Help Me Please

Vanessa’s pov

He went to take shower and I came in my room and went to take shower as I have to remove this paste.
Coming out I came in kitchen to make something "what to make today?" I think I shoud ask him maybe he can help me out 

I went to his room, I entered inside to see him looking at the same album I went close to him he was looking some photos.
I was looking him but after few seconds a tear falls from his eyes. Is he crying but why, who they are maybe his family I was thinking all this when I listened his voice

"What are you doing here?
" He asked with little anger but why he is angry on me what I did?

"I came to as-" I was going to ask but he interrupted

"Get out now and ya don't speak a word just get out" he shouted on me, why he is shouting on me?

"But Alex" he again didn't let me complete but this time he held my arms and pinched me to wall.
He was again holding my arms tightly "Alex listen-"

"Shut up, I said you not a word, can't you understand in one?
" Fuck! he is again digging his nails and it's paining. my eyes filled with water. I was trying alot to control but maybe it's not helping me out

"Alex please lis-" 

"Just shut up" he shouts maybe on the hightest peak but this is so dangerous "and why are you still here just get out of my room and house.
I am fine now so why are you still here just get out" like seriously how can he say that?

"Ale-" I again tried to say but can't

"Just get out" he said while pushing me out of the room 

 Throwing me out he shut the door with a jerk, tears form there way in my eyes.
I went to kitchen to make something for him

‘And why are you still here just get out of my room and house to I am fine now so why are you still here just get out’ his words were echoing in my mind again and again 

He is right why I am still here if he is fine what I am doing here?
"God I am such a dumb I will leave from here after making dinner yes I will but that pics that boys and that girl why I am feeling that I have seen them before, why they are not coming in my mind where have I seen them

I starts making dinner and when I was done I wipe my tears and went to his room.
I was stanfing in front of the door thinking to open it or not but I open it and thankgod it is not locked "Alex...yo...your" I said in a scary tone 

I don't know what is going to happen but I have to force him to eat something because he is still weal he need as much energy as he can 

"Again you came" he said but with simple yet serious tone

"Alex I will leave but first you have to complete ur din-" my words stuck in my throat when he again held me from my arms

"Why can't you just leave me alone?
I want to live alone" oh god his anger is becoming higher with each passing second 

I have to do something because his anger is not good for his health as he is weak and also he is hurting me but what should I do?
I have no idea

Alex’s pov

"Vanessa just get out, I said just get ou-“  my words left incomplete as I was shocked.
What is she doing?

She was kissing me?
is she insane? I don’t know what happened to me but I unknowingly starts responding, holding her waist I pulled her close while my other hand held her cheek. She entwined her arms around my neck. I broken the kiss and looked in her eyes. I caresses her lip which was wet now

I went towards her neck giving wet kisses there while she digs her nails on my shoulder.
She was trying to stand still but wasn’t able to. I unknowingly bites her collarbone while she hissed in pain

“Alex” she almost moaned and I looked at her

“Vanessa” I huskily said in her ear but the next moment she pushed me little away

"Alex dinner is ready come eat it" really she just changed the topic so easily how can she as like nothing happens 

"Vanessa" I again said in a huskily tone "what was th-" my words left incomplete 

"Alex I am sorry but I didn't found any other way as you anger was increasing by each passing second" she said innocently "come let’s eat" she said and I nodded 

I sat on bed while she left out and brought the tray, I starts eating sandwich and they were really good and tasty 

"This is good" I said and she smiled I just love this smile, what no no I mean yes I mean, oh god this girl has confused my mind.
What is happening with me?

"Alex" I love it when she my name from her mouth it sounds so sweet


"Can I see those pics I mean That group pic" I don't know why she can't see me happy

"No" I said controlling my anger

"Alex just once please" I can't control more

"Why you want to see those pics?
" I asked with anger tone

actually I... I think" she stopped 

"I think what" I asked being irritated 

I think know them" she completed and my anger turn fades away. What us she really knows them

"What really do you know them" I asked to confirm

"Yes Alex I think I know them actually I didn't saw that pic properly thats why I am little confused" she said and I after nodding went towards the cupboard 

I took out the album and gave it to her she opened it and saw the pic "I knew it I know them very welly" that was end of me.
I was really excited 

"Really but how?" I asked

"They are my freinds actually my best freind Suzy is Jack’s girlfriend so thats why I know them" I without saying anything just hug her tightly I can't express my happiness in words I am so happy she too hugged me. I after breaking the hug look at her while she was smiling

"Please Help Me please I want to meet them please " she was still smiling

"Of course I will wait" she after saying that went towards the table 

Picking up the phone she called someone and put it on speaker after two seconds someone picked it and a female voice came "hii Suzy how are you?
" Oh she is Suzy I went close to Vanessa 

"Hi my little fairy I’m fine how are you and where are you no contact?
" She asked

"Nowhere Suzy you know I have work.
by the why where Jack,  Stella and Noah?" Vanessa asked and my heart just start beating fast

"You know that Alex is still missing so they are just trying to find him, they are so busy in this  they just want to find him at any cost that's why they are out of city" Suzy said and I was all numb

"Uhm, did they find any clue?
" Vanessa asked

"No, not at all but why you suddenly want to talk to them?
" She asked

"No actually I got some information about Alex and I want You all to come on Washington then only I will tell you" 

"Really information about Alex ok Vanessa I will tell them and yes we will come in two to three days ok now I am cutting the call as I have to tell them I can’t wait" Suzy said and cuts the call.
She turned around and I just again hugged her

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Vanessa thanks  alot” I broken the hug and looked at her while she was just smiling 

"It's ok Alex now leave me I have to go" she said 

"Go where?

"Uhm, to pack my bags" she said simply

"But why" I asked

"Alex you forgot you said me to get out of this house and yes secondly now you are all fit and fine so my duty is over that's why" I really said her to go?
How can I?

"Uhm, Vanessa, I am...
" I was interrupted by her

"It's ok Alex you don't have to say sorry I know you was angry it's ok" she said with a smile 

"You are not going anywhere I am not going to allow you understood" I said ordering her

By: Shiza Fatima 

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