Childish He

Alex’s pov

She left somewhere meanwhile I was screaming in pain, I don’t weather I would be able to walk again or not, because this pain don’t let me sleep

“Ok Alex give me your hand” she said

” I asked trying to control my pain

“Because I am going to give you painkiller” she said 

“Ok” I give my hand to her

But the next moment I saw injection in her hand which caught my attention, I immediately pull my hand back.

“What the hell are you doing?
” I asked while pulling my hand back

“What, I am giving you the pain killer” she said innocently

“Then give me the the tablet not injection” I said while rolling my eyes 

“Look Alex, I don't know where are the tablets so I have to inject you otherwise the pain will increase” she said holding my hand

“Listen don't you dare, ok” I said pulling it back 

“Alex it's injection not a knife, why are u behaving like a kid?
”she asked holding it back

“Because I hate injections, so just get out” I again pulling it back

“Ok Alex fine, relax, just tell me what’s your favourite food?
” She asked sitting beside me

“Why are you asking” I asked being little curious 

“Because I will make you favourite food today” she said 

“I like Steaks” I said fully drooled in the imagination of the food

“So you want me to make one for you” She asked 

I was busy in remembering my love that I didn’t noticed when she held my hand, she injects me it was when I looked at her because of a sudden pain.
I looked at her angrily

“What the fuck are you doing miss?
” I asked in angry tone

“Injecting you” she said with a smile

“What the fuck us your problem, I told you I hate injections and it's paining me take it out fast” I say to her still in angriness.
She pull out injection in a speed which given me a pain 

“Fuck are you mad?
” I yell

“You said to take it out so I just did it” she said trying to become smart

“You know what you are dumb, just get out of here miss...

?" I stopped because I didn’t knew her name

"Vanessa Scott"~she completed

“Ya ya whatever, out” I said

” she asked being confused

“Listen I am saying for the third time just get out, Can’t you hear?
” I asked being irritated 

“But Alex I have to give you medicines” she said with a cute pout

“Aww, but Vanessa I haven’t done my breakfast yet” I said mimicking her “So just get out and make some breakfast for me” I again yell

“What, me and breakfast?
” She asked and I rolled my eyes

“Oh god, who made you nurse?
Look your listening frequency range is very low, so just go and check it by a doctor, it will be better for you” I said while she was in a anger by now

Alex I-“ she was going to say but

“Get out.
” I interrupted

She left the room with so much of anger while I lay down closing my eyes.

Vanessa’s pov

“Alex” I said normally but there was no reply “Alex” I said little loudly but still no reply “Alex” this time I screamed

“Whatttt” he asked being irritated 

“Wake up, breakfast is ready” I said while showing him the tray

“Ok, just 2 minutes” he said covering his face with the pillow 

“Oh god, you are such a kid” I said while putting it on the table

“I know now get out” he said 

“Alex please it's time for the medicines, come on fast, wake up” I pleaded

“No, I am not going to wake up so early” he said still with the face inside the pillow

“Alex, I said wake up and sit” I yeLl

“I said no” he replied 

“Alex, do it fast or else” I say while pushing him

“Godddd, fine” he said and gets up

“Good” I said while smiling

“God, you have stuck me with such a cheesy and awkard girl” he say while looking up

“If you are done doing my insults than eat it fast before it becomes cold” I said giving him the tray

“Ya, doing” he rolled his eyes

Doing his breakfast, I make him eat his medicines and then he again slept, god how can someone sleep this late, but he can’t because I will not allow him to sleep

“Alex,wake up” I said but again there was no reply “Alexxx” I yell because I know he will not listen in one

“Now whattt?
” He shouts 

“Wake up” I-said

” he asked 

“It's time for your exercise” I said simply

“So, I will do it whenever I want to, he said without looking at me

“But Alex, it's an order by Mam, I can't refuse her orders, wake up” I said with a sad pout

“No means no” He said being childish 

“Alexx” I yell a bit

“Vanessa” he said while copying me

“Alex” I said as now I was done 

“Ok fine” he said while sitting up

“Good boy, now stand up” I with smile

” he asked with questioning face

“What what?
I said stand up, we have to go in garden right, so stand up” I said 

“Miss Vanessa, doc and her workers help me do stand and walk, first call some nurses to help me” he said with attitude

“Alex, I am alone.
There is no nurses with me so...” I said with sad pout

” he asked in a shock

“Yes, now stand up” I while giving her glares

” he asked

“I will help you, come on at least try” I while giving him hand

“Fine” he said while holding my hand.
 I helped him to stand, after he stood properly, I left him

“Vanessa, what are u doing?
” he asked trying to make balance

“What” I questioned back acting innocently 

“Why you left me?
I am not able to stand” he again asked

“Because you have to do walk on your own” I replied simply

Are you mad. I can't do this” he yell still trying to make balance

“But you have to” I said mimicking him

“No I can't, I can't even stand properly and you are saying me to walk alone” he again yell 

“Alex you have to try ok” she with cute pout

“But Vanessa-” he said while trying to stand straight 

“No Alex do it” I said yelling a bit, He moved a bit but lost his balance

“Vanessa-“ he fell down Along with me because I was standing bedsides him.

He was on top of me while I was sandwiched between his hard chest and bed.
I looked in his eyes to see his dark brown chocolate eyes already looking at me. I was lost for a few minutes 

Suddenly I blink my eyes realising our position and moved my face to the other side.
He also looked on other side after being back to reality. He lay besides me to give me space to move. 

I stood properly it was when suddenly phone rang.
He held it to check the caller id, after reading the name he handover it to me

“You better talk to her I don't want to” he said while giving phone to me

” I asked, holding the phone I read the name

“Alex, it’s mam she don't want to talk to me she wants to talk to you” I said while giving him the phone back

“But I don't want to” he said with serious tone

“But Ale-“ I tried to force

“Vanessa, you better stay away from my personal life okay and are you helping me or not?
” He asked trying to stand 

“No I’m not” I replied with angriness 

“Ok fine”

He stood up with the help of a side table, he can't stand properly because of pain but still he was trying.
He is really difficult to handle

“Vanessa for god sake help me, it’s paining, fuck” he screamed in pain

“Are you ordering me?
” I asked folding my arms around my chest

“No damn it I am pleading” he replied

“Than say please” I said with joy

” he asked yelling 

“What what, Say” I said while controlling my laugh 

“Are you mad?
Can’t you see I am in pain? Help me” he said 

“Alex you missed one word” I said while enjoying his condition

“Which word?
” He asked


Oh god, ok fine Vanessa, help me...please ~he said with so much of difficulties

“Off corse, I will come” I said trying to stop my laughing 

I helped him stand properly and took him out in the garden.
He starts walking/taking rounds alone with the help of sticks while I was sitting on a bench. After-almost half an hour he come back and sat besides me

“Oh god, the weather is very hot today” he said while wiping the sweat with towel

“Yes so much.
Alex how's your legs? Is it still painful? I asked while looking at his legs

ya it's not hurting that much” he said 

“Alex mam has called more than 20 times, she must be worried about you, I think you should talk to her” I said 

“So, I don't care just like she don't care” he said and starts drinking water

“Who said you she don't care?
” I asked yelling

“I said” he simply replied 

“Then you know what you are wrong” I said trying to make him understand 

“Vanessa shut up and stay away from my personal life, ok~he yell on my face angrily 

By: Shiza Fatima 

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