I Fell For My Nurse

Stubborn He

“No I said no, you are not going anywhere and that's final” A BOY SAID

“But Alex I have to go, its urgent don't act like a kid” A LADY Around 40 said

“Yes I am a kid, and it's my final decision that you are not going anywhere” Alex said 

“But Alex I have to, I am a doctor and its my duty, I have to go it's been half month I am with you” the lady Doctor said

“Because I am not well and you promised me that you will take care of me until I will be ok, you have to fulfill your promise Doc” Alex said

“Alex my child I know I promised you but my senior is calling me, there are so many patients and also I have took a long leave and now they need me too and all my nurses along with me” Doc said

“What your nurses too and you think I am able to live alone in this situation just look at me.
I can't even stand on my legs properly and you are saying that your nurses are also going with going with you no this is not happening Saleena Doc” Alex said

“I know Alex that you are not well and why you think that I am leaving you alone” Doc said

” He asked

“I have already arranged a nurse for you so don't worry” Doc said

“Hmm, wait what nurse?
Really? No don't think that” Alex said

“Why” she asked

“Because I said no that's why” Alex said

“You are such a kid, ok fine now sleep it's too late, come on fast” She said and he lay down 

“Fine” he said, She came out from the room

“Sorry My dear child, I know it's difficult for you, you can't live without me.
I am your mother not by blood but by heart and you are my son too, it's also difficult for me to leave you alone but that girl is my bestfriend's daughter and I totally trust her because she once took care of my son and very protectively, I know after you parents left I am your everything but I have my own family and my work too so I can't live with I all the time I will come to check you once in a week, I promise I will try my best” She said to herself 

But Alex have lisented everything but he didn't responded because he has understood what she was saying, he just went back to his bed and falls asleep

Next Day

“My dear are you ready for this duty?
” She asked from a young girl of almost 20 years

“Yes mam, don't worry” she replied

“Look this duty is really tough he is not a kid, he is a young man and you are new to your job.
If you are not comfortabe then tell me I will manage another one” She said to the girl 

“No mam, I am fine and I know it's not that much easy but it's not difficult too, as you said he is not a kid, he is a young man so why you think it's difficut to handle him” the girl asked

“Because he is a kid by mind and heart” She said

“Don't worry mam I will manage, But mam you didn’t tell me that what happened to him and where is his parents?
” She Asked

“Yes, actually this happened almost 15 days ago” she starts telling the story


“mom we are not going Delhi, we are going to our new house, right” Alex asked

“Yes Alex don't” her mother, Lantana Replied

“No mom last time you said the same but you took me to Delhi and also you didn’t let me drive but this time I will drive while coming back.
Listen don't lie to me just tell me truth where are we going?” He said making a sad pout

“Son I am telling you that we are going to our new house.
Only” She confirmed

“Alex your mom is right we are going to your house only” His dad Jackson Replied

“What do you mean by my house?
” He asked

“It’s you house as now you are adult so we decided to give you your own house and car too” Jackson said 

“Are you saying the truth?
” He asked 

“Yes son” both of them said

“Oh god, thankyou so so so much” he said being excited, Suddenly the car starts moving here and there 

“Jack what happened, what are you doing?
” Lantana asked

“Nothing it’s happening by it's on, I am doing nothing” he said getting worry

“Dad stop the car” Alex said in a panicked voice

“I am trying but I think the breaks are fail” Jack said trying to control the car

“What, Jack do something” Lantana said being worried

“What to do Lantana, nothing is working” Jack said with hopeless expressions 

Suddenly The car collided with the tree and all of them were dead 


“Then how is he saved” the girl asked

“Actually I was passing from there when I saw this incident, after a car collide with a tree I run towards the car and try to help them but his parents were no more and he was injured 

badly so I get him out of the car took him to the hospital” she said

“Oh, he must be feeling alone right?
” The girl asked

“Yes he was but I gave him so much love that he is now good with me, he loves me as his own mother and I as my own son” she said with a smile

“That's good” the girl said

“Ok now I have to go before he wakes up” she said while standing up

“Sure I will see you soon mam” the girl said hugging her

“Hmm, tell him that I will come to meet him once in a week” she said breaking the hug

“Ok I will, bye” she said with a smile

“Bye” she said and left

She closed the door move towards the kitchen for making breakfast for him, suddenly a voice came

“Doc, Doc...
Are you listening to me, Doccc” he shouted 

“Yes, Alex do you need something” she asked

“Yes I need Doc, where is she?
” Alex asked with same expressions

“Alex she has gone” she replied 

“What, Without even saying bye, how rude” Alex with confusing+angry face

“No, she left because she thinks if you will wake up you will not allow her to go, that's why she left without even saying bye to you” she said

“Whatever, ok listen my legs are paining do something” he said or we can say ordered

“Ok wait for a while” she said 

By: Shiza Fatima 

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