing heavily. 

I again slammed her lips deepening it more and more, her hands went in my hairs while she starts caressing them.
I pulled her little up as she is short. I bites her lower lip to which she moaned giving me access to taste every inch.

Suddenly reality hit me hard, I broken the kiss and looked at her.
She was trying to catch the breaths while I left her

"I am sorry" I said in a guilt for that marks on her arms by me and left from there leaving her with questioned face

Alex’s pov

Did he said sorry for the kiss?
Is he insane? He suddenly came near me kissed me and saying sorry just left, like seriously? Whatever it’s good that he said this because it was unexpected but why I responded? Vanessa why you responded? I came back in my room and slept instantly as I was really tired

I woken up and doing my daily routine work I went in his room but here he is still sleeping.
God how can someone sleep this much.  Sometimes I wonder he is a human or some alien

I came back to prepare breakfast I was listening to music doing dance while doing my work.
I came back in his room with the tray but guess what he is still sleeping.

Maybe this is because of medicines?
I should keep them away from him. I put the tray on table and took out the tablets from the drawer. I came out and threw the,pm in the bin. I came back 

"Alex" I shouted but no reposne like seriously he is sleeping like a horse "Alexxxx" I again shouted this tume near to his ears and this time it works.
He woken up immediately 

"What the hell are you psycho?
" He yell like seriously, here I am standing with the tray of breakfast in my hand and he is yelling at me

"Oh hello Mr.
Horse keep your what the hell to yourself here I am standing from past 15 minutes with the tray in my hands and you are yelling at me, look I am not your servent I am nurse keep that in you mind" I cleared

Like seriously from which angle I am looking like a horse?" He asked, off course he must be thinking is handsome, my foot

"From top to bottom" I replied while rolling my eyes

"Thanks Miss.
Lizard" he thanked me while I smiled

Wait what did he just said me Lizard?
oh god I am going to kill him right away "don't think to kill me Miss. Lizard you are nothing in front of me" how he came to know what I am thinking, can he read minds? Is he really an alien?

"Don't be so shocked Miss.
Lizard I am not a mind reader and also I am not any alien” he said 

“Urghhh” I said and left the room

In the evening

I again went to his room and shockingly this time he wasn’t sleeping but he was looking upset he was watching an album maybe, but why he is upset.
I went to him to ask him but before I could say something he interrupts 

"Out" he said, like seriously how rude

"Ale-" I was going to say but he again interrupts me

"I said out, now" why the hell I am trying to talk 

"Alex tell me what happened may be I can help-“ he again interrupted me

"I don't need any help understand now out before I get more angry" he said me with little bit angriness.
Like seriously he is thinking that i am scare of him, my foot

"Yes and again you will hurt me than say me sorry right?
" I said rolling my eyes

My foot, you think I will say sorry to you? Big mistake Alex Brandon never and will not say sorry to anyone got it?" He said while rolling his eyes 

It means he don’t remembers about last night when he said sorry so it's my responsibility to remind him, wow it's going to be so much fun Vanessa

"But you have said me already" I said to make him confuse

"Really, in ur dreams Miss.

"No not in my dreams in reality remember last night when we-“ I was going to say but he interrupts me like again he interrupted me, bastard.

"Yes yes so?
It was just an accident I haven't said sorry to you" he said again rolling his eyes seriously I am going to break his eyes for sure

"You said sorry before going from there" I said

Alex’s pov

She said and I starts remembering last night all the scene starts coming in front of me and then my words.
Did I said sorry? And that to this Lizard? No, why I didn't stopped myself from saying, damn it "so what miss.lizard it automatically came out I said it because I was not in my mind nothing else" I said to clear but she rolled her eyes

"Ya ya, it doesn’t matter that you were in your mind or not but the truth is that you said sorry" oh god like seriously she is pissing me of

“Oh please don’t act smart because I know you are not miss.
nurse" I said to which she make gave me glares "oh I am scared Vanessa, don't you like the name miss.nurse? ok than how’s  miss.lizard or what about miss.idiot? Ya this will suit you actually it suits perfectly, great job Alex, good boy" I said while patting my back praising me

"You know what mr.
horse like giraffe I don't want to talk to you" oh, she just mixed the animals good sense of humour but I don't care I turned my face up to give her answer but I was shock to see 

By: Shiza Fatima 

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